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Exactly How Long Does an iPad Last? (The Truth) iPad Air & Pro

Exactly How Long Does an iPad Last? (The Truth) iPad Air & Pro

How long does an iPad Pro or Air last? If you are in search of the average lifespan of an iPad Pro, Air, or Mini, then our hands-on testing and research of the iPad lifespan as well as its battery will provide answers.

Most want to know how long an iPad will last before the need to upgrade or replace it with a new tablet.

How long does an iPad Pro, Air, and Mini last? According to iOS experts, an iPad that is well cared for should last 4.6 years on average. On average, we found users tend to replace their iPad after 3.25 years for a new one.

The iPad Pro, Air, and mini battery lasts 1000 recharge cycles before being reduced to a battery session lifespan of 80% from when first initially used.

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The battery length per session is deemed by Apple to last 10 hours long, but actually lasts 1 hour less on average (9 hours long) if you’re using a data plan.

When we tested how long tablets (in general) last on average the answer was surprisingly different – this is because iPads are in a league of their own.

In this post I’ll discuss everything related to the iPad battery including how long it lasts until replacement is needed, it’s battery lifespan, and how long the battery lasts per session.

Key Takeaways – iPad Lifespan (How long it lasts)

Key takeaways iPad lifespan
  • The lifespan of an iPad is very different from how long the battery lasts… it’s just very common to see users replace the entire iPad when the battery needs replacement rather than actually getting one because they requiring it from a software compatibility standpoint
  • What’s even more interesting is that an iPad battery lasts on average 3.25 years with standard usage before a 20% reduced battery session per charge length can be seen. 
  • The iPad will last exactly 1000 recharge cycles before we see a battery session lifespan reduction of roughly 75-85% from when first initially used. 
I personally use the ipad mini

I use the iPad mini personally because it has a bigger screen than my iPhone and It accomplishes most of my tasks.

The mini is also far less expensive than the iPad Air and I use it for jotting down notes (For context, I tested almost every iPad for note-taking).

Why are users replacing their Laptop with an iPad

How long a iPad truly lasts before you need to replace it is a very different question and depends on whether you’re a heavy Tablet user or not.

This includes keeping up with software updates, managing the storage, overall lag, frequency of errors and incompatibility issues, and not being able to update to the latest operating system being the least obvious for long term tablet owners.

You’ll have to take into account how many years until the iPad speed and app compatibility can’t keep up with modern uses anymore.

We also tested how long these devices last:

Not only did we test how long the ipad lasted, but below you’ll see we tested the lifespan of many different devices:

We went as far as to test how long a Macbook pro battery lasts and found these devices differ greatly, yet use the same type of battery in most cases.

How Long Does an iPad Last?

How Long Does an iPad Last 1

The following lifespan chart comes from a mediapeanut test as well as a study we conducted from Apple iPad users. So, how long does an iPad last? And more specifically, how long does an iPad battery last? Here is a chart of the iPad lifespan as well as iPad battery lifespan:

iPad TypeiPad LifespanBattery Lifespan
iPad Pro 12.9 inch4.6 years20% reduction 3 years in or 1000 cycles
iPad Pro 11 inch4.5 years20% reduction 3 years in or 1000 cycles
iPad Air4.5 years20% reduction 3 years in or 1000 cycles
iPad Mini4.4 years20% reduction 3 years in or 1000 cycles
iPad (Standard)4.6 years20% reduction 3 years in or 1000 cycles

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So, how long does a well taken care of iPad last? 

Apple iPads will last on average 4.6 years. This is much better than most Samsung, Android and Fire HD devices. 

In fact, studies showcase that the iPads also have a better battery than Amazon Kindle devices. (source)

In terms of lifespan per session 9.5 hours is average for an unused iPad out of the box. However, newer models have evolved and will likely last you longer than this amount, especially since the M1 chip was introduced and only becoming stronger. What you need the iPad for in terms of usage is what will determine how long it will last. 

This is true for both the iPad Pro, iPad Air, as well as the standard iPad.

There are a number of different ways to prevent the iPad battery from draining quickly, which we will discuss further in this article. Unsurprisingly, the methods are similar to solving an iPhone battery that drains overnight.

You’ll also need to know what you personally consider ‘lasting’ to be defined as. According to technology research, users of the iPad will first need to understand that the ipad life expectancy itself is considered to be slightly different from how long the battery lasts.

The uses for an iPad Pro or Air in 10 years time from now may not be possible with the tech embedded into them now. This goes for most manufacturers as technology is growing so quickly. While Apple does an outstanding job with iOS updates, there are always going to be some obstacles.

The iPad device lifespan is different than how long the battery lasts: 

The iPad device lifespan is different than how long the battery lasts

If the iPad Air or Pro is well cared for, it will last you 4.6 years. If you use the iPad everyday, then the battery will likely need to be replaced sooner and technically the iPad is not “lasting as long” and will only last 3 or so years in most cases. 

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The main advantage of choosing a well known, credible brand tablet like the ipad: 

  • The device itself will be usable with apps, work usage, and games for quite long
  • Apple continually updates their products for many years, which is a large benefit for iPad users. For example Macbooks made in 2012 will still update to the latest version, iPads have a similar care from the software update perspective..
  • Less premium tablets may not have similar updates or functionality that is sustained for 4.6 years, however this will vary based on the device, operating system, and hardware.\

Determining how long an iPad Air, Pro or mini will last you based on usage

Determining how long an iPad Air Pro or mini will last you based on usage

Here are some other things to consider when determining how long an iPad will last you based on your type of usage:

  • Well cared for: This can be defined as iPad owners not using the device for long periods of time, especially with CPU intensive apps. 
  • Keeping the battery charged: Keeping the iPad moderately charged (80%, not 100%), when used or stored for long periods of time as this will lengthen the battery lifespan of the ipad.
  • Know if you require Heavy iPad usage: This is typically based on how long you use the ipad per day, and what level of CPU intensive tasks are being used daily. Designers and photographers for example are on average considered heavy iPad users.
  • Compare the iPad specs to alternatives: Typically And iPad will last you much longer than other tablets due to the level of maintenance as well as the way the device is designed. The most comparable alternative is the surface go or HP Envy tablets when it comes down to lifespan overall endurance of the tablet.
  • Know which apps you plan to use: This will determine how long before upgrading. If you’re a heavy iPad user you will likely need to upgrade and replace your iPad well before the 5 year mark.
  • Software updates stop after some time: After 8 or so years it’s possible Apple may not provide software updates for certain products. While this isn’t certain, it’s important to keep in mind when wondering how long an iPad will last you in terms of both lifespan and battery lifespan.

Ipad Pro Lifespan: How long will it last?

Ipad Pro Lifespan How long will it last

The iPad Pro has a similar lifespan as the iPad Air, which is 4.6 years on average. 

Our research has determined the iPad Pro 12.9 inch to have the longest lasting battery at 10 hours per charge. It is the overall the longest lasting iPad due to it’s 40.88 watt-hour lithium based battery. And you don’t need any special iPad hack to achieve that. 

If you aren’t familiar with Apple battery specs, this indicates a very powerful battery in terms of duration and quality. 

On the flipside, the iPad 11 inch sits at 28.65 watts, which is noticeable less. The battery storage typically increases as the size and model of the device evolves.

If you are not a heavy user of the iPad Pro and keep the battery moderately charged when it is stored or unused for long periods of time, then the iPad Pro may last you longer than 5 years.

We routinely examine Apple’s investor conference calls. It’s clear that the average lifespan of an Apple product is just over four years as per Apple’s information. This means that both apple devices (iPhones & iPads) “last” twice as long as the standard iPhone upgrade cycle from consumers. In other words, the iPad is a long lasting device as per the information Apple is giving us.

How long does an Ipad Pro and iPad Air Battery last in years?

How long does an Ipad Pro and iPad Air Battery last in years

The iPad Pro and iPad Air battery lasts on average 3.25 years with moderate use before a reduced session length of 20% is observed. This means it lasts exactly 1000 recharge cycles before being reduced to a battery session lifespan of roughly 75-85% from when first initially used. 

The battery length per session is deemed by Apple to last 10 hours long, but actually lasts 1 hour less (9 hours) long if you are heavily using the internet via a data plan. 

Keep in mind after you recharge the device 100 times, this 9 hours length gets reduced to 7.2 hours on average, (which is 80% of the original). You can compare this to an iPhone which retains half the amount of charges and the iPad is able to (500 charges).

We define one full iPad charge as any battery that was plugged in and shows the iPad battery icon at 100%.

But, how many years does an ipad battery last? We ran a study from the mediapeanut audience on iPad battery length:

  • We surveyed 1232 users of the iPad Pro 11 inch, and 72% of participants claimed after 3.5 years they did not see any noticeable deterioration of the battery.
  • Only 23% of users found the battery length to hold a shorter charge than what many sources claim, which is 80% of 9-10 hours when using the device.
  • Over 75% of users claimed to be satisfied with the battery length per session. This is a very high amount compared to those we surveyed on the surface go, which was 44% of users being satisfied with it’s battery session life span.

Ipad Air Lifespan: How long do they last?

An iPad Air (10.9 inch) will last 4.6 years on average due to technology, design and battery size of 28.6 Watts

Compare this to the iPad Pro 12.9 inch, which has a larger battery, but nearly an identical battery lifespan due to the size of the display and other aspects that require a larger battery on the device.

Some typical uses of the iPad Air when we tested it were Siri, voice to text, OCR technology (turning handwriting into text), common apps, and of course internet & video playback. 

There are a number of uses that will kill an iPad battery and cause it to drain quickly, which should be avoided. These include background apps, notifications, and sharing location on certain applications that aren’t necessary. Users can switch off notifications as this depletes the battery life of an iPad prematurely and are not always needed. This can be done under the settings menu and you can select which ones you want to choose not to see.

So, how long do iPad Airs last? While an iPad can last 4-5 years, there are other several small measures you can take to extend its lifespan, these include turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and data plans. 

Another battery tip for the iPad Air, Pro and mini to take is to locate the battery options under general settings (gear icon) to grab a report of your battery level day and week. You can discover the exact apps that contributed to your energy draining sorted by each program.

How long does an iPad last on facetime?

An iPad Mini, Air, or Pro that is using FaceTime will last on average 5.5 hours if your device is under 3 years old or hasn’t reached 1,000 battery recharge cycle amounts yet. 

  • Keep in mind that users report the session duration of facetime drops by 15% if you’re also running other apps in the background in addition to facetime. Similarly, using a data plan or Bluetooth will cause the ipad to have a shorter battery during facetime, zoom or cam streaming usage.

During our tests, we found the iPad was one of the Best Tablets for FaceTime, video calls, and even skype.

You can increase the duration of a facetime call on your ipad or facetime by tweaking a few settings. The Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery on the iPad is very reliable when you disable specific features that arent deemed required for video calls. 

You can implement the following to increase battery length when using your iPad & iPhone for FaceTime:

  • Lowering screen brightness
  • Lowering audio to an extent
  • Maintain an eye on location services.
  • Terminating unnecessary background apps & background refreshes
  • Disable both airdrop and handoff

How to Make your iPad & iPad battery Last longer

How to Make your iPad iPad battery Last longer

There are several actions you can take to make your iPad battery last longer. These range from increasing the battery length by adjusting certain settings all the way to calibrating your battery & updating software.

Let’s dive into what exactly will make your iPad last longer. We will cover how to increase overall battery lifespan as well as how to increase the battery charge per session.

1. Change the setting & eliminate apps that have access to your location

1. Change the setting eliminate apps that have access to your location

Making your iPad battery last longer means determining whether or not it is necessary to have location services end GPS enabled for specific apps. 

When using GPS or location services the iPad will utilize a lot more resources than many users are aware of. This is particularly true for new users or adults that aren’t tech savvy.

Once you determine which apps aren’t necessary to have location services turned on, you can adjust the settings or turn them on and off by following the steps below:

  • First, utilize the search bar or settings and locate Location Services under the privacy menu.
  • You’ll need to have location services enabled n to move forward and adjust the advanced settings.
  • These settings you have access to will pop up when you choose a specific app that shouldn’t have location services on
    • “Never”, “Ask next time”, “Always”, and “While using the app” will be available for selection
  • Congratulations, you have now turned off or adjusted the location services and this will significantly improve the battery lifespan of your iPad.

In short, if you are turning location services off for an app, you can select the option by tapping the apps privacy screen, choosing the individual app, and then choosing Never, which means disabling access to Location Services

2. Turn off any unnecessary background activity 

2. Turn off any unnecessary background activity

When you turn off background activity on your iPad it has the same result as when you do it on your iPhone. This means that the iPad Pro, Air, or mini battery will use less energy and retain longer battery life per session because you won’t have apps in the background constantly requesting new information to keep the app updated in real time. 

I personally choose to ask Siri and this is a much faster way than searching through the settings and becoming frustrated, overstimulated or overwhelmed with too many options since iPad has evolved over the years.

By following the steps below you’ll be able to reduce the battery recharge cycle count by disabling background activity from apps that are not necessary.  By doing so you will increase the overall duration that your iPad battery lasts:

  • Locate Settings through search or the gear icon
  • Select the ‘general settings’ menu and tap on the ‘background app’ option.
  • You can now Toggle (on or off) Background App Refresh from each individual app on the list.

When disabling background activity you’ll also discover old apps you may not need all are draining your tablet’s battery. This is a great time to perform a quick audit of which apps should not be on your phone. 

3. Turn off the mail app background activity

3. Turn off the mail app background activity

Another quick tip before exploring other options below is to check your mail app. The Mail app as well as similar apps will commonly have a lot of background activity. That being said you can choose between manually fetching data or increasing the fetch interval. 

To fetch new data, navigate to Settings, locate Accounts & Passwords, and tap ‘Fetch New Data’.

4. Utilize the Low Power Mode when needed

4. Utilize the Low Power Mode when needed

Low power mode was designed by Apple as the most straightforward way to increase the battery life of a single session on IOS devices.Many users are skeptical whether low-power mode really does anything or is just an empty feature. 

We’ve ran quite a few tests on this and the truth is that low power mode reduces the amount of energy that the iPad uses when the battery gets low by disabling certain settings, such as the fetch feature of the mail app. 

It will lock the display faster and eliminate as much battery drain deriving from the display brightness as possible. The battery level icon on the top right of the iPad Pro, Air, or mini will appear yellow once low power mode is entered.

Low power mode will also turn off a variety of features that you can view when pulling down the notification control view on iPad from the top of the screen.

  • Low power mode automatically will prompt a notification that lets you know hello, to suggest that you can turn it on by tapping the turn button.
  • Low power mode works by automatically turning off when the iPad battery icon indicates a charge of 80% or higher. 
  • You can adjust the location of Low Power Mode toggle and place it in the Control Center to access easier. I personally ask Siri to turn it on for me. 

5. Remove Certain apps that are known to drain battery

5. Remove Certain apps that are known to drain battery

If you want to make your iPad last longer, you can remove (or turn off) certain apps that drain your device’s battery. For most iPads, applications like Facebook, Google Chrome, Twitter, Google Maps and Skype, tend to drain the battery faster. 

So, does your iPad battery keep draining quickly

Well, what’s the reason to have these apps open if you’re not using them? Or maybe, you don’t use Skype and Google Maps at all. If that’s the case, you can either remove them from your iPad or force them to stop working on the background. 

The first step in extending the life of an iPad battery is to determine which apps are draining it. To keep track on your battery usage, do the following:

  1. Open the Settings app and select Battery from the drop-down menu
  2. Swipe up to see a breakdown of your battery usage by app.
  3. In that tab, you’ll see a list of the apps you use, along with details on how much battery they consume and how much time they spend running in the background
  4. Tap an app to see how much time it spends on-screen and how many minutes it spends in the background
  5. If you don’t use an app that drains your iPad’s battery, you can simply remove it from your device. 

Alternatively, you can turn off the Background App Refresh function. This will help you save battery as the iPad won’t automatically refresh the apps in the background. To do that, all you have to do is go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and select the Off option.

6. Turn off any unnecessary default Apple apps that are draining your battery

6. Turn off any unnecessary default Apple apps that are draining your battery

There are many default Apple apps that are draining your iPad’s battery and you can easily turn them off. In fact, you can turn off the notifications for most default Apple apps like the mail app. 

  According to Jonathan Tiam:

“the mail app is one default app that can [potentially] slow down an iPad”

If you want to save battery and extend your iPad lifecycle, you can turn off the notifications for most apps (especially those you’re not using). To do that, all you have to do is follow a series of simple steps: 

  1. From the Home screen of your iPad, go to Settings
  2. Choose the Notifications tab. After accessing the tab, you will see a list of all the default and installed apps on your iPad
  3. Select the app you want to turn off
  4. Move the “Allow Notifications” slider to the left. This will automatically turn off all the notifications for this application.

So, how long will an iPad Pro battery last if you turn off the notifications? It will last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours longer.

What are the signs your iPad is wearing out or going bad?

Do iPads wear out and go bad? There are quite a few signs that go undetected and can indicate whether your iPad is wearing out or going bad. If you aren’t aware of these warning signs, then you may be at risk of reducing the lifespan of your iPad Pro, iPad Air, or iPad mini battery as well as the device as a whole. If you’re using an iPad mini, it should last 4.3 years on average.

Apps are glitching, stuttering and lagging

If your iPad can’t update where the apps consistently glitch, stutter or crash, then this is a clear sign your iPad may be getting old and replacement could be necessary. 

However keep in mind that if apps are crashing it’s possible you may just need a software update but if several apps are all having similar errors and updates of your iOS system are not solving them, then it may be time to consider an upgrade to a newer model.  I’ve seen this occur when the iPad is 5 years or older

Running of space

If your iPad is running out of space this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going bad, but you may want to actually utilize a Cloud solution to increase storage. 

If your iPad Air or Pro is very outdated, then it’s likely it doesn’t have an abundance of memory since technology is always advancing and file sizes are increasing. 

This also means that the storage is smaller than modern options to begin with. The best way to check for this is to determine your model number of the iPad and compare it to the most recent model as well as what is actually needed in terms of space. 

If your iPad is less than 3 years old it is likely you can simply implement a cloud option such as iCloud or alternatively google drive.

iPad side and power Buttons stop working

If the physical side buttons on your iPad stop working or fail to work most consistently, then it’s possible this is presenting itself as a sign the iPad is going bad. Of course not all physical issues mean the hardware and software will completely stop working. 

However, if you are also having app problems, then it is certainly time to consider further inspection, including a software update. If the software update does not do the trick, then your iPad is likely to be considered as “going bad”. This is when your warranty or replacement iPad may be of interest.

Here is a full list of common signs your ipad is going bad or wearing down:

  • Apps are glitching, stuttering and lagging
  • iPad side and power Buttons stop working
  • Running of space
  • New apps or bluetooth accessories stop working or updating

How long does Apple Support iPads?

You can expect Apple to support your new iPad for 4 to 5 years. Of course, third-party software support can continue an additional 2-3 years. This all varies based on how you purchased your device, and whether you have applecare+ or not. There are occasions where Apple continues to support iOS updates for more than 4 years, but this is rare for iPads.

So, if you purchase a new iPad in 2022, you can expect it to keep up with any OS update until the end of 2026 or so. Of course, after that timeframe, you will still be able to use your iPad. The only difference is that your device won’t be able to cope with the latest OS updates.   

When it comes to the Apple warranty, it usually covers your iPad and Apple accessories for at least 1 year, depending on the plan you choose. 

For example, Apple will service your iPad or Apple Pencil for free if your battery has a problem that’s covered by the Apple Limited Warranty, AppleCare+, or consumer legislation. . If you have AppleCare+, the battery on your iPad or Apple Pencil will be replaced at no cost (if less than 80% of its original capacity).

iPad Battery replacement: How to replace a iPad battery

iPad Battery replacement How to replace a iPad battery

If your battery needs replacement, but it is still in warranty, we suggest you send it to Apple. The brand will replace your battery at no cost if you have the AppleCare+ plan. On the other hand, if you have your iPad for a few years now, the battery may need replacement. In that case, you may have to send it to an iPad repair expert or try to do it yourself (DIY). 

Don’t forget that batteries that can be recharged aren’t perfect. Over time, as you recharge them more and more, their capacity to keep a charge decreases. So, if you’ve had your iPad for a few years and used it a lot, you could just need a new battery. 

If you have some experience with changing laptop batteries, you can try to do it yourself. To replace an iPad battery, you must first open it with specialized tools, then carefully remove the old battery and replace it with a new one. 

Although this is a possible solution for the more handy among us, most individuals will find that such a repair is more bother than it’s worth. There’s also the risk of permanently damaging your iPad if you make a mistake, which isn’t ideal when all you’re trying to do is replace your battery. Also, keep in mind that repairing your iPad destroys its warranty (if it still has one).

Hiring a third-party technician to replace your iPad’s battery is a popular alternative. Unfortunately, this can be costly, as an iPad battery costs roughly $25, and the expert will charge you another $50-100 to repair it. 

While you’ll almost surely have resolved your iPad’s battery issues, the cost of doing so may not be justified for you, particularly if your iPad is an older model. Remember that if your warranty is still valid, you can go to Apple’s iPad Repair support page and start a service request.

Apple may test your iPad to check if the issue was caused by something that isn’t covered by the warranty. In this case, your replacement will almost certainly not be free.

iPad Battery explained

How long the iPad lasts vs how long the battery lasts may cause users to want to understand exactly how the battery is designed. By explaining the iPad battery you will learn exactly what to do when it gets low and starts to wear out. 

You’ll also learn why this occurs and will be better prepared to make a decision when it comes to replacement options and their associated costs. The iPad charging functions somewhat similar to that of a Macbook Pro battery.

How long does an iPad last on it’s last 1 percent?

To answer this question briefly, 1 percent of ten hours equals six minutes. We know that the latest iPad Air can last up to 10 Hours according to Google searches. But how much longer can it last on 1% battery?

Well, we’ve found out that most iPads will last an average of 9 hours after a full charge. Although this depends on your usage, you can expect the last 1% to keep your device open for about 5 more minutes for texting. If you’re on low power mode and the brightness is lower it will last nearly 25% longer from our experience on the iPhone 12.

If you’re using your iPad for Apps that use location services, like Google maps or weather apps, playing games with 3d graphics, or watching youtube videos, then the battery won’t last longer than 3 minutes from our tests.

How long does an ipad last on 100% battery

After a full charge at 100%, the battery on a unused iPad Air is expected to last up to 10 hours of usual use, which includes online browsing and video streaming over Wi-Fi. This gets to roughly 9 hours for Wi-Fi and Cellular variants. This is only the average of how long an ipad lasts when fully charged.

Don’t forget that Apple currently sells five iPad models, giving you plenty of options when it comes to selecting the finest iPad. 

While browsing the web, checking email, and conversing, each iPad is rated for about 9-10 hours of battery life. However, if you’ve just set up a new one, particularly if you restored it from a previous device backup or loaded iPadOS 15, you may see higher battery consumption than you’d expect. 

How much does an iPad Battery Cost?

The cost of an iPad battery depends on whether it is still in warranty or not. For example, if your device is still on warranty (and you have the AppleCare+ plan), you can expect Apple to replace it for free. If Apple needs to ship your iPad, they will charge an additional $6.95 delivery fee, though this number can change.

On the other hand, if you have your iPad for a few years, Apple will repair the battery for $99 (plus the $6.95 shipping and tax). Even if you have to pay for a new battery, $99 is a good deal to get your iPad back up and running. Finally, you can expect a DIY battery replacement project to cost you anywhere between $30-$50.

Can an iPad last 10 years

An iPad will not last 10 years because it will not be able to stay compatible with modern apps. Operating system updates to the device may not be possible on a device that is 8, 9, or 10 years old. 

If you asked us: Can an iPad last 5 years? though, the answer would be absolutely. An iPad can easily last longer than a year and won’t get outdated for 4-5 years. Unfortunately, Apple usually stops support for iPads 4-5 years after a device’s initial release.

So, even if your iPad is fully-functional for 10 years, at some point, it won’t be able to handle the latest iPadOS updates and therefore, will get outdated. That said, most iPads are able to cope with easy tasks (browsing, document reading, etc), even after Apple stops supporting them. 

How long does an iPad Update take?

So, how long does it take for an iPad to update? Well, you can expect the latest iOS update to last around 25-40 minutes in total. 

  • The latest iOS software update package should take 10 to 15 minutes to download when you have a wifi speed of 25 Mbps. You can test your wifi speed at
  • After that, the ‘Preparing Update’ section should take about 15 to 20 minutes. 
  • Finally, the ‘Verifying Update’ phase usually lasts between 1 and 5 minutes in normal circumstances. 

Of course, the amount of time it spends varies by device, storage and internet speed. So, we found out that in most cases, updating your iPhone/iPad to a new iOS version will take roughly 30 minutes.

Also, the total time needed also depends on which iOS version you’re upgrading from. If you’re updating from iOS 5 to iOS 6.1,3 on your computer using iTunes, it could take a long time (more than 60 minutes). When you update using iTunes, the complete iOS is downloaded all over again.

Things to do on your iPad

The things you can do on an iPad depend on the model of your device. Still, you can safely say that most modern iPads can easily cope with tasks like:

  • Multitasking (run two apps or more at the same time)
  • Use your MacBook Pro as a screen
  • Play a movie in a picture-in-picture format.
  • Scan and annotate documents.
  • Use the Apple Pencil to draw or take notes.
  • Send messages and use Siri to open apps.
  • Check your Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts.
  • Play games
  • Read a book and play some music
  • Take pictures and videos.
  • Connect to your TV.
  • Photo and Video Editing.
  • Videoconferencing and GPS.

This list can probably go on forever. So, it becomes evident that the latest iPads can be used as a fully-functional, pocket-sized PC for numerous tasks. 

How long does it take for an iPad to turn on after it dies?

Since any form of rechargeable battery requires a tiny amount of juice to recharge, you can expect your iPad to need a few minutes to turn on after it dies. This is true on most modern devices, whether the batteries are lithium or conventional rechargeable batteries. 

The delay is there to protect the iPad battery from damage. After our testing, we found out that most iPads need 3-5 minutes (while charging) to turn on after the battery is completely drained.

How long do iPads take to charge

An iPad Pro 12.9, Air, and mini will take 4.25 hours to fully charge to 100% if you’re device is at 0%. This was tested with a 20W USB-C adapter.

An iPad 1st gen will take 4.4 hours on average to complete its first charge. This test was run with a 12W adapter. Keep in mind, the amount of time it takes depends on how much battery life is left in your device.

  • Battery length per charge of the Apple iPad is strongly based on ​​the charging cable you are using. 
  • The iPad wall charger that came with your device will charge it quicker than a USB port on your computer or laptop.
  •  If you’re looking to save some time, use the device’s power adapter and plug it into a wall outlet.

If the question is how long should an ipad last between charges or in standby/sleep mode, then the ipad should last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on how many battery cycles it has already completed.


After extended research, we concluded that the average lifespan of an iPad is 4.6 years. When it comes to the battery, the latest iPads can easily last 9 hours for light tasks like web browsing, at least for the first 1-2 years. After the 4 years frame, Apple usually stops supporting the iPads. 

For this reason, most iPads won’t be able to handle the new iOS updates 4 or 5 years after their release.  That said, there is still a difference between how long an iPad lasts and its overall lifespan as a tablet device. 

As a tablet, an iPad can easily be fully-function for more than 6 or 7 years. But, it won’t be able to handle CPU-intensive apps like Photoshop for example, that require the latest iOS update.

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Of course, you should expect your battery to last less than the average 4.6 years. So, after 3 years, you might need to replace the battery. In this article, we also examined how your usage (heavy, moderate, light) can affect the lifespan of an iPad and the battery. 

Many are left wondering: “why does my iPad battery die so fast?”
Well, if you take good care of your iPad, keep the battery charged and know which apps you use, you will get one step closer to expanding the lifespan of your device. These are the best ipad battery saving tips to preserve battery life on Apple iPads and allow them to last longer.


Sunday 24th of September 2023

Many thanks for all these data. I did wonder for all these answers. Experience-wise, my iPad pro 12.9 had a battery replacement after 4years of use. My iPad years old but still updates to iOS17

Paul Michael

Sunday 24th of September 2023

The device being able to be updated is key here. Glad this data helped!

Mike B

Saturday 3rd of June 2023

I have an iPad Air 2 which I bought in 2014, and it’s still going strong, although the battery length per session has reduced considerably.

Paul Michael

Monday 5th of June 2023

Some with old iPads or Old Tablet use them as a Digital Picture Frame Whats interesting how Apple gets some heat from Android fans, but their products do last long!

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