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Remarkable 2 Review: Is it worth it? (In-Depth Guide)

Remarkable 2 Review: Is it worth it? (In-Depth Guide)

The reMarkable 2 tablet has been touted as a digital notepad that replicates the experience of writing on paper.

With its sleek design, E Ink display, and a range of note-taking features, its an e-paper tablet that promises to revolutionize the way we take notes and organize our thoughts. But does it live up to the hype?

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In this review, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of the reMarkable 2, compare it to other devices on the market, and offer our verdict on whether it’s worth the investment for those looking to improve their productivity and streamline their note-taking process.

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What is the Remarkable 2 exactly?

What is the Remarkable 2 exactly 1

The reMarkable 2 is a tablet that uses e-paper technology to create a writing and reading experience that closely mimics pen and paper.

The tablet is designed specifically for note-taking, document management, and annotation, and features a 10.3-inch CANVAS display similar to Kindle’s Scribes e-ink display:

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To write or draw on the display, users need a digital pen called the Marker or the Marker Plus, which offers better materials and an eraser function. The Marker is pressure-sensitive and provides an authentic writing experience, with each tip lasting around 3-7 weeks, depending on the user’s writing technique.

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Unlike other tablets, the reMarkable 2 does not come with a web browser, app store, or email functionality. It is solely designed for writing, reading, and document management, and is comparable to other digital paper tablets like BOOX Note 2 Air or Sony’s Digital Paper tablets. Users can interact with the tablet through touch, and documents can be managed and shared digitally.

Although the reMarkable 2 is more expensive than other tablets in the paper tablet industry, it offers an extremely smooth experience for those who want the feel of traditional pen and paper, but don’t want an iPad and Apple Pencil to achieve it.

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Remarkable 2 Review: How is the note taking experience?

Remarkable 2 Review

The experience of taking notes on the reMarkable 2 is truly exceptional. The tablet’s display has a paper-like feel, providing just the right amount of resistance and accompanying sound to make writing with the Marker an addictive experience.

Even with the limitations of the display’s refresh rate, the latency is technically fast (21ms), but you can really feel how much smoother it is compared to alternatives (See Remarkable 2 Alternatives). The Kindle Scribe had a similar feel when I tested both side by side.

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The tablet isn’t heavy, but it’s heavy enough to feel substantial without being a big deal to carry around – also, its battery life is undeniably impressive.

There are a multitude of pen styles, paper styles, and templates to choose from, making for a highly customizable experience. And with the included Marker (the stylus it comes with(, which boasts tilt and pressure sensitivity, the writing and drawing experience feels truly authentic.

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Let’s dive into each aspect of the Remarkable 2!

Design & display (reviewed)

Design and display reviewed

The CANVAS display on the reMarkable 2 is reminiscent of a Kindle, making it an exceptional device for reading.

The ReMarkable 2 tablet offers a design and display that are sure to impress even the most discerning note-takers. Its sleek and sophisticated design is not only lightweight but also feels great in your hands, thanks to its smooth matte finish and stable writing surface. The ultra-thin profile of the tablet, measuring only 4.7 mm, is one of its standout features, making it easy to carry around and handle like a traditional notebook.

The 10.3 inch E Ink Carta display is another remarkable aspect of the ReMarkable 2. It has been optimized for handwriting input, providing an ultra-smooth writing experience with just the right amount of friction and accompanying sound made by the Marker’s tip gliding across the display.

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The tablet’s customizable templates, pen styles, and paper types offer a personalized writing experience, while the cloud storage and USB-C charging port add to its practicality.

One of the best features of the E Ink Carta display is its ultra-legibility, making it easy to read even in bright sunlight…. This makes it perfect for anyone who wants to take notes or read documents outdoors, without worrying about glare or eye strain.

The display is also highly responsive to touch, providing an incredibly natural writing sensation that’s similar to using a real pen or pencil on paper.

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Markers and battery life

Markers and battery life

The Marker is the writing tool designed for use on the reMarkable 2 e-paper display tablet. It works by sliding across the display, creating just the right amount of friction and accompanying sound to give users an addictive writing experience that feels close to writing on paper.

The Marker comes with different tips, which can last up to four weeks for heavy note-takers, and longer for casual users. The Marker also offers tilt and pressure sensitivity, allowing for an authentic writing or drawing experience.

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Users can choose from a variety of pen styles, different paper styles, and templates. The Marker Plus, an upgrade option, provides better materials and features an eraser on one end, making it even more convenient to use. (to be clear – by upgrading to the Marker Plus, you’ll be able to conveniently erase your writing or drawings by simply flipping it upside down, similar to how you would with a traditional pencil; it’s not similar to the apple pencil, which uses gestures to do this)

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While users will need to replace the Marker tip after a period of use, the package includes nine spare tips to ensure that the writing experience can continue uninterrupted.

Overall, the writing experience on the reMarkable 2, combined with the Marker was really a joy to use and feels comparable to the premium pen of the Kindle scribe (Which i find to be a great alternative device)

Drawbacks of the device as a digital notepad

Drawbacks of the device as a digital notepad

There are a few drawbacks to the reMarkable 2 as a digital notepad. Firstly, while it does provide a great note-taking experience, it lacks the full functionality of a tablet such as the iPad, which may be a deal-breaker for some users. Secondly, it can be a bit slow to load and navigate through large PDF documents or books, which may be frustrating for some users.

Another potential drawback is the limited availability of apps and software. While the reMarkable desktop app provides a good way to organize notes and documents, there are not as many third-party apps available for the device compared to other tablets. Additionally, the device’s reliance on a proprietary cloud storage system may be a concern for users who prefer to use other cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

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The ReMarkable 2 has a monthly subscription fee for its cloud storage service, which may be a drawback for some users who require additional features. Furthermore, the device has limited format support and may struggle with complex documents, making it less suitable for certain users. For those who require a more comprehensive note-taking solution, the Onyx Boox Note Air 2 may be a better option due to its larger format display and greater versatility.

Remarkable 2 Extra Features explained

Remarkable 2 Extra Features explained

Let’s explore some of the extra features of the reMarkable 2 that you may not be aware of.



As I start to annotate a PDF on my ReMarkable 2 tablet, I’m impressed by how natural and intuitive it feels. I can use the included Marker to highlight key passages or make handwritten notes in the margins. The “adjust view” feature allows me to zoom in and out and adjust the margins to give me more space to write or draw. I can also switch between different pen styles and colors to make my notes more visually appealing and easier to read.

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However, I’m aware that the ReMarkable 2’s annotation process does have some limitations. The device creates an image layer over the PDF’s text, which means that any highlights or notes I make are not readable by other PDF readers as text. Instead, they will appear as an image. This could make it difficult to copy highlighted text or export annotations to other applications.

Despite this limitation, I still find the annotation process on the ReMarkable 2 to be a satisfying and enjoyable experience. The ability to write and draw on digital documents in a way that feels natural and paper-like is a major selling point for this device, and it’s something that I look forward to using more in my daily workflow. This is a decent device for teachers or students that need lightweight annotation devices with e-ink technology instead of using a digital writing pad; which many refer to as the best electronic notebooks.

Desktop and Mobile app: Storing digital notes

Desktop and Mobile app

As far as document management and sharing goes – The reMarkable 2 offers a convenient and easy-to-use Desktop App that provides a comprehensive document management system.

With this app, users can seamlessly sync and organize all your notes across different devices, making it an efficient and flexible option. Additionally, the app offers powerful annotation tools such as highlighting and drawing, allowing you to edit your documents directly on the device.

Moreover, sharing documents with others is made easy with email and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and you can choose to store your files securely in Google Drive or Dropbox.

Remarkable connect subscription

Remarkable connect subscription

Remarkable Connect is a subscription service designed for users of the reMarkable 2 paper tablet. It offers unlimited cloud storage, seamless integration with the tablet, and exclusive offers at an affordable cost of $2.99 per month. The service is an excellent option for those looking for a comprehensive note-taking solution, allowing users to store and sync their notes across multiple devices effortlessly.

One of the main benefits of using Connect is its seamless integration with the reMarkable paper tablet, making it a one-stop solution for note-taking needs. Busy professionals and creative individuals can capture ideas, jot down notes, and continue their work across different devices without missing a beat. However, users who choose not to subscribe may face limitations, such as restricted access to cloud storage, retaining only files used and synced within the last 50 days.

Overall, the Remarkable Connect subscription service offers a lot of value for a relatively low price and is an attractive option for users of the reMarkable paper tablet.

Is the Remarkable 2 Worth it?

Is the Remarkable 2 Worth it

The reMarkable 2 tablet is a remarkable device that combines the best of digital and paper to provide a unique writing experience. Its e-ink display and compatibility with a range of accessories such as the Apple Pencil, calligraphy pen, or mechanical pencil make it perfect for creative projects, while its USB-C charging port and cloud storage capabilities offer convenience and accessibility for users.

The intuitive desktop app allows for seamless syncing of documents between devices, making it easy to organize and access your notes wherever you go.

Despite the reMarkable 2’s higher cost, it offers numerous benefits, including an improved writing experience with fewer paper costs and a range of accessories for creative work.

The device’s sleek design and intuitive desktop app make it an attractive option for anyone looking to upgrade from traditional notepads. While the device’s cloud storage capabilities are limited without a Connect subscription, users can still enjoy features such as handwriting conversion, screen sharing, and email sending without it.

Who should use the ReMarkable 2 and why?

Who should use the ReMarkable 2 and why

The reMarkable 2 is worth considering for serious note-takers who need a solution. Heavy users of a notepad that want to digitize their notes should consider the Remarkable 2 or Kindle Scribe.

With its unique blend of digital and paper mediums, intuitive desktop app, and range of accessories, the device offers a one-of-a-kind writing experience that can help boost productivity and organization.

For those who value the experience of taking notes on paper, the ReMarkable 2 tablet is a worthwhile consideration. Its e-ink display technology provides a more natural and less harsh writing experience compared to an iPad or other tablets.

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Its optimized writing experience is ideal for those who prioritize note-taking and annotating over drawing. The tablet’s lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry around, and its cloud storage capabilities allow users to access their notes from anywhere.

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Ultimately, if you are a daily user of a notepad and value a natural writing experience and cloud storage, the ReMarkable 2 may be the device for you.

How does the Remarkable 2 compare vs the Kindle Scribe?

How does the Remarkable 2 compare vs the Kindle Scribe

[summary and link to article]

Many users who value battery life found the Kindle Scribe is considered a better option than the reMarkable 2 (others found it to just be adequate). I personally found that the Kindle Scribe offers a vast library of e-books and seamless integration with the Amazon ecosystem, providing an exceptional reading experience.

See our full review that compares the Remarkable 2 vs Kindle Scribe.

In comparison, the reMarkable 2 is more focused on note-taking and lacks the same level of support for e-books. The Kindle Scribe also has a longer battery life, making it a more practical choice for extended reading sessions.

Although the reMarkable 2 is known for its note-taking capabilities, the Kindle Scribe offers a more comprehensive platform that combines note-taking and reading functionalities in an accessible interface.

The Kindle Scribe provides excellent value, making it a strong competitor to the reMarkable 2. Additionally, the Kindle Scribe benefits from the reliability of being backed by Amazon, further cementing its position as the top choice for readers and writers of all types.

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How does Remarkable compare vs iPad?

FeaturereMarkable 2iPad Pro
DisplayE InkLCD/LED
Note-takingExcellentVery good
PriceModerately affordableExpensive for just note taking
Additional featuresCloud storage, handwriting OCR, annotation, pdfMulti-functionality, app ecosystem

While it may not be the most fair or direct comparison, the reMarkable 2 has often been compared to the iPad mini and iPad Air for many reasons ( not only due to the overlap in their pricing and stylus support, but because they were the only devices that accomplished this well at the time).

Since then, things have evolved in the e-paper device world.

The reMarkable 2 is a note-taking device, focused purely on that function and featuring a CANVAS display and Markers that provide a unique writing experience that outperforms the iPad’s Paperlike screen protector and Apple Pencil.

The iPad mini & AIr, on the other hand, provides a wide range of features and functionality that far surpasses what the reMarkable 2 can offer, making it the better option for those who need more than just note-taking capabilities. However, for those who prioritize digital note-taking and have a higher budget, the reMarkable 2, Kindle Scribe, or BOOX Note Air 2 is the better options

Remarkable 2 alternatives

The Kindle Scribe is one of the closest competing alternatives to the reMarkable 2, as an Amazon device that competes on all levels, including Bluetooth capability. Other notable alternatives include the iPad Air with Apple Pencil 2, Onyx BOOX Note Air 2, MeeBook, Fujitsu Quaderno A5, MobiScribe, and Super Note

Someone might want an alternative to the reMarkable 2 for a variety of reasons. For example, they might prefer a different operating system or screen technology, require more features or functionality, or simply find the reMarkable 2 to be too expensive.

Additionally, an alternative may offer specific features that the reMarkable 2 does not, such as Bluetooth connectivity or a wider range of file format support..

How the Remarkable 2 evolved (Remarkable 1 vs 2)

The reMarkable 2 is a significant improvement over the original reMarkable tablet. While the original version had some design and functionality issues, the reMarkable 2 has addressed these issues and made significant improvements.

The hardware has been completely redesigned, with an aluminum case, improved battery life, and a more responsive wake-up time. The new Marker design makes it easier to grip and has a magnetic side that attaches to the tablet for easy storage.

These improvements make the reMarkable 2 a much better device overall, with snappier performance and a sleeker design. If you’re considering the reMarkable tablet, the reMarkable 2 is ideal and worth the price tag when the previous, outdated model is of consideration.


What is the process to set up the Remarkable 2?

The setup process for the Remarkable 2 is straightforward. First, charge the device fully. Then, turn it on and follow the on-screen prompts to connect to Wi-Fi, sign in to your reMarkable account, and download any necessary updates.

Once the device is set up, you can start taking notes and using its features. It’s not difficult and shouldn’t take long to set up:

StepDifficulty levelTime required
UnboxingEasy3 minutes
ChargingEasy4 hours or longer
Powering onEasy30 seconds or less
Connecting to Wi-FiEasy2 minutes
Updating softwareEasy7.5 minutes
Pairing stylusEasyInstant

Should you get a case for the Remarkable 2?

While a case is not necessary for the Remarkable 2, it can help protect the device from scratches and other damage ( plus looks stylish). There are a variety of case options available, including ones with built-in stands and covers.

Does the remarkable 2 need a stand?

The Remarkable 2 does not require a stand to function, but one can be useful for holding the device at a comfortable angle while writing or drawing.

Is the reMarkable 2 good for note taking?

Yes, the reMarkable 2 is designed specifically for note-taking and offers a range of features to support this function, such as the ability to write with a stylus or highlight text.

Are there other devices that top the reMarkable 2?

There are several devices that could be considered alternatives or competitors to the Remarkable 2, including the Onyx Boox Note Air, MobiScribe, and Kindle Scribe. Each device has its own strengths and weaknesses and may be better suited to different user needs and preferences.

Is the iPad Pro or reMarkable 2 better?

The iPad Pro and reMarkable 2 are both popular devices for digital note-taking, but they have different strengths and weaknesses. The iPad Pro is more versatile and offers a wider range of features, such as the ability to run a variety of apps and access the internet, while the reMarkable 2 is designed specifically for note-taking and has a longer battery life.

Does reMarkable 2 work without the connect subscription?

Yes, the reMarkable 2 can be used without a Connect subscription. However, some features, such as cloud storage and certain software updates, are only available with a subscription.

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