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5 Fastest MicroSD Cards (256GB, 512GB, 1TB) 2021

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This article will cover the fastest MicroSD cards and provide test driven research on what exactly the ideal speeds are for mirrorless cameras, DSLRs, drones, goPros, security cameras, android tablets and samsung smartphones, and any Micro SD capable device.

The fastest MicroSD Cards will have a minimum speed class labeled V30, UHS-ii, and Class 10 on the SD Card’s details from the manufacturer.

Understanding SD card speed classes is important for those that want to squeeze the best quality out of your camera for both photos and videos.

When consumers search for high speed Micro SD Cards, the advertised write speed is more often than not tailored to the SD Card burst speed… and not it’s sustain speed. The sustain speed is significantly more important and is essentially hidden from the product details. 

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It’s for these reasons that fast micro SD cards are ideal for photographers, filmmakers, videographers and vloggers. I’ll be explaining in detail why these Micro SD cards are so fast and how to determine the quickest memory card for your camera or device.

Speed classes of high speed SD Cards

Understanding the many different speed classes that high speed MicroSD Cards advertise can be quite complex. It’s easy to become confused by the advertised speeds of SD Card manufacturers. 

This is because most SD cards only advertise the read and write in terms of burst speed (there’s more to a camera than just burst shots). To help solve for this, manufacturers have created ‘speed classes” that are listed on your SD Card:

For the fastest Micro SD card choice, make sure your SD has the following classes: UHS-ii, Class 10, and V30 (V30 or above for 4k/8k shots).
Required class speeds for 4k video on Micro SD

To get the most out of your camera

For recording 4k or 8k video, a SD card with 90-100mb/s of write speed or higher allows for pro-level quality and speed. For example, the video speed (V90 class), the fastest microSD Cards will have sustained write speeds of over 90MB/s. 

Update: Our top pick for professional use is no surprise: Kingston Canvas React Plus  (Amazon) since its reliable, fast, and meets the requirements of a fast SD Card (UHS-II, A1, C10, U3, V90).

Below is our chart on Micro SD memory card speeds:

Sustainable write speedSpeed ClassVideo speed ClassUHSIdeal Resolution
90mb/secN/AV90N/A4k or 8k
10mb/secC10V3011080p or 4k

A higher bitrate settings on your device will results in less hours of recording on your SD. While it varies between devices, my 128gb MicroSD, for example, was able to handle roughly 4 hours of lower bit-rate 4k video. Determining the exact amount of hours is extremely difficult to pin-point, making testing is the best route. (source)

What is the fastest micro SD Card reader?

To get the most out of your camera and high speed memory card; you’ll need a fast Micro SD Card reader. Some are better than others and the fastest, more expensive SD cards may come with a high speed SD Card reader.

Prograde is the fastest UHS-II MicroSD Card reader we tested and outperforms others due to its USB 3.2; allowing up to 1.25Gb/s (10GB/s). This is extremely fast and enables you to get the most out of your Camera & SD Card.

Fastest Micro SD Cards (High speed)

1. Kingston Canvas React: Fastest write speed microSD Card (Highest speed SD Card)

Kingston Canvas React_ Fastest write speed microSD Card (Highest speed SD Card)

Who it’s for: The Kingston Canvas React is for professional Videographers, film makers, and photographers that require extreme-high quality shots and need to get the most out of their camera.

Why it’s so good: Being one of the fastest read write micro sd cards available, the Kingston aims to please professionals, including those 4k youtube videos

This Micro SD Card makes it highly unlikely to drop frames when recording high-resolution 4k and 8k Ultra-HD due to it’s tier of speed and video class. This Lingston is the fastest Micro SD card I’ve tested to date due to it’s V90 speed class. Most others have V30 and V60. (keep this in mind)

The Kingston Canvas is one of the fastest memory cards (MicrosSD), allowing for extremely high quality 4k and 8k shots. It provides speeds up to 285MB/s read and 154/s write,… which is higher than the recommended speeds for pro-level video and photo projects by experts.

If you have a high-end camera the Kingston Canvas is likely your best shot at grabbing the most it has to offer with speed classes of UHS-II, C10, U3, & V90. 

This MicroSD Card aims to provide the highest spectrum speed class you can attain on an SD Card for professionals and even displays their sustained write speeds on their product advertising (very rare).

Furthermore, the Kingston SD Card comes with a high-speed read card, saving you money while providing the proper transfer capabilities without searching and spending extra. 

2. ProGrade: Fastest 256GB Micro SD Card

ProGrade_ Fastest 256GB Micro SD Card

Who it’s for: Photographers and content creators that want the required, proper Micro SD Card for high resolution, 1080p, 4k and 8k shots.

The Prograde 256GB Micro SD Card is one of the fastests, providing  130mb/s write speed and 250MB/s read speed. This allows extended recording of video footage at 4k.

Why it’s so good: The Prograde has become popular amongst the fastest SD memory cards due to it’s V60, UHS-II, class 10. This SD Card aims for consumers to get the most out of their cameras

For a MicroSD Card like Prograde, it’s important to have a UHS-II reader. I’ve tested and used the Prograde USB 3.0 card reader to get over 90MB/s read write in combination with very fast card.

Sd card recovery software: The ProGrade outshines other 256GB SD Cards by allowing for video and photo restoration software in the rare case the card becomes ‘corrupted’.This software combined with Progrades quick MicroSD Card (250Mb/s write speed), makes it one of the best memory cards for photographers. 

Has a ‘Refresh’ feature: An additional benefit to getting a Prograde Card is the optional refresh software they enable for their cards. Since all flash memory slows down over time; Prograde allows you to monitor your SD Card health with their Prograde digital refresh Pro Software. Why buy multiple, expensive cards when you can use a software like Progrades to outlast the others.

Highly compatible: Prograde “SDXC” SD Card even lists all the compatible video cameras and their models: Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Garmin, blackmagic and more.

3. Delkin: Extremely Fast 128GB Micro SD Card

Delkin_ Fastest 128GB Micro SD Card

Who it’s for: The Delkin is for those looking to for a fast SD card for nintendo switch, sports video recording, tablets and android smartphones. Dellkin allows you to use your camera with minimal issues at an affordable price. 

Why it’s so good: The Delkin allows you to instantly save your high resolution photos and videos while maintaining a sharp focus with it’s high read write quality.

The Delkin has backwards compatible with UHS-I Devices, allowing for great compatibility amongst varying devices. Delkin is a known name brand that I’ve personally tested.

Additionally, the Delkin SD Card provides UHS-II, V60, and is specialized for simultaneous & highspeed recording. Many users use Micro SD cards of this size on devices similar to the amazon fire hd because they’re cheaper tablets with smaller size storage.

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While the Delkin is a favorite amongst photographers, it’s important to note that this is a V60 speed class, allowing for higher speeds than the others labled “V60”. When selecting the fastest microSD card this speed class is critical to keep in mind to get the most out of your device.

4. Sandisk Extreme: Fastest 512 GB MicroSD

Sandisk Extreme_ Fastest 512 GB MicroSD

Who it’s for: The sandisk is great for those who want a reliable, extremely fast 512GB Micro SD memory card for everything from recording weddings to headshot photography.

Why it’s so good: The brand name Sandisk allows for a reputation consumers can trust to work without issues. It’s speeds are extremely quick and they update their models quite often

I’ve ran a few speed tests on sandisk and not only did it perform well, but it never has failed me and I haven’t came across any corrupted file errors like with cheaper models. 

Comes with an app: The Sandisk Memory Zone app allows for easy file management and is available on Google Play. Native apps made specifically for file management are known to increase compatibility with far less issues than a cheap, third party alternative will provide.

This MicroSD Card will handle 4k video with it’s FULL HD ready UHS Speed Class 3 (U3). What makes this card really shine is that it has an ‘A2’ app performance which enables faster loading and better speed with-in the device you’re using.

If you’re using an iPhone and want to add a SD Card slot, then see our post: Does iPhone have an SD Card slot? (How to add one)

Overall, it’s very tough to go wrong with Sandisk, with a read speed of 160/mb and write speed up to 90MB/s the sandisk is the most affordable, fastest SD card for 512Gb.

5. Sandisk Extreme 1TB: Fastest 1TB Micro SD Card

Sandisk Extreme_ Fastest 512 GB MicroSD

Who it’s for: Those who want an upgrade to 1TB will want the Sandisk Extreme because of it’s reliability, durability and of course speedy micro SD read and write speeds.

Why it’s so good:  A higher price point card like the 1TB requires a strong name brand like Sandisk. 

When you spend a large amount of money on a tiny, fast, card like a MicroSD, you’ll want to rest assured its temperature proof, water proof, shock proof, and is actually as fast as it claims. 

For a 1TB Micro SD Card, the Sandisk nails every aspect; including all required speed classifications that indicate speed: C10, U3, V30, 4K, A2. This allows for extreme transfer speeds and app performance in addition to 4k UHD video.

An additional bonus feature: Sandisk has included the “Rescue Pro” deluxe software; making it easier to recover files accidentally deleted. This is the first I’ve seen a SD card brand actually show care beyond making a quick Micro SD card.

The Sandisk Extreme recommends pairing it’s card with the Mobile Mate USB 3.0 MicroSD Card reader. As mentioned earlier, you won’t get the speeds you want out of any of these cards if you don’t have the proper reader. 

Sandisk makes this easier for us by providing this card reader compatible option so you don’t have to do extended research on a more expensive alternative.

Fastest 32GB, 64Gb Micro SD Cards

1. Delkin 64: Fastest 64 GB MicroSD Card

Delkin 64_ Fastest 64 GB MicroSD Card

Who it’s for: Those who truly want the fastest microSD card for everything from Mirrorless Cameras, Android tablets & smartphones, Switch (nintendo), all types of cameras.

Why it’s so good: The Delkin rare because it provides write speeds of 100MB/s and read speeds of 300 Mb/s on a 64GB Card. They also have a 128GB card that beats many of the other models competing against it.

Unlike other MicroSD Cards, this delkin has a video speed class of V60, and not V30, allowing for roughly 60MB/s sustained write speeds. 

Sustained write speeds are the hidden speeds most manufactures don’t show you. For example, V30 MicroSD Cards indicate roughly 30MB/s. So you can now understand why this microSD Card is the fastest compared to others. 

2. Samsung Evo 32: Fastest 32GB SD Card (Micro SD)

Samsung Evo 32_ Fastest 32GB SD Card (Micro SD)

Who it’s for: Those who want a microSDcard with the highest level reliability in addition to speed will want to check out the Samsung EVO. This card shines for those with phones.

This card outperforms others due to its low-price point and large capacity for mobile smartphones and tablets. This card is very quick for Full HD video. The Samsung evo can transfer 3GB of data in 38 seconds and is ideal for sharing photos and video on smartphones and tablets.This is the fastest samsung MicroSD card from samsung so far.

Why it’s so good: The Samsung microSD Card is fast, strong, and great for recording 4k UHD Video to be used with action camera’s drones, Android devices, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note tablets & phones. 

This card outperforms others due to its low-price point and large capacity for mobile smartphones and tablets. This card is very quick for Full HD video. The Samsung evo can transfer 3GB of data in 38 seconds and is ideal for sharing photos and video on smartphones and tablets.

One thing to note, is that if you’re using 32GB for 4k video you may want to consider 128gb or larger, since this is what Samsung recommends. Ideally this size is a bit on the smaller side for extended 4k video recording, especially if you’re looking to create pro-level videography or youtube videos with your android phone.


Why do you need a fast micro SD Card reader?

Why do you need a fast micro SD Card reader_

A fast Micro SD Card reader will enable the read and write speeds your MicroSD Card is capable of. The receiving device, such as a pc or laptop, can use an adapter known as a SD Card reader to accept faster speeds. 

This is necessary for getting the speeds you need as a professional that works with photos or video. So if you know you have a Fast MicroSD card, but it just won’t transfer at a quick speed, it’s important to check if you’re using a fast microSD Card reader that is capable of the speed class of your card. (UHS-i, UHS-ii)

How fast is a class 10 Micro SD Card

How fast is a class 10 Micro SD Card

If you’re looking for the fastest memory card for a camera, then determining what a class 10 MicroSD Card means is essential. A Class 10 Micro SD card is one of the quickest and can support 10MB/s (sustained write speed). 

This means it’s fast enough for most pro-photography work using 1080p and 4k. However, it’s important to understand the slower versions are Class 6, 4, and 2; which will give you a better perspective on what is considered slow or fast. 

By viewing some of the Fastest Micro SD Cards for cameras (photographers), be sure to check the expensive ones and you’ll find that many are simply class 10 (and rarely lower than that). 

What does V10, V30 mean on a Micro SD Card?

What does V10, V30 mean on a Micro SD Card_

V10 or V30 is the video speed class manufacturer give to their MicroSD cards to indicate how many MB per second the minimum sequential write speed is on the card. 

This means that a MicroSD card (the the Sandisk models)with a class V30 video speed can transfer 30mb/sec; proving to be very fast . This level of speed (V30) is the ideal minimum speed to be used for 4k video. However, choosing V60 is only required when you’re looking to create 4k, 8k, extreme studio level work with fast action shots or just want the most out of your camera.

I have researched and tested V6, V10, and V30 MicroSD card speeds and found there is a noticeable difference in transfer speed when using the lower V10 and V6 for very advanced shots (as expected)

Fastest microSD Card for switch

Fastest microSD Card for switch

The fastest Micro SD card for nintendo switches the Nintendo Sandisk MicroSD. When wondering what Micro SD card is best for nintendo switch, the one labeled nintendo switch on the actual microSD card proves to be one of the fastest.

It should be no surprise that when a card is made with the name of the product in mind on it that it’s compatible and works well. Not only is it fast, but it confirms the compatibility amongst these devices.


Many cameras don’t work well with the super cheap, no-name brand MicroSD alternatives you see floating around online. The fastest micro SD (fastest memory cards) listed are compatible with cameras such as Nikon, Panasonic, Canon, Garmin, Sony, blackmagic and more. 

Speed classes apply to and stay consistent throughout all Micro SD card sizes: 64gb, 128gb, 256gb, and 1TB cards.

Ensuring the fastest MicroSD Card means getting a minimum of UHS-II, C10 and V30 or higher, which is considered the minimal fastest options by experts. UHS-I is speedy and most might be sufficient for a casual photographer, however a V10 is not ideal for professional 4k video.