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Get Terrarium on Roku: Load and install Terrarium TV on Roku | Updated

Get Terrarium on Roku: Load and install Terrarium TV on Roku | Updated

The truth is you can only load and install terrarium TV on Roku through screencasting or screen mirroring via your smartphone, computer or tablet.

If you’re searching for a way to natively install and load Terrarium TV on Roku you’ll need to wait for the developer to create a Roku private channel.

The simple way to get Terrarium was to use a Roku private channel (see what happened to these private channels) and if they’re coming back to Roku.

I personally would not recommend using AllCast app since Web Video Cast is more smooth and intuitive to navigate on Roku.

Here’s how to load Terrarium TV on Roku:

  • First, go to Roku settings and turn “screen mirroring” on.
  • Next, ensure Roku and your device are both on the same WiFi network.
  • Download and launch “Web Video Cast” on Android.
  • Enable “unknown sources” on Android phone under security settings.
  • You can now Load terrarium TV on Roku via cast!

I’ll also be going over the best alternative to do this on iPhone.

There is no side-loading on Roku… see Roku hacks: How to jailbreak Roku.

By using the Web Video Cast or AllCast app, you’ll be able to cast or “download” terrarium TV on Roku for Android. (this was much more simple than the AllCast app for me)

The best alternative to Terrarium TV on Roku: See how to get any TV show or movie on Roku in our guide here.

Short on time?
If you’re short on time… you can skip this guide and see How to watch any movie or show that exists in less than 10 minutes

Features of Terrarium TV on Roku

Without sideloading, the only possible way to install Terrarium TV on Roku is by casting or screen mirroring.

With Web Video cast you’ll even be able to navigate Terrarium TV through a web browser on Roku (yes, it’s finally possible)

It’s just like having Terrarium TV sideloaded on Roku!

The app allows you to have:

  • A smooth, intuitive interface for Terrarium TV
  • Stream any quality video
  • Use any functions of Terrarium TV that are on your phone on Roku

I’ll also be showing you the best alternative to getting Terrarium Tv on Roku for iPhone users.

How to install and load Terrarium TV on Roku

Since there are no private channels made for Terrarium TV on Roku (and no way to sideload it), your only option left is to screen mirror or cast.

Some choose to use the Allcast app on their smartphone to do this.

However, I found Web Video Cast app to be much more useful as it gives you an intuitive, navigational, fully functional internet browser for Roku.

Keep in mind the below instructions are for Android only…

The best alternative for casting Terrarium Tv on Roku for iPhone users will be explained further in this post.

Steps to install and load Terrarium TV on Roku

  • Go to Roku settings, then select system, located screen mirroring, and set it to “always allow”.
    First step by step Install Terranium TV on Roku
  • Put Roku and your phone or computer on the same WiFi network as each other.
  • For Android, download Web Cast App, then launch it.
    Steps to load terrarium Tv on Roku
  • Enable the “unknown sources option” on your Android phone by going to security, then settings.
  • For Macbook, simply cast Terranium via Chrome browser.
    How to install and load Terrarium Tv on Roku
  • For Windows, use built-in casting via “connections”. This can be found through taskbar notifications on the bottom left of the screen
    windows cast, install and load Terrarium Tv on Roku
  • You now have installed Terrarium TV on Roku!

Using Terrarium TV via using Web Cast App allows benefits such as intuitive, lag-free navigation.

Alternatives for loading Terrarium TV on Roku (iPhone)

Since Terrarium is not developed on the iPhone you can use an alternative called “Movie box.

However, I personally use Plex instead of Terranium to get any movie or show that exists. (jailbreak jack). Roku has Plex natively installed and I didn’t need to buy an Amazon Firestick.

For those iPhone or Android users that really want Terrarium natively loaded on their Roku, they can grab a Firestick for pretty cheap.

Terrarium TV Roku Alternative
Terrarium TV Roku Alternative for iPhone users

I impulsively made grabbed this specific model Firestick on Amazon without thinking and I’m happy I did. It really is a massive upgrade from Roku for such a small price. The value and capabilities are endless.

Use plex for Roku as a Terrarium Tv substitute for iPhone

Plex app, which is natively installed on Roku already, can be used instead of Terrarium TV. It allows Roku owners to play their media from devices other than where it is originally stored (think torrents). This gives users the ability to create their own personal Netflix and Spotify. It’s actually amazing.

Since Plex leaves it up to users to find movies and shows to stream… those who aren’t ripping Blu-rays and DVDs are instead creating massive libraries of just-released movies through automating torrents and other alternate methods.

Hack: See the ultimate Terrarium alternative: A “jailbroken style” personal streaming service.

Is Terrarium TV a hidden channel?

Terraium TV acts as a Roku hidden channel, but only through the act of screen mirroring and not through a secret jailbreak code itself. 

This is because in the past, Terranium may have had a code, but it could had been taken down by the developer or Roku. Many experts on the topic claim this was no longer being updated by the developer.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get Terrarium TV on Roku?

Yes, only by casting as outlined in this guide. There is no sideloading or private channels for Terrarium TV on Roku.

Is there still Terrarium TV outdated?

Although no longer officially update, terrarium TV on Roku can be used using the outdated version or choose Moviebox, Showbox, or everybody’s personal favorite: a personal streaming service as mentioned in the last section.


Learning how to load Terrarium TV on Roku means understanding sideloading or private channels is not possible. Screencasting is your next alternative which works exactly as intended. It’s also useful for getting more than just terrarium, such as a Roku internet Browser.

If you’re searching for a way to natively install Terrarium TV on Roku you’ll need to wait for the developer to create a Roku private channel.

This is why many are switching over to the specific Firestick model I’ve linked to earlier.

The best app to use to get Terrarium on Roku is Web Video Cast followed by Allcast and these are only possible on Android. You can not get Terrarium on iPhone.

The best alternative to Terrarium on Roku is without a doubt Plex, as outlined earlier.

How to get new release movies online free plex

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