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Xfinity Throttling: Why your Xfinity internet is so Slow (Fix)

Xfinity Throttling: Why your Xfinity internet is so Slow (Fix)

Why is Xfinity internet Slow? Well, If you’re like most people, you probably think that your internet is slow because your provider (Comcast) just isn’t doing a good job.

However, the reality that many Xfinity users believe is that your Xfinity provider is throttling your connection, limiting the available bandwidth so that they can sell you a more expensive package. This is not necessarily true.

Here’s the details of Comcast/Xfinity throttling:

  • If you are paying for 1200Mbps download and 35Mbps upload, then there should be no reason to see 200 Mbs or less on a consistent basis.
  • When I use a VPN, I see my speeds increase significantly to download speeds of 700 Mbps – 800 Mbps.
  • Swapping out my modem solved the problem. Contacting support also solved the problem 44% of the time (according to our survey results from our audience.)

Note: unplugging the router and plugging it back in isn’t always enough to solve this problem of a slow Xfinity internet.

The reason why Xfinity is slow is due to interference in your home as well as Xfinity throttling. If you determine it is not a problem on your home network, then ensuring it is not being throttled by utilizing a speed test, checking download & upload speeds, and then using the Xfinity app to properly reset the gateway can solve the issue

Users claim Xfinity throttled their internet speeds for almost a year when they didn’t actively fix the problem. When they get a new modem/router that Xfinity sends, some users claim that 1+ Gbs speeds work for a few weeks, and then the internet throttling comes back again after a firmware update.

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Why your Xfinity internet is so Slow

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We will also show you how to improve your Xfinity speed, how to tell if Xfinity is throttling, why they would do that and also provide some case studies that we created.

Furthermore, if your Xfinity upload or download speed is slow or its not working with your Smart TV, then we will show you how to address the problem properly. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to fix the problem and get back to enjoying fast internet speeds.

Why is my Xfinity internet so slow and not getting full speed?

Why is my Xfinity internet so slow and not getting full speed

Users have shown evidence that Comcast locked them out of settings and introduced a hidden QoS setting after a firmware update, which may or may not be directed at throttling. Either way, it’s frustrating for those who believe they are being throttled.

We conducted a survey, and the following explains the most commonly cited causes for Xfinity providing slow Internet speed:

1. Local outages

Local Outages

Local outages can cause slow Xfinity internet. This is typically sporadic and not consistent. If you’re internet is slow when using a Xfinity router or modem, be sure to check for Local outages on the outage map via Xfinity app. (check)

2. Network blocked up (congestion)

2. Network blocked up congestion

For example, At crowded event or concert, you may experience slower speeds temporarily. This is Network congestion that temporarily slows the data flow based on network capacity. Congestion or demand is determined by the physical location of Xfinity customers.

If this is the case, then you have the option of grabbing a HD Pass from Xfinity which helps with network congestion.

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3. Several smart devices connected to your Xfinity

3. Several smart devices connected to your Xfinity

If you have an overwhelming number of devices connected to Xfinity, it may cause demand that your router or modem can’t handle based on the speed your current package provides. This is common with large families using the same internet.

Try disconnecting a few devices that could be slowing down your Xfinity internet. For example your iPhone, iPad, or android device could be connected and using an app that is using a lot of bandwidth.

4. Throttling

4. Throttling

If you are experiencing a slow internet connection on Xfinity, make sure your internet is not throttled. All connected devices need to be restarted if it’s not.

It is recommended that you test changing the physical location of the router or modem in your home, upgrade the router, and check to see if you actually need a WiFi booster (as your next steps).

We have some workarounds below if the above solutions are not ideal for you.

5. Xfinity Network interference

5. Xfinity Network interference

Check your home network to see if it is the Xfinity network that is causing this low speed

If the root cause of your internet being slow is the Xfinity network, and not an interference in your home problem:

  1. Your plan promises a faster internet connection than you actually have. To find out exactly how fast your home network can go, check your Xfinity bill.
  2. Your internet speed slows down during peak hours when your region has more people. It usually happens after 5  evening.
  3. It seems that your internet connection is sluggish even when the Wi-Fi signal is strong (or lost).

A study by MIT shows that there are more complex, mathematical frameworks behind network interference.(source)

6. Home Network Issue

6. Home Network Issue

It’s possible that your home’s internet connection is the problem if you’re not sure what’s wrong with your cable company… Here’s what you need to know:

  1. It’s highly likely that the problem is with your home (not Comcast) if you only have one device having trouble accessing the internet.. If multiple devices on your network have slow speeds, it’s due to Xfinity.
  2. If the internet speed reduction is only in your home network and your neighbors’ internet speeds are unaffected, then it’s likely your home network (ie. router is too far away from the device that requires internet – you may need a wifi booster).

How to improve your Xfinity speed

How to improve your Xfinity speed

When connected to your Wi-Fi, do only some of your devices seem to get slower internet speeds?

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When this occurs, the device is usually at fault, not the network. Here are some ways to improve your Xfinity speeds:

1. Restart your Xfinity Gateway or Router (properly):

If using the Xfinity gateway, then Try the app first by logging in and selecting the internet button, then selecting restart device. Do not unplug the router, unless it’s a last resort. If you do not have an xFinity router, restart your third party router for Xfinity by unplugging it for 60 seconds and waiting a few minutes.

2. Upgrade your Modem or internet plan:

  1. You can order new equipment by going to (Note: Only available to some customers.)
  2. Using your own TV is all you need for TV boxes. Follow the instructions on channel 1995 to get a new TV Box delivered to your home. Some areas do not have access to Channel 1995.
  3. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a professional installation, you can contact Xfinity.

3. Optimize your smart TV, cable box or other connected smart devices

You’ll need to be sure it’s not the fault of your current devices. Outdated devices simply do not have the technology to handle the speeds that your Xfinity internet allows for. Xfinity customers often confuse this with throttling. It’s no wonder why users that replace their technology and restart their devices find success so frequently.

Here’s how it works:

  • Although the connection is strong, the older device’s speed is very low.
  • Hardware in the device cannot support fast internet speeds because the device predates the technology of high-speed networks.
  • In the case of a 5G network and a 4G device, an example would be. It will be impossible for a 4G device to utilize the full speed of a 5G network. It is best to replace your particular device in such cases.

How to tell if Xfinity or Comcast is throttling your connection

How to tell if Xfinity or Comcast is throttling your connection

Comcast Xfinity Throttling can be defined as the following: When your ISP intentionally limits your connection’s bandwidth for a reason beyond your knowledge and causes a slower connection than your plan promises.

Providers can do this for several reasons discussed in this post, and it usually shows up as a very slow connection.

What’s more important is how you check for and solve Xfinity throttling:

There are 2 separate speed tests need be ran to see if Xfinity is throttling your internet. One with and one without a virtual private network (VPN). If the speed is much faster with VPN than without VPN, then this is likely an indication that your internet provider (Xfinity in this case) is throttling your internet 

Example: 800 mbps of data transfer (with VPN enabled) vs 200 mbps (without vpn enabled)

Xfinity Internet throttled? Here’s how to tell

  1. Start by running a speed test. Check your internet speed with an online speed test.
  2. If possible, run a speed test over a Virtual Private Network
  3. Compare the two tests. If the difference is over 200 – 300% speed decrease, then you should compare the results.
  4. Your results should be compared to the advertised speeds and a replacement router could be suggested. customer support is be advised.

Xfinity might be intentionally throttling your connection if this doesn’t work. You may be experiencing a slowdown due to plant or premise damage or a change in frequency levels

  • There is a possibility that Xfinity will send out a tech support representative. The modem can be tested to determine the true speed.
  • In most cases, Comcast Xfinity users may not be able to receive gigabit speeds due to their computer’s limitations. It may be that the computer is malfunctioning.

You can either pay for the extra data, which typically happens automatically, pay for unlimited data, or pay your bill. You can contact support and be honest if neither of these are true and you believe you are being throttled intentionally.

Cancelling your services can provide an outcome that you may not find ideal. Depending on the contract and the installation fee, deactivation fees may apply.

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In addition to the things the service representative can do, there are a number of things they cannot. If the service was improperly degraded and you would like a refund, they have been known to restore your service and submit a claim.

Why would Xfinity Throttle your internet?

Why would Xfinity Throttle your internet

Xfinity throttles internet as a reaction, not always intentionally or to stop you from getting the speeds you are promised. Its common users believe the company is against them, but the truth is you might be experiencing Xfinity internet throttling as a result of network congestion, exceeding data limits, or utilizing illegal or suspicious activities, such as torrenting or other illegal activities.

The first thing you should do is to make sure it’s being throttled in the first place and that your slow Xfinity internet speed is not due to other problems. 

  • A specific area may be throttled by cable internet providers during times of high traffic. All connections are throttled so that certain locations do not use more network bandwidth than others. There are likely to be peak times between 6:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.
  • It is possible to send and receive only a certain amount of data per billing cycle with some internet service providers. If you exceed that limit, they will reduce your bandwidth and this should always be kept in mind.
  • Your service agreement must include any information about data caps enforced by your ISP. You can contact customer service if you’re experiencing throttling or test the use of a VPN.

Case study of Xfinity throttling:

The following is a documented scenario of throttling: The last time I checked I had always had 300 Mbps. A month later, I was able to achieve 75 Mbps on my next speed test. Regardless of the time of day, I consistently get in the mid 70’s.

Occasionally, I have some bad periods during the night when it gets into the teens, but otherwise, it doesn’t go above 80 or below 60. I speculate that the neighborhood doesn’t seem to be the issue and feels targeted, but who is to confirm? Many customers in this situation feel that if blast speeds are not available, then a refund is ideal.

How to fix throttling: Xfinity upload & download speed slow

How to fix throttling Xfinity upload download speed slow

The troubleshooting methods below can help you fix Xfinity throttling and slow upload and download speeds if you are certain you are being throttled.

You can stop Xfinity throttling by restarting your router, changing the location of your router, disconnecting all your smart devices from the Internet, and ensuring the devices connected to Xfinity Internet can handle the amount of speed your plan allows for. (Many old technologies will not allow for high GB speeds)

If Netflix or Youtube is being throttled by Xfinity, you can test throttling on those apps by locating settings and running a speed test on the app itself. It is possible the specific app in particular is being throttled for some reason that the Xfinity app or support will not reveal.

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Slow Xfinity Upload Speed can be fixed by restarting your router and repositioning it so that your devices are within range of your router. It is easier to do this with the Xfinity app than by unplugging and replugging the gateway

It is important to fix the Xfinity upload speed if you plan on uploading photos, audio, or video to the web or backing up emails and files to a cloud storage service. Speed tests can be used to determine your upload speed.

The next step is to update your computer or smart TV. Scan the laptop for bugs, malware, and viruses that may be interfering with Xfinity if it’s running slow.

A wired connection with an upload speed of 3Mbps or higher will support most data-uploading activities using a wired connection. The upload speed for Xfinity is usually between 5 and 115 megabits per second.

Upload speed effects certain activities online. For example you can upload data by playing online games, taking college courses, sending emails, and using social media. An upload of data occurs even when you load a link on a web page.

Xfinity download speed slow

Xfinity download speed slow

When it comes to Xfinity or Comcast download speeds, nobody enjoys being surprised by a low mbps. It is necessary to download data in order to listen to Youtube music, download large files, or stream videos on Netflix or Hulu. There are solutions to slow download speeds on Xfinity to increase the speed.”

Here are the most successful solutions for solving slow download speeds on Xfinity: Restarting all connected devices. moving the location of the router, upgrading the router, using a separate router (not Xfinity brand), and using wifi booster.

Large downloads may not be supported by your internet connection, depending on your provider. In households with multiple people and devices, it may be worthwhile to upgrade to a plan with higher download speeds.

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It is important to note:

  • You should be able to download faster than you upload with Xfinity.
  • Speed tests can be used to diagnose slow Xfinity internet problems..
  • A congested Xfinity network, exceeding your data cap, outdated smart devices, faulty Wi-Fi signals, significant latency, or a throttled connection are reasons for this issue.
  • During peak times, postpone data-intensive operations and downloads or disable apps that are not in use to avoid congestion.

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Xfinity wifi hotspot slow

The company also offers personal hotspots at roughly 600 kbps in areas where it is available, in addition to 4G LTE data and better. Although there is no evidence just yet, some experts believe it’s throttled heavily.

As a result, how slow a wifi hotspot behaves depends on your plan and your location.

Secondary devices on personal hotspots will also have the fastest speeds when connected to 5G-capable Xfinity Mobile devices.”

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In addition to high-definition streaming (720p on phones and 1080p on tablets), Gigabyte hotspot plans may offer 4G LTE personal hotspots.

It appears that switching to a plan that is by the gig will not slow you down. The speed is estimated to be 500-700kps for unlimited and no 5G.

Xfinity slow on Smart TV (Samsung, LG, Roku TV)

Xfinity being slow showng in a pie chart - reasons for throttling (survey)

There are three key ways to solve Xfinity’s slow performance on Smart TVs. This can commonly occur on Roku TV, Samsung, LG, Vizio, Phillips, and most name brand Smart TVs.

You can see our post here If Xfinity is not working on Roku. There’s also options to test your speed with a Roku speed test.

For Xfinity connections that won’t work on a smart TV that uses Netflix or other streaming apps from its navigation menu, you can try the following methods.

Your mobile device can be used to check modem status, test speeds, or fix the issue yourself using the Xfinity My Account of the mobile app. This is a very common way to check and should be your first route to solve for a slow smart TV Internet connection.

There are a few ways you can restart Xfinity internet to fix the slow connection. During the modem reset process, the Internet won’t work for up to 12 minutes.

What Smart Tv’s can I get Xfinity app on?

Smart TVXfinity app availability
Roku TTyYes

In the event that you do not have the Xfinity app, you can fix this issue by following these steps:

Access your account at Xfinity. Click Manage Internet at the bottom of the page. Once the modem has been reset, click ‘restart modem’ to begin. To begin troubleshooting, tap Start Troubleshooting.

The steps below will guide you through the process of manually restarting your Gateway, as well as most third-party networking equipment:

The power cable should be unplugged and plugged back in after 5 minutes

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Why might Comcast/Xfinity be the right or wrong choice for you?

If you’re in search of a variety of plan options and potentially high-speed internet, Comcast/Xfinity could be a strong contender, especially if you reside in one of the areas where multi-gigabit tiers are rolling out. The company’s investment in DOCSIS 4.0 technology also suggests a commitment to providing faster internet speeds in the future.

However, the flip side includes dealing with data caps on some plans and the potential for significant price hikes after the promotional period ends.

If you’re budget-conscious or live in an area where Comcast’s service has garnered complaints about insufficient bandwidth, particularly during peak hours, you might want to explore other options.

Xfinity Speed test

Xfinity download speed slow 1

Speed testing Xfinity will allow you to see the exact speed of your Wifi connection and troubleshoot accordingly based on whether the speed can match the promised data plan you purchased or not.

With an unbiased speed test from an independent provider, you can determine whether your internet service provider is actually providing the speed you expect.

Using the speed test for Xfinity multiple times per day is a good way to ensure your internet connection is working properly when you see a consistent problem.

Check in and compare your results for different peak times of the day to further understand how throttling and network congestion behaves.

Here are some different speed test options to help determine if your Xfinity wifi is slow:

A Xfinity speed test will typically have a “start test” or “go” button to measure both the upload and download speed of your internet.

Standard tests will first measure “ping,” or how long it takes to establish a connection with the server. Then the test will receive a small bit of data to measure your download speed. Last, the test will send a small bit of data to measure your upload speed.

Then, see what you can do to get faster internet speed. After the speed test, you can restart your router. as this is the most common fix is restarting the router.

A restart is different than a factory reset. A factory reset restores your Gateway to its original default settings, including your WiFi name and password.

Modern methods of factory reset as a reaction of a Xfinity speed issue can be done by navigating the app and selecting the proper option. An outdated method of factory reset is performed by holding down the Reset button on the back of the Gateway for 30 seconds while using a safe plastic pointed object, like a pencil,.

Why is Comcast/Xfinity internet slow at night?

Amidst these technical challenges, complaints about insufficient bandwidth at night on Comcast are all too common, adding another layer of complexity to the issue of slow internet speeds during peak hours.

A lot of users spend time on the internet at night, since most of them are at home and not at work at this time. They also use sites such as YouTube and Netflix at these times. This traffic can clog up the lines and the servers of heavily trafficked sites, resulting in slower speeds during the weekday evenings.

Technical reasons why internet gets slow at night for Xfinity Users

When too many people use the internet at once, a cable network like Xfinity can slow down data transfer (upload and download speeds) to it’s connected devices.

In order to compensate for the many people accessing the internet all at once, Comcast has released a tool for technicians of a certain level that shows when capacity in a node is high.

In addition, you may have someone using up all the bandwidth within your local area, and Xfinity may have to install another node to accommodate you because there are too many users on the node and it splits the connection constantly.

Bottom Line

Some reasons why Xfinity internet speed is slow and throttled can be due to Local outages, Network blocked up (congestion), Several smart devices connected to your Xfinity, Throttling, and Xfinity Network interference

Xfinity can throttle internet speeds based on usage patterns as well as other issues. If you are experiencing issues with Xfinity throttling, try these steps in this post before contacting customer service.

You can find out what areas are being throttled by looking at the speed test results. You should run two speed tests to ensure there isn’t something else causing the issue.

If you are having trouble with Xfinity throttling, contact customer service directly.

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