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[Fire Toolbox] Download & install to hack Amazon Fire Tablet | Updated

[Fire Toolbox] Download & install to hack Amazon Fire Tablet | Updated

The Fire Toolbox is a third-party tool that enables you to tweak, mod, and hack your Amazon Fire Tablet, all without affecting your warranty (according to XDA developers). This is because it doesn’t alter the system partition. (resetting the device to factory settings can reverse any changes made using this utility.

Do you want to get the most out of Amazon Fire devices? From apps to settings, customizing and managing your device can be a challenge.

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With the help of this toolbox, you will be able to customize your Amazon Fire device according to your preferences and make it work more efficiently.

You’ll be able to tweak settings, unlock hidden features and make the most of your tablet or streaming device. Let’s uncover everything about the Fire toolbox an how to use it.

Why use the Amazon Fire Toolbox?

fire toolbox benefits chart visual

Amazon Fire tablets runs Fire OS and let users watch YouTube, Netflix, surf the internet, play games, and even help with homework or work tasks.

But some users want to make their tablets break the original capabilities and limits set by FireOS, so they use the Fire Toolbox.

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  • Downloading and installing the Fire Toolbox tool lets users add more features and change how their tablet looks and works.
  • With the Fire Toolbox, users can add widgets, change the lock screen and wallpaper, adjust the keyboard, and do other fun customizations, similar to how “jailbreak” devices to add more features.

If you’ve ever used Cydia on iPhone in the past, then you may be able to related to the effects the FireToolbox has on the Fire OS as it’s somewhat similar is some ways.

Pros and cons of using the Amazon Fire toolbox

Why use the Amazon Fire Toolbox
Reason for using Fire ToolboxBenefitLimitation
Personalized User InterfaceReplace Fire Launcher with a custom launcherFireOS compatibility restrictions
Widget SupportEnable widgets on supported launchersFireOS compatibility restrictions
Custom SoundsSet custom sounds for various events (notifications, etc.)None
Additional AppsGoogle apps/sideload appsNone
Screen ResolutionModify pixel density for preferred resolutionNone

The growing popularity of Fire Toolbox stems from users wanting personalized interfaces and a jailbreak experience. Fire tablets come with the Fire Launcher, focused on Amazon’s ecosystem.

The Fire Toolbox allows replacing it with a custom launcher for a tailored experience that mimics that of an Android operating system (Think Samsung or Nvidia shield devices).

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Amazon Fire tablets lack widget support, which enables quick access to apps and features. Fire Toolbox provides a workaround, enabling widgets on compatible launchers, improving functionality and convenience.

Users can also set custom sounds for various events with Fire Toolbox, adding a unique touch. Additionally, it allows users to adjust pixel density, providing control over screen resolution.

How to install the Fire Toolbox and hack your Amazon Fire Tablet

How to install the Fire Toolbox and hack your Amazon Fire Tablet 2

Developed by XDA-developers forum member Datastream33, Fire Toolbox is a user-friendly Windows program that simplifies the process of customizing and modding Fire tablets.

It enables users to install the Google Play Store and sideload apps, which provides access to a wider range of apps and games.

Fun features such as replacing the default Fire OS home screen and remove pre-installed apps on Amazon’s tablets are small, but desired by many and work on Fire Tablet 7, 8, and 10.

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Step 1: Download and install the latest version of Fire Toolbox on a Windows PC

Download and install the latest version of Fire Toolbox on a Windows PC 1

To use Fire Toolbox on your Amazon Fire tablet, first, download and install the latest version of Fire Toolbox on a Windows PC.

  • For Mac users, you will need to use Parallels or a windows emulator to run Windows.
  • For Linux users, a Fire Toolbox version is currently in development using the Python programming language. You can follow the progress on the XDA forum through this link:

Note: The Linux port is being developed in the creator’s spare time, so it may take a while to complete. As the development progresses, alpha builds will be released for those interested in testing.

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Step 2. Enable USB debugging (Fire Tablet)

Enable USB debugging Fire Tablet 1

In the context of a Fire tablet, debugging refers to enabling USB debugging, which is a feature within the Developer Options. USB debugging allows a computer to communicate with the tablet over a USB connection for various purposes, such as installing or testing apps, accessing the device’s system logs, and modifying its settings.

  1. Open the Settings app on your Fire tablet. This can be found on your device’s home screen.
  2. Scroll down until you locate Device Options and tap on it.
  3. Tape the serial number 7 times until a message appears, indicating that you are a ‘developer’.
  4. Press the back button to return to the previous screen.
  5. Tap the new option labeled “Developer Options.”
  6. Enable Developer Options by sliding the toggle switch.
  7. Scroll down to “USB Debugging” and enable it by sliding the toggle switch.
  8. Connect your tablet to the Windows PC using a USB cable.
  9. Launch the Fire Toolbox app on your PC.
  10. A prompt should appear on the tablet. Tap “OK.”
  11. Congratulations you’re now able to activate the Fire Toolbox!

By enabling USB debugging on a Fire tablet, users can utilize tools like Fire Toolbox to customize their device, remove pre-installed apps, and install additional software, all while gaining more control over their tablet’s functionality.

Additional hidden features the Fire Toolbox allows for

Additional hidden features the Fire Toolbox allows for
Change screen density optionsAdjust text and graphics size to appear larger or smaller.
Disable Amazon’s pre-installed appsManually select and remove unwanted or unnecessary pre-installed apps.
Modify system settings and updatesEnable/disable automatic updates, over-the-air updates, or change other system settings.
Sideload appsInstall applications downloaded to your PC from trusted sites like APK Mirror if they aren’t available in the Amazon Appstore and/or you don’t want to install Google Play.
Backup and restore dataBackup all data on your tablet to your PC or restore from a previous backup.
Transfer filesMove files to and from your tablet.
Record video or save a screenshotCapture a video or take a screenshot of your tablet’s display.
Change the default launcher app (with limitations)Use a different launcher app like Nova Launcher to make Fire OS look more like stock Android.

Important: Recent builds of Fire OS (30.2) won’t fully replace the default launcher (This is unfortunate).

However, you can ‘hijack’ the home button so that pressing it will open a third-party launcher app! I found this to be very convenient when testing this as its the only next option.

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Evolution of the Fire Toolbox

Evolution of the Fire Toolbox

It’s worth noting that some Amazon updates may impact the functionality of Fire Toolbox. In the past, users on the XDA forum reported that after installing Fire OS, the app would no longer allow them to:

  • Set a third-party launcher app as the default launcher
  • Block OTA updates
  • Remove lock screen ads

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Bugs and support

Bugs and support

As of March 15th, 2023, Fire Toolbox v30.2 is the latest version, which includes new features and updates, extending support to 12th-gen Amazon Fire tablets running Fire OS 8, such as the Fire 7 (2022) and Fire HD 8 (2022). This version also introduces bug fixes, an alternative method for installing third-party launchers, improved device detection, and more.

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Recent enhancements include lock screen disabling, deactivation of Amazon’s “Device Dashboard” icon for those not utilizing Amazon’s smart home features, and improvements to the Fire Toolbox automatic updater.



Fire Toolbox simplifies the process of sideloading Android apps from your PC, enabling downloads from sources other than the Amazon Appstore or Google Play. Additionally, users can replace Amazon’s Alexa voice service with Google Assistant and make other customizations to their Amazon Fire tablet software.



The toolbox also includes a feature to remove lock screen ads from some Fire tablets. However, users may see a warning message reminding them that the official method is to pay Amazon a fee – this is an area you may want to understand better regarding legalities and we do not encourage this.

Those who may have unknowingly purchased a used tablet with “special offers” on the lock screen, Fire Toolbox provides a free alternative to disable these ads.

Will the Fire Toolbox remain updated through fire OS updates?

Will the Fire Toolbox remain updated through fire OS updates

It’s worth noting that some Amazon updates may impact the functionality of Fire Toolbox. In the past, users on the XDA forum reported that after installing Fire OS, the app would no longer allow them to:

  • Set a third-party launcher app as the default launcher
  • Block OTA updates
  • Remove lock screen ads

Note: some users even claim they use it for the kindle fire memory expansion hack – allowing for more storage, but this has yet to be tested.

FAQ: Hacking the Fire Tablet with FireToolbox

Can I fix the Google Family Link not working?​

Unfortunately the Fire Toolbox utility doesn’t allow Google Family Link function on the Fire HD tablets. The Family Link app simply fails to install, and Child accounts are unable to log in.

The developer suspects this issue is related to missing dependencies and the tablets not being certified through Google’s Play Protect platform. A common alternative solution is to use Amazon’s FreeTime, Eyezy, or other third-party family management software.

​Can the Toolbox be utilized so I can root my Fire Tablet?​

One of the traditional ways of ‘rooting’ a Amazon Fire Tablet (7, 18, 10) involves opening the device’s back cover and short-circuiting a specific point on the motherboard (seems like a dangerous, risky way to most) I wouldn’t reccomend this personally.

The Fire Toolbox, on the other hand, was created for users who prefer not to take such risks. Instead, the Toolbox leverages the capabilities of ADB to make changes, offering an alternative to rooting. In essence, the Fire Toolbox is not intended for rooting purposes.

For more on this, see the Fire Tablet Hacks: How to Jailbreak the Amazon Fire HD Tablet

Why is the Fire Toolbox being identified as a virus?​

The Fire Toolbox and its installer may trigger warnings from Windows or antivirus software due to the lack of a software license or digital signature….

and Windows, in particular, gets concerned when it detects an application without a recognized publisher and activates its SmartScreen warning. Similarly, some antivirus programs may flag the Toolbox as suspicious or potentially malicious, given that the build is relatively new and has no prior record in their databases, leading to a false positive.

It’s essential to emphasize that the developer of the Fire Toolbox (Datastream33) appears to takes user security and privacy seriously.

However, (as he states on XDA) if you feel uncomfortable installing the Toolbox due to potential virus concerns, the developer respects and supports your decision. Ultimately, it is up to the user to exercise their judgment when deciding whether to proceed with the installation.

What is the Amazon Fire launcher

The Amazon Fire Launcher is the default home screen and app launcher on Amazon Fire tablets. It is a part of Amazon’s Fire OS, which is a customized version of Android operating system.

The Fire Launcher prioritizes Amazon’s ecosystem of apps and services, providing a user interface that is tailored to promote Amazon’s content, such as books, movies, and apps available through the Amazon Appstore.

Users seeking more advanced functionality and customization options beyond what the default Fire Launcher provides often turn to the Fire Toolbox. The Fire Toolbox allows them to break certain limitations, enabling features such as custom launchers, widget support, custom sounds, and more, thereby enhancing their Fire tablet experience according to their preferences.

Can you still use Amazon Apps (like Kindle) after installing Fire Toolbox?

Yes, you can continue using Amazon Apps like Kindle without any issues after using Fire Toolbox.

Many users have successfully added Google apps alongside the existing Fire launcher. While some users have installed alternative launchers like Nova Launcher, they haven’t necessarily made it the default.

However, it’s worth noting that mirroring the tablet to a TV might require using a Chromecast device, as Amazon restricts direct TV streaming.


Saturday 27th of May 2023

Hi - will the Fire Toolbox work on the new Fire Max 11? Thanks.

Paul Michael

Monday 29th of May 2023

There's no official literature from the creator of the Fire Toolbox on this that I'm personally aware of. However, I don't see any limitations that would prevent it if its not significantly different from the Fire HD models.


Wednesday 17th of May 2023

I don't have a PC to get on what it's needing to be accessed. Is There another way around that??

Paul Michael

Thursday 18th of May 2023

Hi Megan, Unfortunately, thats the best way to do it. I haven't seen many other methods outside of this

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