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Goodnotes vs NoteLedge: Which works best for Note-taking?

In this post, we will be comparing GoodNotes vs NoteLedge, two popular and versatile digital note-taking apps.

GoodNotes offers a more organized and user-friendly note-taking experience with superior writing tools, while NoteLedge excels in multimedia capabilities and customization options.

Side note: Also see how GoodNotes compares to Notability (The most common comparison as these are the two most well known note taking apps for iPad)

The better app depends on the user’s overall goals – GoodNotes being ideal for students and NoteLedge catering to visual learners and creative individuals.

We will dive into their unique features, how the two apps differ, and share my overall experience testing both of these game changing note-taking tools

Keep in mind, both NoteLedge & GoodNotes were ranked as two of the top Note Taking Apps for iPad

Key Takeaways

When it comes to the battle between GoodNotes and NoteLedge, there are some critical points to consider.

NoteLedge is amazing for visual notes
  • GoodNotes is ideal for students, while NoteLedge is significantly better for visual learners and those who do better with a less steep learning curve.
  • The way notes are organized within each app varies, with GoodNotes proving to be more intuitive, while NoteLedge offers more visual/customization options.
  • In the overall comparison, it becomes apparent that GoodNotes takes a slight lead in terms of note organization, although NoteLedge has its unique advantages as well.
GoodNotes students and apple notes vs noteledge

What we’ll cover

  • Comparing GoodNotes vs NoteLedge in the realm of note-taking apps
  • Assessing unique features of both applications
  • Evaluating differences between GoodNotes and NoteLedge
  • Detailed testing of both apps
  • Providing an informed and unbiased overview of both tools

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Features: NoteLedge vs GoodNotes

Noteledge differs as it has mood boards and a more visual process for notes

Let’s explore the features of each app in detail. GoodNotes is renowned for its simplicity and excellent handwriting recognition, making it a go-to option for users who love writing by hand. It also offers a wide variety of templates and versatile annotation tools.

Noteledge (by Kdan Mobile) is ideal for more creative projects as you can see in the photo below, which is an example of notes taken for designing a room.

Designing a room noteshelf wins

One advantage of using GoodNotes is its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature, which enables users to search for text within the handwritten notes seamlessly.

On the other hand, NoteLedge is known for its multimedia capabilities, catering to those who prefer a more visual and interactive approach to note-taking. It supports the inclusion of images, videos, audio recordings, and web content within notes. (Not to mention sketching! see photo below)

Sketching is easy in noteledge

Side note: NoteLedge also excels at providing extensive annotation tools for PDF and Ebook documents.

How Organizing Notes is different in GoodNotes and NoteLedge

Goodnotes works well for students vs noteledge

The organizational features in GoodNotes and NoteLedge differ significantly, with each offering its unique advantages. In GoodNotes, a hierarchical structure is employed, allowing users to keep notebooks within folders for a clean and organized interface.

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Users can create an unlimited number of folders and subfolders, making sure the content doesn’t become cluttered.

NoteLedge, on the other hand, opts for a more customizable organizational approach. While it also offers a folder-like structure called “Notebooks,” it also comes equipped with “Tags,” which grant users the flexibility to categorize their notes in multiple ways.

This system makes it easier to search and filter notes efficiently based on user-defined criteria.

Comparison of the Two Apps Organization Features

When comparing the organizational features of GoodNotes and NoteLedge, some notable differences arise. In GoodNotes, customization options are somewhat limited; however, the app’s simplicity and intuitive structure make it easy to navigate. The ability to create unlimited subfolders helps users maintain a clean and organized interface.

In contrast, NoteLedge provides a more flexible organizational system through its “Tags” feature. This enables users to categorize and filter their notes according to their preferences.

Nevertheless, NoteLedge can be slightly overwhelming for users seeking simplicity, with its vast array of customization options demanding more time and effort to manage effectively.

An alternative to both of these, is Notability, which also works well for note-taking. See How to use Notability on iPad, Mac, and iPhone.

Which App Has overall Better Note Organization

5 Which App Has overall Better Note Organization

In summary, when determining the overall winner in terms of note organization, GoodNotes seems to take the lead. While both apps offer their unique advantages, GoodNotes’ clean, minimalistic approach to organization, combined with its powerful OCR functionality, make it a slightly more organized and user-friendly option.

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However, keep in mind that NoteLedge still remains a strong contender for those seeking extensive customization options and multimedia capabilities in their note-taking experience.

My experience testing these two Note-taking apps

6 My experience testing these two Note taking apps

Throughout my test of both GoodNotes and NoteLedge, I aimed to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of each app when it comes to note-taking, creativity, and overall usability. Ultimately, my goal was to determine which app offers the best experience depending on the user’s primary needs and use cases.

Comparison of Writing Tools in GoodNotes and NoteLedge

Between GoodNotes and NoteLedge, GoodNotes undoubtedly offers superior writing tools, providing a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Its smooth inking, extensive color options, and diverse choice of pen styles make it an exceptional tool for students or professionals seeking to capture detail-rich notes on the go.

NoteLedge, on the other hand, truly excels when it comes to creativity. With features such as brush styles, inventive shapes, and customizable stamps, NoteLedge manages to offer an enhanced writing experience – especially for those who work in creative fields and prioritize artistic workflows over traditional note-taking functionality.

See the comparison between another alternative, Notability (Notability Vs GoodNotes). NoteLedge also competes with this app in the same way it does with GoodNotes.

Which app is better for overall note-taking?

8 Which app is better for overall note taking

If you’re an artist or creative of any kind, NoteLedge wins the overall note-taking competition with its nod to imaginative workflows and fluid integration of artistic elements. The app’s distinct focus on design and artistic expression makes it an ideal tool for users who want to inject vibrant creativity into their notes and documents.

However, GoodNotes remains the better choice for students, given its focus on organization and streamlined writing tools. With features such as folder organization, advanced search functionality, and seamless collaboration options, GoodNotes accommodates the unique needs and expectations found in a rigorous academic environment.

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Does Apple Pencil Compatibility vary across both apps?

9 Does Apple Pencil Compatibility vary across both apps

Both GoodNotes and NoteLedge are designed to work seamlessly with the Apple Pencil, offering a smooth and responsive writing experience for users. The carefully-engineered compatibility of these apps ensures that note-taking, drawing, or annotating is an enjoyable and natural process for Apple Pencil users.

See the difference between the Apple Pencil and Stylus.

It is important to note, however, that the specific features of each app may impact the overall experience with the Apple Pencil. For instance, NoteLedge focus on artistic tools may give creatives a more satisfying experience than GoodNotes. Yet, when it comes to more traditional note-taking, GoodNotes offers a more intuitive interaction due to its streamlined writing tools.

Other Features

Apart from the key differentiating factors mentioned above, both GoodNotes and NoteLedge hold numerous additional features that help create an engaging and satisfying user experience.

One advantage of GoodNotes is its ability to import different file formats, aiding productivity by enabling seamless integration with other apps and platforms. This flexibility is further enhanced with the option to export notes in various formats, ensuring that your notes remain accessible and compatible with other programs.

So, while the decision of which app to choose ultimately depends on your individual priorities, it’s essential to keep in mind the unique features, strengths, and capabilities that each app offers when making your selection.

What are the main differences between GoodNotes and NoteLedge in terms of note-taking features?

The main differences between GoodNotes and NoteLedge lie in their fundamental approaches to note-taking. While GoodNotes is primarily geared towards practicing handwriting and calligraphy, NoteLedge emphasizes versatility in digital note-taking, providing users with sketching and importing images.

…one advantage of GoodNotes is its vast array of tools, like various pen styles and colors, which allows for detailed and creative notes.

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On the other hand, NoteLedge offers features a unique style that is tough to compete with if visual, sketching, and illustration is the core of your note-taking approach.

Which app is better for handwriting recognition: GoodNotes or NoteLedge?

12 Which app is better for handwriting recognition

GoodNotes takes the lead when it comes to handwriting recognition, offering users a smooth and refined user experience. Its vector-based ink engine prioritizes note legibility and ensures minimal lag, even with complex ideas and intricate diagrams. A

…additionally, GoodNotes features accurate and flexible handwriting search functionality, facilitating the process of finding specific pieces of information within a large collection of notes. Side note:

Although Noteledge does provide handwriting recognition features, users have reported a less consistent experience compared to GoodNotes.

How does each app handle organization and file management of notes?

13 How does each app handle organization and file management of notes

GoodNotes and Noteledge have different approaches towards organization and file management. GoodNotes employs a traditional file hierarchy structure, utilizing folders, subfolders, and individual note files.

This method makes it simple for users – create, locate, and reorganize notes without hassle. In contrast, Noteledge introduces a more innovative approach through its “Noteledge Tree” feature.

This system allows users to create nodes and subnodes, interlinking them to form a mind map of related notes that can be easily navigated…. while both approaches have their advantages, personal preference will dictate the preferred method.

Can you import and export notes between GoodNotes and Noteledge?

14 Can you import and export notes between GoodNotes and Noteledge

Yes, both GoodNotes and Noteledge support importing and exporting notes across platforms, making interoperability between these apps seamless. Users can import PDF, image, and other supported file formats into either app to annotate and add content to their notes. Likewise, when exporting notes, users can choose from an array of file formats, such as PDF and image.

This feature makes it simple for users to transfer notes across devices and share them with others. Regardless of your preferred app, you will have the option to work efficiently on a single digital platform or switch effortlessly between GoodNotes and Noteledge to suit your needs.

Which app offers better customization options for note-taking, such as templates and color schemes?

When comparing GoodNotes and NoteLedge, it’s essential to carefully evaluate the customization options each app offers for note-taking, including templates and color schemes. In this regard, one might argue that NoteLedge has an edge over GoodNotes, as it presents a more visually enriched experience.

NoteLedge offers numerous templates, ranging from professionally designed meeting notes and educational pages to personal journals and planners.

This makes it easy to find a template that suits any situation or purpose. The availability of diverse color palettes and highlighting tools enables users to bring their notes to life, organize content creatively, and develop unique personal note-taking systems. Side note: NoteLedge also supports audio and video recordings, which provides an added layer of customization for multimedia note-taking.

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GoodNotes, in contrast, offers a more structured approach to note-taking. While it also comes with a wide range of templates, its focus lies more on precision and organization.

GoodNotes users can effortlessly search, sort, and manage their notes, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize efficiency. However, the app still offers customizable pen styles, highlighters, and colors, allowing for personalization and unique note-taking experiences.

As a result, though NoteLedge might be considered superior in terms of visual customization options, it’s essential to keep in mind that this assessment is somewhat subjective. Ultimately, users should weigh the advantages of both apps, reflecting on their personal priorities, to determine which best aligns with their note-taking preferences and aesthetic requirements.

Which app offers better customization options for note-taking, such as templates and color schemes?

15 Which app offers better customization options for note taking such as templates and color schemes

When comparing GoodNotes and NoteLedge in terms of customization options for note-taking, NoteLedge emerges as the winner, particularly for its visual appeal.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this assessment is subjective, since both apps possess advanced note-taking features. In this section, we will delve into the customization offerings of both applications, providing specific examples and insights that should aid users in making an informed decision.

Goodnotes provides a respectable range of templates and color schemes for users, making it possible to personalize the note-taking experience. One advantage of GoodNotes is its ability to import custom templates, which greatly expands the available options for users.

Additionally, GoodNotes features a variety of pen styles, colors, and highlighting tools to enhance text in a visually appealing manner. Side note: the app also allows users to adjust these tools according to their needs, which further contributes to the note-taking customization in GoodNotes.

In comparison, NoteLedge offers an attractive interface with an even wider selection of templates and color schemes.

NoteLedge particularly excels in providing visually rich visual tools that cater to various contexts, such as fashion illustrations, decor ideas, and moodboards.

Users can also customize these templates and select from an extensive range of colors to create a note-taking environment that matches their preferences.

Beyond these options, NoteLedge additionally boasts a variety of pen styles, brushes, and highlighting tools that can be modified to fit the user’s requirements.

While both GoodNotes and NoteLedge offer an extensive range of customization options, NoteLedge has a slight edge due to its visually appealing interface and its broader selection of templates and color schemes.

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