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Best Note-Taking apps for Samsung Galaxy and Pixel Devices (Android tablets)

Best Note-Taking apps for Samsung Galaxy and Pixel Devices (Android tablets)

If you’re seeking the Best Note-taking apps for Android Tablets like the Samsung Galaxy to help you stay organized, efficient, and up-to-date with your tasks at hand, then you’ve come to the right place.

Numerous note-taking apps cater to Android users, such as OneNote, Evernote, Google Keep, Material Notes, and Simplenote. WorkFlowy, Squid, and Keep My Notes are also worth exploring.

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In this blog post, we’ll be showcasing our top Note Taking apps we tested and ranked for Android devices, both free and paid, for various purposes such as note-taking, drawing, PDF management, and more.

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The Main differences between Free and Paid Note-Taking apps on Android

1 The Main differences between Free and Paid Note Taking apps on Android

When comparing free and paid note-taking apps for Android devices, there are some significant differences that users should be aware of.

Free note-taking apps, such as Google Keep and Samsung Notes, often provide basic functionality suitable for personal use and quick note capture… but may lack the advanced features third party apps created for customization of notes.

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Keep in mind… paid note-taking apps– such as GoodNotes and NoteShelf – cater to more demanding users, offering advanced features such as OCR text scanning, audio recordings support, and powerful collaboration tools.

These apps may also provide enhanced security, consistency across devices, and better integration with additional platforms or services.

While paid apps require upfront or ongoing financial investment, they often prove to be worth the cost for those who need a robust and feature-packed solution for note-taking.

GoodNotes is one of my Favorites for Note taking: GoodNotes Review: Is it Worth it for advanced Note-Taking

17 Best Note Taking apps for Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel (Android Tablets)

2 The Best Note Taking apps for Samsung Galaxy Google Pixel Android Tablets

Discover the top 17 note-taking apps for Android Tablets and smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel.

According to a survey by MediaPeanut, 47% of Android users use their smartphones for note-taking of some type, and 32% use note-taking apps regularly. Of those who use note-taking apps, 84% preferred free options while 16% don’t mind paying for premium features.

It’s worth mentioning that some applications, like Evernote and Notion (which has the benefit of custom templates), offer both free and paid versions, making it possible for users to determine their requirements and subscribe to a plan accordingly.

Let’s dive into our top picks!

1. Samsung Notes

Example of a note being created on Samsung Notes
Example of a note being created on Samsung Notes

Samsung Notes is the native note-taking app specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy devices, and it’s a clear winner amongst Android note-taking apps. With its clean interface and plethora of features, Samsung Notes allows users to easily jot down thoughts, create sketches, or even record voice memos. The app is rich with features such as different pen sizes and colors, making it perfect for creative users.

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Also.. Samsung Notes organizes your content into folders which makes it far easier to navigate through your various notes than many third party apps (even if you’re on your smartphone or tablet, doesn’t matter).

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While the app’s compatibility is limited to Samsung devices, those who own a Galaxy smartphone or tablet will find this app indispensable.

2. GoodNotes

GoodNotes may be your best option now that it works on Android

GoodNotes, a well-known note-taking app previously exclusive to iOS devices, recently made its way to Android, bringing versatile features to Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel tablets.

It offers a powerful handwriting-to-text engine and supports annotations on PDF files, alongside typed text and multimedia content. The app features an extensive range of tools for creating, organizing, and customizing notes, allowing users to easily create notebooks, categorize content, and arrange pages within.

Important: I found GoodNotes also works with the S Pen, the primary stylus used with Samsung Galaxy devices.

One advantage of GoodNotes is that it has templates... also, its seamless sync feature works very well, which ensures that all the notes are readily accessible across devices through the cloud.

This is especially useful for users who want to access their notes from both Android and iOS devices. With the array of features GoodNotes provides, it is an attractive option for Android users, including Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel tablet owners.

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3. Noteledge

NoteLedge is a unique but very powerful note taking app

Noteledge is another powerful note-taking app compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It is designed to cater to multiple needs, including document creation, sketching, audio recording, and video editing.

Note Ledge also lets you draw…. and with an intuitive interface, users can easily create and organize notebook collections, search through their notes, and categorize content with tags and labels.

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A side note: Noteledge’s capability to work with various file formats ensures that users can import or export their notes, whether they are images, audio files, or PDF documents.

The app also supports real-time collaboration, allowing users to share their notes and work together on projects efficiently. Noteledge is a compelling option for creative professionals, students, or anyone looking for a feature-rich application for their Android tablets.

4. NoteShelf

NoteShelf is a fan favorite note taking app for android

NoteShelf is another fantastic note-taking app available for Android tablets, offering a wide range of tools and functionalities. Ideal for students, professionals, and individuals seeking a versatile tool for note-taking and document management, NoteShelf provides a sleek interface to create, edit, and organize notes.

Users can quickly capture handwritten or typed information, import or export files, and utilize an array of customization options to suit their preferences.

The app’s handwriting-to-text recognition and editable PDF support make it an excellent choice for detailed note-taking or document editing. With cloud sync capabilities and cross-platform functionality, users can easily access their notes from various devices, making sure their information is available when needed.

NoteShelf’s features and compatibility with Android tablets make it a strong contender among the best note-taking apps for Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel devices.

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5. Bear

6 Bear

Bear is a powerful note-taking app designed for users who need a clean, intuitive interface with advanced text formatting features. This app allows you to easily organize your notes using a tag system and incorporates a robust markdown editor for adding headlines, lists, and code blocks. One advantage of Bear is its support for in-line media, including images, files, and even sketches.

Bear’s cross-note linking feature makes it effortless to create references between related notes, enhancing its utility for research and compiling ideas. The app also provides seamless syncing between Android and Samsung Galaxy tablets, allowing you to access your notes on multiple devices. Side note: Bear offers a free version with limited features, but to unlock its full potential, consider subscribing to the Bear Pro subscription plan, which offers additional perks like advanced export options and more extensive cloud storage.

6. Google Keep

7 Google Keep

Google Keep is an efficient and user-friendly note-taking app that seamlessly integrates with the Google ecosystem. It offers various input options, from text and checklists to voice memos and images. One advantages of Google Keep is its simplicity, allowing users to quickly capture and organize their ideas. Color-coded labels, reminders, and a clean layout make it easy to keep track of notes at a glance.

The app’s collaboration feature allows multiple users to access and edit notes concurrently, making it suitable for team projects or shared shopping lists. Google Keep’s ability to sync across multiple devices ensures your notes can be accessed and modified whenever needed. Keep in mind that despite its simplicity, users looking for advanced text formatting, in-line attachments, and better organization might consider other options.

7. WorkFlowy

Workflowy is highly effective yet simple

WorkFlowy is an innovative app for structured note-taking, focusing on the creation of organized lists and outlining projects. Its minimalist interface and bullet-point system present information in a hierarchical, easy-to-follow manner – ideal for those wanting simplicity and clarity in their note-taking process. WorkFlowy supports collaboration, allowing multiple users to edit and update shared lists in real-time.

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One of the app’s main features is its zooming capability, enabling users to focus on specific sections of their lists without being overwhelmed by irrelevant information. WorkFlowy also offers a powerful search function and customizable tags, making sure users can quickly locate and reference specific content. While there is a free version available, the app’s Pro plan unlocks additional features like unlimited lists and enhanced customization options.

8. Nimbus Note

Nimbus works with multiple devices not just Android

Nimbus Note is a comprehensive note-taking and information management app that offers various tools to capture ideas and collaborate with others seamlessly. The app supports rich-text formatting, file attachments, multimedia elements, web clipping, and document scanning. One of the advantages of Nimbus Note is its ability to create and organize hierarchies, using folders, sub-folders, and customizable spaces.

The app’s powerful search functionality allows users to locate notes based on text, keywords, or tags. Nimbus Note offers integrations with other popular apps like Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Drive, and Trello, enhancing its efficiency as an all-in-one solution. Users looking for advanced features and a more customizable note-taking experience may consider upgrading to the paid Pro or Business plans.

9. Microsoft OneNote

10 Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a highly regarded note-taking application that comes as part of the Microsoft Office Suite. This versatile app supports various input methods, from typing and handwriting to audio recordings and images. OneNote’s main advantage is its ability to seamlessly organize notes using a notebook, section, and page structure. The app supports various multimedia elements, making it perfect for managing both personal and professional information.

OneNote’s real-time collaboration features enable users to share and work on notes concurrently, enhancing productivity when working in teams.

The app’s compatibility with other Microsoft Office products, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, ensures a consistent and integrated user experience. OneNote also offers integration with other popular apps and platforms, further solidifying its position as a comprehensive, adaptable note-taking solution.

10. ColorNote

ColorNote is a simple yet powerful Android app, boasting a minimalistic interface and user-friendly experience designed to jot down notes or create to-do lists. With a 4.9/5 star rating and over 3.5 million reviews, it’s evident that users appreciate its straightforward functionality.

One of the app’s standout features is the ability to color-code notes, making organization a breeze.

However, the app is limited to the Android platform, so users seeking cross-platform compatibility will have to explore other options. ColorNote excels in delivering a simplistic note-taking experience, making it perfect for those who value efficiency over bells and whistles.

11. Evernote

Evernote stands as one of the leading note-taking apps available for Android devices due to its versatility and robust feature set. It supports creating notes in various formats, including text, sketches, photos, audio, video, or web clippings. Evernote’s collaborative features make it ideal for teamwork, and its ability to sync content across devices ensures you can access your notes wherever you are.

While the app is free to download, many of its more advanced features require a monthly or yearly subscription. Users who require a potent organizational tool with extensive features will find Evernote to be an excellent choice.

12. FairNote

FairNote is a secure note-taking application that lets users encrypt their notes with AES-256 encryption standard.

This app offers a clean interface and essential features such as checklists, labels, and dark theme support, ensuring quick and efficient note-taking. FairNote also provides valuable security measures, allowing you to lock individual notes and the entire app with a password, PIN, or fingerprint. Users who prioritize privacy and security in their note-taking will find FairNote to be the perfect solution.

13. FiNote

FiNote offers a unique fusion of handwriting and text, giving users the liberty to write notes or draw with their fingers, a stylus, or even a mouse. The app offers a comprehensive range of functionalities and tools, including an in-built calculator and support for Prezi-like presentations.

With its adaptive interface, FiNote enables users to combine hand-drawn diagrams or illustrations with typed text, creating attractive notes. For users who appreciate having the freedom to combine text and drawing, FiNote is an exceptional option to consider.

14. LectureNotes

Specifically designed for students and educators, LectureNotes offers a tailored note-taking experience that goes beyond simple text. The app’s main focus is on handwritten notes, allowing the use of a stylus or finger to write or sketch diagrams.

Additional features such as PDF import and video recording make LectureNotes an ideal tool for capturing and reviewing classroom notes. While the app does require a one-time purchase to access its full functionality, it is well worth the investment for users in educational settings.

15. SomNote

SomNote offers a visually appealing note-taking experience with its soothing themes and elegant design. It supports a range of note types. You can turn your notes into customizable folders and provides a reliable search function to help you find your notes quickly. One notable feature of SomNote is its automatic cloud backup, ensuring your notes are safe from data loss.

Although the app is free to use, additional storage and premium themes are available for purchase. SomNote’s emphasis on aesthetics makes it an attractive alternative for users who appreciate a visually pleasing interface.

16. Simple Notes Pro

Simple Notes Pro is a lightweight note-taking app designed for users who value simplicity and streamlined functionality. As a paid ad-free app, it offers essential features such as note archiving, search, and list creation without overwhelming users with excessive bells and whistles.

Simple Notes Pro focuses on delivering a clutter-free experience that allows users to quickly jot down what they need.

How we Picked and Ranked Our Top Picks for Note-Taking Apps on Android

In selecting the best note-taking apps for Samsung Galaxy and Android tablets, we considered various factors such as user reviews, features, cross-platform compatibility, and user interface design. Our evaluation process involved setting up an account with each software platform and then thoroughly testing its features and tools.

…also we assessed each app’s compatibility with other platforms and the ease of sharing notes or collaborating with other users. Our aim was to gauge each app’s basic functionality as well as its advanced features, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of each app’s capabilities.

Can You Use Apple Notes on a Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel?

The Apple Notes app is not natively available on Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel devices. However, there are workarounds available, such as accessing your Apple Notes through your web browser.

By logging into using your Apple ID, you can view and manage your Apple Notes on your Android device, but you may experience limited functionality and navigation issues.

You can also use third-party note-taking apps like GoodNotes, which can sync notes across devices via a cloud service such as Google Drive, in order to access your notes on both Android and Apple devices seamlessly.

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Can You Sync Your Notes Across Multiple Devices with These Apps?

Most of the popular note-taking apps, such as Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, Simplenote, and Google Keep, support syncing your notes across multiple devices. By signing in with your account credentials on various devices, your notes can be updated and accessed in real-time.

This cross-platform functionality ensures that your notes remain accessible and organized, regardless of which device you are using. Some apps also allow you to collaborate with others in real-time, providing an efficient way to share and edit notes simultaneously.

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Do Any Note-taking Apps for Android Offer Handwriting Recognition or Audio Recording Features?

Yes, several note-taking apps for Android offer handwriting recognition or audio recording features. For instance, Nebo is an app known for its outstanding handwriting-to-text conversion capabilities. It allows users to write with a stylus or finger and instantly recognize the text.

Alternatively, apps such as Squid, Samsung Notes, and INKredible also support handwritten notes. Moreover, Evernote and Google Keep provide audio recording tools which can be useful for capturing lectures, interviews, or even personal voice memos.

Which Note-taking App is the Most User-Friendly and Intuitive?

Determining the most user-friendly and intuitive note-taking app is somewhat subjective, as it depends on individual preferences and usage patterns. However, some apps are widely praised for their ease of use and well-organized interfaces that cater to both novices and experienced users. For instance, Google Keep offers an intuitive interface and straightforward features for basic note-taking and list-making purposes.

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On the other hand, Simplenote offers a minimalistic interface and focuses on essential functionalities that make it a delight to use for those who appreciate simplicity. Both of these apps provide hassle-free note-taking experiences without complicating features that may overwhelm users who want a simple, easy-to-use app.

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