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32+ Best Remarkable 2 Templates (+ Custom & How to make your own)

32+ Best Remarkable 2 Templates (+ Custom & How to make your own)

If you have a reMarkable 2, then you’re likely in search of free, custom, remarkable 2 templates free to download. This is because the standard reMarkable options may not be enough for some users.

Whether you need a planner, journal, to-do list, or fitness tracker, we have got you covered with the best templates for your reMarkable tablet.

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In this article, we have compiled a list of 32+ of the best reMarkable 2 templates, including custom templates and a guide on how to make your own.

Best reMarkable 2 Templates

Best reMarkable 2 Templates

In this section, we will explore the best reMarkable 2 templates available to help you make the most out of your digital note-taking experience. From planners to journals, fitness trackers to meeting notes, we have compiled a list of the top templates that will help you stay organized and productive.

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1. Planner Templates

Planner Templates

A planner template on reMarkable 2 is a digital planner that can help boost productivity by providing a structured way to plan daily tasks. It allows users to easily navigate between pages using hyperlinked tabs and dates, making the process of using the planner seamless and efficient.

Where to get planner templates:

With a digital planner template on reMarkable, users can stay organized and productive, leading to a more successful year.

The digital format eliminates the need for paper planners and enables users to easily make changes or additions to their schedules on the go.

Overall, the custom planner template is a great addition to reMarkable 2, providing users with a practical and functional tool to help them stay on top of their daily tasks.

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2. Journal Templates

Journal Templates

A calendar template on reMarkable 2 is a convenient way to keep track of your schedule and stay organized. It allows you to easily view your appointments, deadlines, and events in a visually appealing way. The template typically includes a monthly view with space to write notes, as well as a weekly or daily view to provide more detail.

Where to get Journal templates:

With the ability to customize the template to fit your specific needs, you can fill in and erase sections.

The structure of the template makes it easy to navigate between pages and find the information you need quickly. Overall, a calendar template is a great addition to reMarkable 2 and can help you stay on top of your busy schedule with ease.

3. Meeting Notes Templates

Meeting Notes Templates

A journal template on reMarkable 2 is an amazing tool that allows you to create your own digital journal with ease. It is designed to help you capture your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a creative way.

With the journal template, you can choose from various layouts and page styles that fit your preferences, including grid, lined, dotted, and blank pages.

Where to get Meeting notes templates:

You can customize the pages with your own meeting text (but you can’t add photos, you can add sketches). It’s like having a digital scrapbook or a personal diary that is easily accessible from your reMarkable tablet.

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The best thing about these templates is that you can easily create new pages, duplicate pages, or even move pages around, making it highly flexible and customizable. Whether you want to use it for personal or professional reasons, the meeting notes template is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their ideas and thoughts organized and easily accessible.

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4. To Do list Templates

To Do list Templates

The Meeting Notes template is a highly useful and effective tool that can help you streamline your meeting management and boost your productivity. Not only are these useful for work related tasks, but a great tool for organizing and managing meetings, whether in-person or virtual.

Where to get To Do list templates:

You can easily take notes, make a to-do list, record important action items and deadlines, and keep track of follow-up tasks. The template also includes a section for attendees, meeting agenda, and space for general notes.

By using these types of templates, you can have a comprehensive record of your meetings, making it easier to review important details and stay on top of tasks. It’s a great time-saving tool for anyone who attends frequent meetings or wants to stay organized in their work. Overall,

5. Fitness Templates

Fitness Templates

The to-do list template on reMarkable 2 is a great way to keep track of your tasks and stay organized. With this template, you can list all your tasks and check them off as you complete them.

The simple layout allows for easy and quick use, making it an essential tool for those who want to increase their productivity.

Where to get Fitness templates:

The template also comes with customizable sections, allowing you to personalize it to your needs. You can use the template to prioritize tasks, add notes or additional details, and organize your tasks based on their level of importance or due date.

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The reMarkable 2 to-do list template is an efficient and easy way to manage your tasks and ensure that nothing is forgotten. It is highly recommended for those who want to optimize their productivity and streamline their daily tasks.

6. Bundle templates

Bundle templates

The fitness template on reMarkable 2 is an excellent tool for tracking your fitness goals and progress. It provides various pages that you can use to set your fitness goals, track your workout routine, and monitor your progress.

With this template, you can easily log your workouts, record your fitness measurements, and even create your customized exercise plan. It also comes with motivational quotes and space for tracking your water intake and diet.

Where to get bundle templates:

This template is ideal for fitness enthusiasts who want to stay organized and focused on their fitness goals. The hyperlinked structure of the template allows you to navigate easily between pages, and the customizable sections enable you to tailor the template to suit your needs.

Can you add your own templates to reMarkable 2?

Can you add your own templates to reMarkable 2

Yes, you can certainly add your own templates to the Remarkable 2 using the rM2 Tool, a free and easy-to-use tool.

The process involves creating a new canvas with a resolution of 1404×1872 or 1872×1404, setting the background to white, and adding text and graphical features using software like Photoshop or GIMP.

The created image can then be saved as a PNG file, and imported as a new template using the New Template option in the rM2 Tool. The software also allows for importing splash screens and offers other features such as community templates, editing email address lists, and printing directly from the Remarkable 2.

Alternative method for adding templates to reMarkable 2

Alternative method for adding templates to reMarkable 2

You can alternatively follow the remarkablewiki directions:

To add new templates to remarkable 2, you can simply copy the PNG files to /usr/share/remarkable/templates/ using SSH Access. However, since at least version, simply copying files is not enough. You also need to edit the templates.json file to include metadata for your newly added file.

The metadata includes a name, filename, iconCode, and categories. The templates must be in the exact resolution of 1404×1872 pixels, and both PNG and SVG files must be provided for exporting to PDF via the USB web interface.

After modifying templates.json, you need to restart xochitl for it to be reloaded. Alternatively, you can use the free reMarkable Assistant or the paid eInkPads Template Installer with Drag n Drop functionality, or paid reMarkable Connection Utility.

How to easily make reMarkable2 custom templates

How to easily make reMarkable 2 custom templates

To create custom templates for the Remarkable 2, you have two options: use a free tool or make your own from scratch using an image editing software that allows you to export the template as a PNG or PDF file. You can also do this

To make custom templates on the Remarkable 2, you can use a free tool that is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

  1. Download the Free rM2 Template helper tool
  2. Before starting, make sure to obtain the Road password by going to device settings, then to help, and then to the license option.
  3. Note down the password as you will need it to connect the device. It is recommended to connect the device via cable for a stable connection.
  4. Download all templates and save them in a folder in the installation directory to avoid losing any data.
  5. To add custom templates, go to the community tab and select a template to drop into the rooster of active templates and upload it.

Alternative way to create new templates (from scratch)

  1. Create a new template from scratch using any software (Canva, Figma, photoshop, etc) that has access to layers and export it as a PNG.
  2. Add the new template to the rooster by dragging and dropping the file onto its place.
  3. Rename the template and set the thumbnail, orientation, and different tags or menus.
  4. Upload your template to the Remarkable 2 and Restart the device to make the template available for use.
  5. If the Remarkable hangs, hard reset the device by holding the power button for 15 seconds, letting it go for 5, and then pressing it down for 2 seconds to power on as normal.

Side note: Consider donating to the tool developer’s website if you like the software.

With the second option, you can customize the splash screens and set different colors for your pens. Additional options in the software include syncing your documents, customizing the list of frequently used emails, and printing directly from the Remarkable to your network printer.

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Turning a PDF into a reMarkable template

To use a PDF as a template for the reMarkable, you need to convert each page into a PNG image file since the templates require a PNG format. Therefore, you can create your own templates by generating an image file.

To turn a PDF into a reMarkable template, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the PDF file you want to convert to a template in a PDF editor software.
  2. Make sure the dimensions of the PDF file match the exact resolution of 1404×1872 pixels required for reMarkable templates. If the dimensions are different, resize the PDF file to the required resolution.
  3. Edit the PDF file to create the template design you want.
  4. Export the edited PDF file as an SVG vector file, ensuring that it is in the SVG 1.2 Tiny profile.
  5. Export the edited PDF file as a PNG file with the same dimensions and resolution as the reMarkable template.
  6. Copy the exported SVG and PNG files to your reMarkable device using USB or Wi-Fi.
  7. Connect to your reMarkable device via SSH and navigate to the /usr/share/remarkable/templates folder.
  8. Copy the SVG and PNG files into the templates folder.
  9. Open the templates.json file in the same folder using a text editor.
  10. Add a new section to the file with the metadata for your new template, including the name, filename, iconCode, landscape, and categories.
  11. Save the templates.json file and restart the xochitl service using the command “systemctl restart xochitl”.
  12. Your new template should now be available for use on your reMarkable device.

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Can you customize existing templates (what are the benefits)?

The Remarkable 2 allows for customization of templates by adding new PNG files to the /usr/share/remarkable/templates/ folder using SSH access. To make new templates appear, the templates.json file must be edited with metadata for the newly uploaded file.

As mentioned earlier, the templates must be in the exact resolution of 1404×1872 pixels, and both a PNG and SVG version must be provided. The templatectl CLI can be used to manage edits to the JSON file, and it is possible to change the default template used for new notebooks.

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There is an issue with undoing or erasing strokes on custom templates saved as PNG and SVG, which can be resolved by saving the templates as PDF and then copying the new PNG and SVG files to the Remarkable.

What are all the different types of reMarkable 2 Templates?

Template TypeExamples
PlannerDaily Planner 2024-2028, Project Planner, ADHD Planner, All-In-One Planner 2023-2024, Daily Planner Lite Edition
JournalDaily Journal, Gratitude Journal
Meeting NotesMeeting Notes Sheet
To-Do ListTo-Do List Templates, Undated To-Do List
FitnessWorkout Planner, Fitness Journal
MiscellaneousDigital Notebook, Cornell Notes, Boho Bundle Templates, Big Template Bundle, Remarkable Bundle Deal

The Remarkable 2 offers a variety of templates that users can download or create on their own. These templates can be used for a wide range of purposes, including note-taking, sketching, and planning. Some of the pre-made templates include lined paper, dotted paper, graph paper, music sheets, and even storyboards for video production. The device also allows users to import PDF files and use them as templates.

Here’s a list of the most well known available templates we researched for reMarkable 2:

Daily Planners:

  • Daily Planner: 2024-2028
  • ZEUS Daily Planner for Remarkable 2
  • Daily Journal for Remarkable 2
  • reMarkable 2 Digital Planner
  • reMarkable 2 Daily Planner Lite Edition

Weekly Planners:

  • Remarkable 2 Weekly Planner
  • reMarkable 2 Weekly Planner

Business Planners:

  • Remarkable 2 Business Bundle (includes Project Planner, Meeting Notes, Digital Notebook, and Remarkable 2 Templates)
  • Project Planner | Remarkable 2 Templates

To-Do Lists:

  • To-do list, task list, remarkable template
  • reMarkable 2 TO DO List templates
  • reMarkable 2 Templates l To-do Lists
  • Undated To Do List | reMarkable 2 template

Fitness and Meal Planners:

  • Workout Planner, Digital Fitness Planner, Fitness Journal
  • reMarkable 2 Weekly Planner (includes Fitness and Meal pages)

Miscellaneous Planners:

  • All-in-one Digital Planner | Daily Digital Journal
  • 2023 reMarkable 2 Daily Planner Bundle
  • Ultimate Remarkable 2 Organization Bundle: Daily Planner

Meeting Notes:

  • Remarkable 2 Meeting Notes Sheet

Cornell Notes:

  • reMarkable 2 Template | Cornell Notes

Gratitude Journals:

  • Remarkable 2 Gratitude Journal

Boho Bundle Templates:

  • Stunning Remarkable 2 Boho BUNDLE Templates

Big Bundle:

  • The Big Template Bundle (includes reMarkable 2 templates, planner, and journal)

How to install Planner templates to Remarkable 2

To install a planner template to the reMarkable 2 tablet from a platform like Etsy, fiver, or elsewhere, you first need to download the printable or template.

Once the file is downloaded, you can pull up the reMarkable app on your computer and click on “Import” at the top. Select the downloaded file from your documents folder or downloads area and click “Open”.

The file will start installing and will be available on your reMarkable tablet. You can rename the file, move it to different folders or trash it if you don’t need it. You can also import articles or research material using the same import option.

Where else can you get reMarkable templates?

Apart from creating your own templates, there are several places where you can find reMarkable templates online. Fiverr and Etsy are two popular marketplaces where sellers offer a wide variety of templates for different purposes, such as productivity planners, daily to-do lists, habit trackers, and more. These templates are often created by professional designers and are available for purchase at a reasonable price.

Another option is to check out the RM2 Tool website, which offers a collection of free templates for reMarkable users. These templates cover a wide range of categories, including calendars, planners, checklists, and note-taking templates. You can browse through the website and download the templates that fit your needs.

If you’re comfortable with design software, you can also use tools like Canva or Figma to create your own templates. These platforms offer a range of design tools and templates that you can customize to fit your specific requirements.

As mentioned earlier – once you’ve created your template, you can export it as a PNG file and add it to your reMarkable device. Similarly, you can use any image editor that allows you to export files as PNG or PDF to create your own templates for the reMarkable.

Can you Hack the reMarkable 2?

Yes, you can hack Remarkable 2, but only to a certain extent – which will will allow you to do the following:Easily switch between different templates on your reMarkable device.

  • Personalize your reMarkable by creating your own screens.
  • Take advantage of the fully integrated template editor.
  • Backup all your important data on the reMarkable.
  • Connect to the reMarkable using either USB or WIFI, without relying on cloud services.
  • Access basic features for free without registering.
  • Download a vast collection of 100% free community templates.
  • Adjust images within the reMarkable interface.
  • Edit recently used emails.
  • Combine your handwritten notes with custom templates for export.
  • Import a wide range of file formats such as pdf, txt, rtf, jpg, gif, png, bmp, tiff, and .docx.
  • Export files in formats including pdf, svg, jpg, gif, png, bmp, and tiff.
  • Export individual colored pens for black and gray in addition to colors such as blue, red, and 3x highlighter, which are available on firmware 2.11.
  • Manage multiple devices with reSyncable up to firmware version 2.15.

You can use some Linux magic to add custom templates and do a lot of different tasks – this hack requires the use of a free tool called rm2 template helper available for Windows, Linux, and Mac to add custom templates, including splash screens.

The benefits of hacking the device include the ability to customize templates and splash screens and set different colors for your pens. This allows you to download remarkable 2 templates free and is a popular option.

(Be sure to research any legalities when hacking a device and whether or not it voids the warranty.=)

As mentioned in the list, other interesting options allow you to customize the list of frequently used emails or print directly from the Remarkable to your network printer.


Does reMarkable 2 have a planner?

Yes, reMarkable 2 has a planner and there are monthly calendar templates available for it. You can easily download these templates for free from the reMarkable community (etsy, fiverr, to name a few) or create your own custom templates to suit your needs.

With these templates, you can stay organized, plan your tasks, and manage your schedule efficiently on your reMarkable 2 device.

Is there a monthly calendar template for reMarkable 2?

There are several monthly calendar templates available for reMarkable 2, both in the default templates provided by the device and in the free templates available for download from the reMarkable community amongst various platforms.

These templates are designed to help users keep track of their schedule on a monthly basis, with space to write in important events, appointments, and deadlines. Some templates also include features such as hyperlinks to make it easy to navigate between different months, and the ability to export your calendar to share it with others or keep a backup copy.

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