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How to Fix Alexa Not Working on Fire HD 8 & 10 (Amazon Fire Tablet)

How to Fix Alexa Not Working on Fire HD 8 & 10 (Amazon Fire Tablet)

This post will guide you step by step on how to troubleshoot and fix the all too common problem: Alexa not working on Amazon Fire HD 8, 8plus & 10. The problems I’ve solved consist of the Alexa app not working, not turning on or getting stuck loading. I’ll also cover additional issues of the Fire HD 8 & 10 that consumers are having with the device.

Here’s how to get alexa working on the Amazon fire Fire HD models:

To fix the Alexa voice app not working, not opening, or getting stuck when opening the app, you’ll want to remove or uninstall the google play store, ensure the device is updated, clear the cache data, back up your data, and re-install the alexa app. If this doesn’t work you can attempt a factory reset; which may need to be done multiple times to make Alexa voice app working

If Alexa is still not working, then you’ll need to try some of the additional solutions provided in this post. The alexa app not working on amazon fire tablet is one of the most common issues that people face and I’ve done thorough testing to help solve this.

Since the Amazon fire hd models are aimed to be in-expensive tablets, there are issues that seem to pop up with every model release. The Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition is no exception.

In this post I’ll cover how to fix the Fire HD alexa app not working and how to do so effectively without destroying saved data as well as the general problem the amazon fire tablet has and how to fix them. 

How to Fix Fire HD Alexa not working (Amazon Fire Tablet)

How to Fix Fire HD Alexa not working (Amazon Fire Tablet)

The following sessions will show you how to fix the Fire HD Alexa (and Alexa hands free) not working on the Fire HD 8, Fire HD 8plus, Fire HD 10 and kids edition. Those who downloaded google play appear to have this issue This could play a large factor and should be noted before continuing. 

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How to fix Alexa – At a Glance:

  1. Ensure your Tablet’s location is set to US or a country Alexa is available in
  2. Remove or re-install google play from Amazon Fire tablet (Fire HD 8, 8 plus & Fire HD 10)
  3. Clear Cache data
  4. Factory Reset
  5. Ensure Alexa is enabled & parental controls are off
  6. Update the Fire HD to its latest software version (Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10)

1. Ensure your Tablet’s location is set to US or a country Alexa is available in

Alexa can have issues working on Fire HD outside the USA, (ex. Canada)

Even though Alexa is available in over 42 countries, the most common issue that causes the Alexa voice app and Alexa hands free to not work on the fire HD tablet models is the fact that Alexa doesn’t work in certain areas. This appears to be only on the Fire HD tablets and not other devices, like the Amazon Echo.

If your location is set to Canada, then Alexa won’t be available on your fire hd tablet. In fact, some users report they don’t see Alexa options in the settings menu and for others, Alexa simply won’t respond.

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It’s possible this could be patched one day in a future software update by Amazon. However, there are some work arounds (like a VPN).

Be careful when using Netflix on a VPN as it can change the amiable shows you use. If you’re considering a tablet for netflix, be sure to see our post: 17 Best Budget tablets for netflix

2. Remove or re-install google play from Amazon Fire tablet (Fire HD 8, 8 plus & Fire HD 10)

Alexa not working and this could be why

If you have Google play on amazon fire tablet installed, then you may want to either remove it or re-install the app to fix alexa not working. This is because google play apps for some reason have caused me many problems with Alexa and I’ve noticed that without it-Alexa appears to work.

Incompatibility between Alexa on the fire HD models possibly occur when google play is installed because google play is not intended to natively be installed on the device.

While this isn’t always the core issue, for many it is the reason why Alexa doesn’t work or turn on properly on the Amazon fire HD tablet.

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Here’s how to remove google play on Fire HD 8, 10, and 8 plus to help solve Alexa not working: 

  • Disable the device administrator. 
  • Try uninstalling from a root shell or a package uninstaller app that has root access.
  • Make a user account and open the settings, then Tapp apps and notifications and show the system apps. From here ‘delete all google services’, but start with google framework services.

Google play is significantly better in my opinion for apps than the native Amazon, but Amazon Fire OS doesn’t appear to work flawlessly with it. So this could be the solution for many whose Alexa is not working for voice on the fire HD models.

If this did not solve your issues, or you’re confident the problem lies elsewhere and not with google play app, then try the steps outlined in the next sections.

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3. Clear Cache data

How to clear the cache data to fix the fire hd alexa app and other apps

It’s extremely frustrating when the Alexa app is not working on your Fire tablet after the software update or removing google play didn’t work. In this case, you’ll certainly want to test clearing the data. 

This will also help fix a fire tablet that is stuck on the Alexa screen

You’ll of course want to back your data up of course if you have any valuable information you want to save on your Amazon fire tablet.

This step can help return the alexa app with a fresh start and it will fix most of the issues with amazon Alexa issues.

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Here’s how to clear the cache data on a Fire HD 8, 8 plus, and 10:

  • Open settings in the Fire Tablet, go to Apps and Notifications, then All applications
  • Ensure you’ve located a menu of amazon Alexa and additional apps installed
  • Next, tap storage, then locate and tap ‘Clear data and clear cache’
  • Restart your tablet to ensure the changes take effect properly.

Once the cache is cleared, you’re tablet may run faster. After a restart you may find your Alexa running again! If not, it might be time for a factory reset (or even a replacement device).

4. Factory Reset

how to factory reset fire hd when amazon Alexa voice isn't working

Alexa still not working on Fire HD? In this case, you might need to do a factory reset to fix the issue.

To fix the Alexa from not working, you’ll likely need to reset the fire hd 10 back to factory settings multiple times if clearing the cache and updating doesn’t work. I have a friend who had to force a factory reset  over 3 times in order to see the fix occur.

A Few things to note before preceding:

  • When factory resetting (or hard resetting) the Amazon Fire HD 8 & 10, be sure to backup all of your data in the tablet using USB or Wi-Fi transfer.
  • If you don’t want to factory reset completely, then ensuring that you’ve tested clearing the app cache instead is ideal. 

Here is how to reset your Fire tablet Fire HD back to factory settings: 

  1. From the top of the home screen of your Fire HD display, Swipe down then tap settings.
  2. Select Device Options, and then ‘Reset to Factory Defaults’.
  3. Tap Reset..
  4. Select the language and proceed by tapping Continue and following the instructions the Amazon fire tablet provides. 
  5. Finally, open the Alexa app back up to check if the app is back working again.

For many, just one factory reset doesn’t work. While we’re not sure why you need to reset it multiple times, it’s useful to do so. If these resets still don’t work, you may want to consider support or upgrading to a more premium device such as the iPad or Surface Pro; which have similar touchscreens, but are much stronger with a higher price tag.

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5. Ensure Alexa is enabled & parental controls are off

How to ensure alea is enabled and turned on and parental controls are off

First, check if parental controls are off for the adult account because this could cause issues with alexa on some devices. Most importantly, make sure Alexa is enabled to begin with!

To do this, swipe down from the top of the display (like you would with an ipad or iphone) and locate the settings gear icon. Tap this icon and turn the option for alexa on (looks like a switch).

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After this, be sure to restart your device by holding the volume (down) button along with the power buttons at the same time for longer than 5 seconds. I would hold these two buttons until the power goes off. IF you have an older version (not the fire hd 8 or fire hd 10), then you can hold the power button for 20 seconds.

Once the device is restarted check if Alexa is enabled, if not, move onto the next step which is clearing the cache.

6. Update the Fire HD to its latest software version (Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10)

Update the Fire HD to its latest software version

While the Fire HD updates automatically, you may want to update this manually and check to see if your Amazon Fire Tablet or wifi caused any delay in the most recent update. It’s also possible automatic updates have not been on and are causing Alexa to not work properly.

To ensure the Fire HD tablet is updated to its most recent version:

  1. Power off the device and turn it back on
  2. Connect to a WiFi network when prompted, and download or install any available updates by locating Settings, options, then System Updates. 
  3. From here tap ‘Check Now’. This must be done repeatedly in some cases.
  4. Install the necessary update to help fix alexa not working.

If there is no visible option to update, but you’re sure Amazon has released an update that is available, then try restarting the device again, and see if it starts downloading them automatically. 

If this doesn’t solve the Alexa not working on your Amazon Fire HD tablet, then you’ll need to try to clear the cache next.

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Why does the Amazon Alexa app not open on my Fire Tablet?

Why does the Amazon Alexa app not

The most common solution to solve this Amazon Alexa app not opening on the fire tablet is just to reinstall the app from google play store. However, for those who have already done this there are other ways. 

For example, resetting the Fire HD 8 or the Fire HD 10 Amazon fire tablet back to factory settings by navigating to device options > reset to factory default, can solve the issue (as outlined in detail earlier).

It’s also a possibility you downloaded apps via google play or this problem with alexa  appeared after you downloaded it; which is known to cause issues anecdotally by the consumer community.

It’s an inexpensive tablet which appears to sacrifice quality for price

The Amazon tablet is an inexpensive tablet so don’t expect the Alexa app or all the apps to be as flawless as a more premium talet. However, it is good enough as a budget tablet. 

It handles all of the basic tasks that you would expect from an Amazon device. You can use this device for web browsing, checking email, google sheets, basic games for kids and many productivity apps.. Some even use it as a virtual picture frame.

If these quick fixes don’t work immediately or Alexa is still not working, opening or getting stuck on the load screen, then read on towards the end to discover all the problems associated with the Fire HD app that could be causing this.

How to back up and restore settings

How to backup the fire hd when alexa or apps stop working

You may want to back up your Amazon Fire HD tablet in order to save the data you had before factory resetting or deleting an app that is causing problems. For example, when Alexa won’t work on the Fire HD you might want to factory reset, clear the cache, or even reinstall google play depending on how you downloaded it (.apk or not).

In order to back up and restore any settings, you’ll need wi-fi enabled and connected on your Amazon fire tablet. You’ll also need to have an Amazon account registered to the Tablet.

To Back up the device, you’ll need to enable the backup and restore option. Here’s how to enable backup & restore on your Amazon fire HD 8 & 10: 

  • First, go to settings and select device options.
  • Next, locate ‘backup & restore’ and tap the selection
  • You can turn it on or off by tapping
  • If you tap this option off it will delete your saved data, so be careful!

By selecting “backup” from your tablet’s apps menu you can backup your photos, videos, and other files similar to the way you would on most modern smartphones and tablet devices.

You can set the backup frequency and enable or disable the backup and restore option by registering the amazon account to device and locating settings, then device options and then finally tapping backup and restore.

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Remember, If you turn this off, beware that the data associated with the tablet and the account will be deleted

Can I roll back to a previous version to fix my Fire HD 8 or Fire HD 10 (Amazon Fire tablet)?

Can I roll back to a previous version to fix

Amazon Fire HD 8 & 10 tablets do not have a official roll back option for rolling back the software update to the previous version. However, there is a workaround which consists of simply factory resetting and not updating the device. 

There are some select forums that allow you to rollback to certain versions by hacking the device; which is certainly not recommended and can ruin your device.

However, this will not help you accomplish your request, which is rolling back to a previous version after update. 

This knowledge has been confirmed by Amazon staff in the Amazon question section of the Fire HD product page.Instead Amazon recommends you to inform them of the problem so they can fix it in the next patch. While this sounds ridiculously cumbersome and does take a long time without any reliable outcome expected; it’s very possible the fix is implemented in upcoming patches.

How to uninstall Alexa on Amazon Fire Tablets

How to uninstall Alexa on Amazon Fire Tablets

You may want to turn Alexa off on your Kindle Fire HD tablet  because the noise can be loud, obtrusive, and occur at random times you don’t want it to. In many cases you might just turn the device off because you aren’t sure how to remove and take Alexa off you’re Amazon tablet.

You have 2 routes that will allow you to turn off & uninstall Alexa. The first option is parental controls and the second option is by simply turning it off in the settings, which is what I will show you below.

You can uninstall Alexa off your Amazon fire tablet with the following steps:

  1. Locate Settings or use the search bar at the top of your Amazon tablet and type in “alexa”.
    Turning alexa off step 2 amazon fire tablet kindle

  2. Navigate to ‘Device Options’ and select ‘Alexa’ four options down from the top menu
  3. Tap the slider to make it so Alexa is no longer enabled
    Turning alexa off step 3 amazon fire tablet

After following these steps, the Alexa app will be removed from your tablet. Please note that this will not delete your Amazon account or any other personal information associated with it. If you want to use Alexa again in the future, you can simply enable the app again by visiting the settings again.

This will work on both Fire HD 8 & 10. The HD 10 plus may have slightly different settings. There’s an Alexa hands-free mode on the HD plus which will give you more control over your voice assistant.

Keep in mind that you cannot completely delete Alexa on Amazon Fire tablet or Kindle fire… you can only uninstall and turn it off.  when I turned it off I did not hear it make a noise for almost a year until I accidentally enabled Alexa again. There are no limitations of this unless you factory reset your Kindle or Amazon Fire tablet .

When going the alternative route of removing alexa via parental controls everything will stop, with the exception of Alexa cards.

General Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 problems (solved)

Here is a list of problems we’ve tested and solved first-hand on the Amazon Fire HD tablet 8 & 10.

Why is my Amazon Fire HD 8 & 10 overheating?

Why is my Amazon Fire HD 8 & 10 overheating_

The amazon fire HD can get very hot, even when your using a simple app that requires very little cpu power. I’ve even seen it get very hot and drain the battery while in airplane mode. This happens about an hour of use and you can feel its hot on the side of the Fire HD tablet, near the charging area.

The best way to stop an Amazon fire HD from overheating is to try a different charger and to not use the Amazon fire HD for over 60 minutes of continuous use or multi-tasking. As an affordable, inexpensive tablet the Amazon fire HD is not particularly strong at multi-tasking, but is designed to work efficiently on single, simple, basic tasks. These tasks include, but are not limited to streaming video on YouTube, watching Netflix, or using Alexa.

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If the Amazon fire hd tablet is too hot to touch without burning your hand, then it’s not safe to charge; this can cause a problem for many people. While the Amazon fire Tablet is not known for being dangerous in this manner, it’s still a safety precaution you should take seriously.

  • Note: Alexa not working on the Fire HD is not known to be connected to the tablet overheating in anyway nor have I found this to be anecdotally true.

What to do when the Amazon fire tablet overheats

The first thing to do if the fire HD tablet begins to overheat and get very hot is to remove it from it’s Amazon sleeve or case if you have on on it. This can cause an alarmingly high temperature for most as the tablet already feels hot when the case isn’t on. Next, stop/exit the applications which may be causing the problem. Restarting (turning it off and then on again) can help fix some problems with overheating, but will not solve them if you keep using the same apps.

Why does my fire HD tablet keep restarting every few minutes? (Fire HD 8 Fire HD 10)

Why does my fire HD tablet keep restarting every few minutes_ Fire HD 8 Fire HD 10

Is your Fire HD 8 restarting every few minutes while using an app or navigating the Home Screen? Well, when the Amazon fire tablet keeps restarting over and over, every time you launch or use an app, it might be time to troubleshoot using the following steps:

  • Check and ensure internal storage is not full, or near full; this can cause app errors
  • Make sure to perform a cache clear on the device; located under settings
  • Hold the home button for 40 seconds or until the device powers off, then restart the device
  • Delete the app causing the issue and then clear the cache again and re-install
  • Ensure the Device is fully updated by checking system updates and installing the latest version.

This all too common problem can also easily be solved by perform a soft or hard reset. In most cases, the hard reset (factory reset) will do the job. The downside is you might lose some data if you don’t plan on backing up the device to the Amazon cloud.If the app came from google play, then it might be best to factory reset and try a clean install of google play. If this isn’t ideal I’d try uninstalling the app itself.

How can I return a Kindle Book on the fire HD?

According to Amazon- You can only return a kindle book on the Amazon fire HD tablet if a request is made to Amazon within 7 days of the original purchase date. This option could vary, but its best to check amazon first as the source.

Here’s how to return a kindle book on the Amazon fire HD tablet:

  • Sign into Amazon digital orders on any device
  • Selecting “Return for Refund” on the title you want to return. 
  • Locate the option near the title of the book. 
  • Optionally, provide a reason for return. 
  • Tap ‘Submit’ to confirm the return

Now that you’ve submitted for a refund, you’ll have to wait to hear back on the final refund decision.

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If there’s no button to return, then it’s likely past the seven day mark since you downloaded/bought the book.

Why won’t my Amazon Fire Tablet (Fire HD 8 plus) stay in sync with kindle or Audible books?

Fixing syncing problems with kindle or audiobooks requires a similar procedure as fixing Alexa not working on Fire HD. You can fix books that don’t work on Amazon fire 8 and Amazon fire 10 by clearing the cache and restarting the device. 

A better option that allows you to sync you books to fire hd ( without factory resetting or losing data) is to manually sync your device. Unlike a Tv or audio brand, the Amazon Fire Tablet’s strong side is certainly not audio. Related: how to fix Vizio Subwoofer not working with it’s soundbar.

On your Kindle, go to Sync Device in Device Options under ‘settings’. To access settings simply swipe down from the top of the Fire HD

If this doesn’t work a factory reset will fix this solution. The only downside is that you may lose some all your data, so be sure to create a backup of important data first.

Fire HD tablet can’t download book:  ‘unable to download’ error on Amazon fire tablet

If you can’t download a book, then your wifi settings may not be connected. If’s possible the connection is weak, the fire tablet device is low on battery, a cache clear is needed, or a factory reset is needed. It’s tough to determine the exact fix, but these series of troubleshooting has solved this ‘unable to download’ error on the Amazon fire tablet.

Why don’t books work as well on the Amazon Fire like like they do on the Kindle Paperwhite?Well, the Kindle paperwhite was created specifically for downloading and utilizing books and audiobooks. These two devices are very different and all the differences can be seen in our post Fire HD vs Kindle Paperwhite: Which is Better for Reading?

The Fire HD is more of a general tablet that is used for things like Netflix, web browsing, and more. It’s less specialized in books and audiobooks since the product amazon works to be compatible with these e-books is the Kindle Paperwhite. This can also be a problem if google play was used to download the app, which is known to cause issues as mentioned previously.

What is an Alexa Card?

What is an Alexa Card?

The ‘Alexa cards’ appear on the app’s homepage and provide updates each time you visit it. For example, I use the ‘now playing’ card when listening to music on the Fire HD. These are similar to widgets on the iPad or iPhone, but appear to act as Amazon Fire tablet’s version of the widget. 

Other Alexa Card templates are the weather, wikipedia entries, calendar, shopping lists, to-do lists and more. Alexa cards are an app you’ll likely see running in the background at most times. It appears to span from 30mb up to 150mb depending on if the cache is cleared. 

How to download books, movies or files automatically to SD Card on Fire HD

You can set this preference to on by locating settings, storage to manage MicroSD card ‘settings’. You’ll have to manually set this option if its not on already. You can also move apps, movies, audiobooks, and manage eBooks on MicroSD. 

While many believe Fire Tablets don’t support ePub it;s actually possible by using the OverDrive App on the app store. If you can’t find it on Amazon check the google play app.

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Fire 8 will not download Netflix, Disney and other apps

When NEtflix, disney or other applications on the fire Hd won’t download, you’ll want to ensure your fire tablet is actually connected to Wi-Fi. Make sure airplane mode is turned off if it’s accidentally on. If this is not the issue it’s important to check the storage of the device. 

After this you’ll likely have to troubleshoot based on the steps outlined in this guide. These are the same steps that fix alexa not working on Fire Tablet and include trouble shoot options such as factory resetting  the fire HD, deleting google play, clearing the cache and restarting your fire tablet.

After this, you will have one of two options left when trying to fix a broken fire hd tablet that won’t put apps on correctly.: upgrade or replace the tablet. First, try connecting the device and charging it for at least an hour and applying all restarts as a last resort. Alternatively, you can wait for the latest update or find a way to roll back to a previous version; though Amazon isn’t known to have this option on the Fire HD models.

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Fire Hd won’t turn on, start, or recharge

In order to get your tablet fixed and turned on properly, you must first determine if the battery was at fault for not being able to start up the Fire HD. 

However, it’s more than likely that if you had left the fire HD battery at under 5% for longer than a few months at a time that the battery simply can’t be recharged without an expert (or yourself) taking the device apart and replacing the battery; which is not advised and could potentially cost more than the tablet is worth in price.

If you’re fire HD tablet won’t turn on, won’t start up or won’t charge/recharge and you believe the battery is not at fault, then it’s possible you either need a factory reset or try a new USB cable & power adapter. Amazon staff has stated that by holding down the power button for 40 seconds (which is much longer than other restarts), it could force restart the Fire tablet. 

When the Fire HD won’t turn on or start up, it’s likely that the internal storage is full or the battery was not plugged in for quite some time. When the battery is unplugged for a long time it prevents the battery from being able to recharge.

Why does Amazon Fire HD tablets take so long to charge?

Why does Amazon Fire HD tablets take so long to charge_

The Amazon fire HD tablet takes long to charge because they are an in-expensive device that does not have the same design as more premium devices.  It loses its charge quickly because the battery and device do not work as efficiently as a premium, higher priced tablet like the iPad or Samsung galax.

So if you’re considering “long” as a reference to a device like the Samsung or iPad, which are both premium devices, then the Fire HD certainly requires a longer plug in time when charging to reach full capacity; particularly if the tablet has been dead for a long time and powered off for months ata time.

If the tablet won’t even turn on: When you have a battery that is not in use, stay under 5% for longer than a few months at a time, then the batter begins to deplete. This is how most batteries in tablets and modern smartphones behave. In fact, my iphone and similar tablets have done this to me time and time again. 

If you want to go the extra mile you can try changing out the charging cord (2.1 amps) and use a USB meter to test. However, for this cost, you’ll likely be at 14th of the price you bought the tablet for. It may be best to either replace the device or upgrade to another device.

These problems and solutions are also related to the Fire HD tablet losing charge quickly in addition to taking long to charge.

Bottom Line

While there was many reasons speculated on why Alexa randomly doesn’t work on Fire Hd 10, 8, 8plus and even the kids edition-we have found a solution.. In this post I’ve covered how to fix the alexa issues opn the Fire Tablet as well as and general problem the amazon fire tablet has.

By Setting the Tablet to United States (or whichever country Alexa is in), then, removing or re-install google play on an Amazon fire tablet the Alexa app may very well become responsive to your voice.

If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to then move onto Clearing the Cache data as instructed in this post under settings. If you want an immediate solution, then a factory reset is your best chance of success, however making sure Alexa is enabled and updating the Fire HD to its latest system update is also commendable.

Some of these related problems Fire Hd has may inadvertently solve the Alexa issue or coincide with each other; causing a multitude of issues.

The Fire HD tablet has been out for a while now and updates continuously to improve the device, but issues with alexa app still remain. Be sure you back up your device if you plan to restore any of the saved data after attempting the methods discussed in this post.

The alexa app is a voice-activated app\on fire tablet Fire HD models as well as other amazon devices. So, if you have downloaded it from google play store, then your apps have an.apk extension. Sometimes the .apk can cause the device is created a specific way.

If the Amazon Alexa app is still stuck, not working, or won’t open, then you may want to either contact amazon or considering replacing your device with a more premium version tablet as these issues are less common on the higher tier tablets I’ve used.

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