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(Solved) How to Get VLC for Roku | Updated for 2022

(Solved) How to Get VLC for Roku | Updated for 2022

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You’ve probably looked for a way to get VLC for Roku by visiting the Roku app channels. While it’s true that there is no official VLC media player on Roku, there are still additional ways to get VLC for Roku that we’ll be covering thoroughly in this post.

These ways include, but are not limited to screen mirroring and casting from your Windows, Mac, Android or iPhone.

Additionally, I’ll also be covering alternative ways to get VLC on Roku without screen mirroring or casting later in this post.

Here are instructions for how to get VLC on Roku:

  1. Power on a device such as PC or phone with VLC.
  2. Ensure Roku and device with VLC share the same WiFi.
  3. If PC: Locate VLC’s playback menu. Go to “renderer” and choose Roku.Example of VLC roku Render mac windowspng
  4. If phone: Download VLC app, “cast” is at the top.
  5. Enjoy VLC for Roku!

The issue with getting VLC for Roku this way is that it’s far less superior than using the Roku app called Plex to watch just released new movies and TV shows.

Plex is a no-cost app that plays your media like VLC for Roku (but far better) and is official on Roku. This means you won’t need a secondary device like VLC. (highly recommended). Alternatively, you could always check out how to jailbreak on our Roku hacks guide.

Update: Roku Private channels do not work anymore

Can you get VLC for Roku?

Can you get VLC media player on roku app without screen mirroring

Yes, you can get VLC for Roku but only indirectly and not through the official Roku app channel. 

There are some casting and screen mirroring options we’ll go into detail with a bit later in this post. 

But, first I’ve included many alternative ways to get VLC player on Roku without screen mirroring or casting.

I don’t want to screen mirror to get VLC player on Roku. What can I do instead?

If you’re anything like me, then you do not want to use a secondary device (like a computer or phone) to cast or mirror your display to Roku. Casting VLC on Roku this way feels feel clunky, unintuitive, and unenjoyable for the overall navigation of your videos.

There’s nothing more irritating than getting up in the middle of a movie, waking up your computer from sleep just to rewind or pause a scene. Sometimes my computer would even go into sleep mode and turn my movie off.

So, what are some alternate ways of watching VLC media player on Roku without screen mirroring?

Alternative #1: Simply use a Firestick (instead of VLC on Roku)

informative graphic of Alternative ways to get VLC on Roku
The ultimate upgrade & alternative

I replaced my Roku 3 with an inexpensive Firestick from Amazon and it changed my daily streaming entertainment forever. VLC on Roku just didn’t have the jailbreaking capability of a Firestick. You can’t sideload apps on Roku like you can with Firestick. 

Alternative #2: Here’s why you should look at Plex for Roku (instead of VLC)

Why use VLC on Roku when you have Plex already?
Why use VLC on Roku when you have Plex already?

If you aren’t looking to upgrade to a Firestick- then you’ll have to check out Plex on Roku. 

Plex is a native app on Roku in the official channel store that allows almost any new movie or show to be played without ever using your computer (If you configure it the way we show you).

You can even configure the automation of torrents without using a secondary device… it’s almost as if it’s you have your own “personal jailbroken Netflix” instead of VLC on Roku.

Our guide on how to get New Movies on Plex will show you the ropes (VLC on Roku can’t do that!)

What about Smart TVs instead of VLC for Roku?

Samsung Smarthub or google play on Smart TVs may possibly have the VLC app (it’s rare). However, these are known to have repeated issues playing VLC files and is not the ideal route. 

I’ve received on going crashes by using this method to get VLC on Roku. Also, the majority of TVs don’t have the VLC app.

This may be why so many are now using Firestick and Plex over Smart TV to replace VLC on Roku.

Screen mirroring (instead of casting) to get VLC for Roku?

You can also mirror your screen as Roku supports Windows 10 built-in wireless display functionality, though there is a very slight lag. This is just another reason why we had recommended the Amazon Firestick instead earlier.

The below instructions are mainly for those that want more than just getting VLC on Roku. (Like Twitch on Roku) 

This includes a full screen mirroring which will allow you to get additional non-Roku apps and basically anything on your computer screen. While this isn’t the standard solution, it works better than any other option tested thus far.

Here is an alternate way to use screen mirroring for VLC (as well as other non-Roku apps) on Roku:

  1. Ensure your Windows or Mac computer are on the same WiFi as your Roku
  2. Open the VLC app on your PC
  3. For Windows, click the notification button on the bottom right
    photo of windows connect button to screen mirror VLC to Roku

  4. It will scan for your device. Once your Roku appears: hit connect.
  5. Congrats! You now have screen mirrored your VLC to Roku from your computer!

Note: This method is not possible for Macs as you’ll have to download something like Airserver to do this. Alternatively you can use parrallels or Bootcamp to grab Windows and launch VLC on Roku…

I personally had to upgrade to the Firestick I mentioned at the beginning of this section. It instantly solved most of my general streaming problems.

But… what about those who want to stream more than just VLC?

What if I want to cast my entire web browser from my iOS or Android device? (not just VLC)

You’re in luck!  You can cast your entire browser display by downloading an app called Web Video Cast on Google Play. This app is also on the Apple store as well for iPhone users.

Web Video Cast works for both Android and iPhone by simply installing and casting your phone’s display.

Even though it’s not as smooth as Plex or using a Firestick; any video you can play in your phone browser you can now play on your Roku. (You may not even need VLC for Roku in this case)

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Although it’s true that there is no official VLC media player on Roku there are still additional ways to get VLC for Roku.

So if you want to get VLC on Roku you’ll instead have to use the workarounds listed in this guide. As mentioned, these easy workarounds include taking any of the following routes: screen mirroring, casting, hooking up a firestick, and installing Plex.

For casting and screen mirroring you’ll need a second device such as Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhone. I personally use Firestick since it has all my favorite apps. If you’re looking to stick with Roku, you can use Plex, an official app on Roku, to get any new movie or show as mentioned in this article.

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That’s it for learning how to get VLC for Roku! Happy streaming!

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