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9 Best Templates for Notability (Digital Planners & More)

9 Best Templates for Notability (Digital Planners & More)

Top Notability Templates to customize your note-taking and digital planning have become essential for people looking to improve their daily productivity and organization.

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Both students and professionals can benefit from these templates, which significantly enhance the Notability experience.

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Calendar Planner
Just one of many examples of a Notability Template

This blog post will cover some of the best Notability templates for planning, school, work daily use, and journaling, allowing you to choose the perfect designs for almost anything you need.

Key Takeaways

Example of a Study planner weekly

You can browse the Notability Templates in this post, or download templates from other users for inspiration on places like Etsy, Gumroad, the official Notability Gallery, and even Upwork.

Where can you find Notability Templates? See below:

Almost every type of Planner you can think of – Notability has

Notability Gallery promotes public note-sharing within their vast note-taking community…

Users can also create and share a variety of templates, such as planner pages, bullet journals, or innovative note-taking formats.

Even modern planners…

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You can also find custom templates, favorite paper settings, and downloaded templates in the “My Templates” section of the app. (Access the Notability Gallery online if you can’t access it within the app)

Embark on a digital note-taking journey with enhanced customization and creativity found within the Notability community.

Notability Templates: Supported formats

Supported Formats for Notability templates

Which template formats are supported on Notability? See the table below, or the image above

FormatSupportedEditableConversion RequiredDetails
PDFYesNo.docx, .ppt to PDFAnnotate only
.NoteYesYesNoneNotability native format
RTFYesYesNoneEdit text
Audio filesYesYesNoneEditable in Notability
ImagesYesNoNoneImported for annotation
A Table demonstrating all the different file extension/file types that Notability supports for templates

9 Best Notability Templates: Digital Planning

Below are the 10 best Notability Templates we researched and tested. Let’s dive right in.

Productivity-Boosting Template in Notability

Productivity Boosting Template in Notability

One of the best Notability templates designed to enhance productivity is the ” Ultimate Modern Productivity Planner.”

This comprehensive template allows users to keep track of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and priorities, making sure nothing slips through the cracks. The template includes sections for goal setting, task breakdown, and habit tracking, all of which contribute to a more organized and efficient workflow.

Side note: The “Ultimate Productivity Planner” also offers a customizable layout, giving users the flexibility to add or remove sections based on their specific workflows.

This personalization ensures the template is tailored to the user… helping users achieve their goals faster and more effectively.

The template’s visually appealing design also adds an element of motivation, so users are more compelled to be consistent in maintaining their plans.

One advantage of the “Ultimate Productivity Planner” is its compatibility with various devices, so users can maintain their productivity journey no matter where they are. From iPads to Mac computers, the template can be accessed and edited on multiple platforms, promoting consistency and success in users’ productivity pursuits.

Top Templates for College Lectures in Notability (educational templates)

1 Top Templates for College Lectures in Notability educational templates 1

An essential Notability template for college students attending lectures is the “Ultimate student planner” This template features a unique layout that allows users to take notes in an organized fashion, dividing the page into distinct sections for main points, supporting details, and summary statements.

Such a layout helps ensure easy recall and understanding when reviewing the notes.

There’s also the “Cornell Note-taking System” template, which enables users to take full advantage of Notability’s tools, such as highlighting key concepts, adding side comments, or even including audio recordings from the lecture.

This multimedia approach to note-taking caters to various learning styles, making the template a top choice among students.

Another advantage of the these templates is the adaptability to different subjects it provides. It works well for science, social sciences, and humanities courses, making it a versatile option for students in various fields. The template can be customized to include personalized reminders or additional sections, catering to students’ particular preferences and requirements.

Digital Fitness Planner for Notability

4 Digital Fitness Planner for Notability

The Digital Fitness Planner for Notability is a game-changer for fitness enthusiasts and professionals who aim to optimize their workout routines. This comprehensive template includes sections to plan workout schedules, track fitness goals, and monitor progress.

In the first paragraph, users can input their personal information, including target weight and training schedule. Here, they can plan ahead and outline the specific routines they’d like to follow.

One advantage of using the Digital Fitness Planner is the ability to track individual exercise metrics for a more accurate reflection of progress. In the second section, you’ll find sections to record measurements such as body fat percentage, weight, and muscle strength.

These data-driven insights enable you to make necessary adjustments to your workouts and diet to attain desired results. Another advantage of this planner lies in the ease of digital access, making it convenient to pull up workout schedules and tracking information anytime, anywhere.

In the third section, users can find motivation and inspiration with sections dedicated to goal-setting and progress monitoring. Visualize short-term and long-term objectives, and use the provided progress bars to celebrate milestones along the way.

This encourages users to stay committed and maintain their fitness routines, helping to build long-lasting healthy habits.

Journal Template for daily use

2 Journal Template for daily use 1

The “Notability Daily Journal” template is perfect for individuals looking to maintain a consistent journaling practice. This template offers a structured layout with separate sections for the date, daily reflections, goal setting, gratitude logs, and self-affirmations. Its design promotes mindfulness and self-awareness, encouraging users to take time for themselves daily.

Side note: The “Notability Daily Journal” template is visually appealing and can be easily customized to suit personal tastes. Users can change the color scheme, background, and fonts to create a layout that resonates with their personality and preferences.

The template supports the addition of images, doodles, or stickers to make the journaling experience even more engaging.

A significant advantage of the “Notability Daily Journal” template is its flexibility, allowing users to adapt the journal to their specific goals and intentions. Whether seeking to document personal growth, practice gratitude, or keep track of daily achievements, users can make the template work for them and accomplish what they set out to do.

Digital Organization Template

3 Digital Organization Template 2

For those in search of a comprehensive digital organization solution, the “Digital Life Planner” is an exceptional Notability template. It efficiently combines various elements, such as calendars, task lists, goal trackers, habit builders, and budget planners, making it an all-in-one option for users looking to streamline various aspects of their lives.

The “Digital Life Planner”‘s thoughtful design ensures that users can plan and organize tasks effectively, promoting a well-balanced life. Its interactive layout, with hyperlinked sections, tabs, and bookmarks, ensures an effortless navigation experience. Users can quickly access different sections to update or review information as needed.

One of the advantages of the “Digital Life Planner” is the template’s adaptability to cater to different priorities and commitments. Users can customize the template to include areas they wish to monitor, such as health, fitness, work, or personal growth. This flexibility ensures users have a holistic approach when organizing their lives, leading to a higher sense of overall well-being.

Recipe Planning Template for Notability

5 Recipe Planning Template for Notability

The Recipe Planning Template for Notability simplifies meal planning and organization for culinary enthusiasts. The template includes sections to document recipe names, ingredients, directions, prep time, cooking time, and serving sizes. The first section provides ample space to store essential recipe information, making it easy to reference when needed.

The second section focuses on the advantages of using this template for meal planning and grocery shopping. By jotting down ingredients required for each recipe, users can efficiently plan their shopping trips and ensure they have everything needed to prepare delicious meals. Subsequently, this helps reduce food waste and saves valuable time in the kitchen.

Finally, in the third section, the Recipe Planning Template encourages creativity and experimentation with new dishes. Aspiring chefs can use this tool to store their favorite recipes and make personalized notes on ingredient substitutions or serving suggestions. With access to these recipes at your fingertips, you’ll be well-equipped to impress family and friends at your next dinner party.

Optimal Notability Template for Professionals

6 Optimal Notability Template for Professionals

The Optimal Notability Template for Professionals caters to the unique needs of professionals who require efficient note-taking and organizational tools in their daily routine. In the first section, this feature-rich template covers all bases, from capturing meeting minutes to prioritizing tasks. It includes separate sections for agenda items, attendees, and action points, ensuring comprehensive documentation.

In the second section, the template boasts a robust task management component, helping professionals plan, delegate, and time their tasks effectively – It also give you space for notes, comments, and deadlines, making it easy to monitor progress and hold team members accountable for their responsibilities.

I found that this aspect of the template reinforces the importance of collaboration and communication in a professional setting.

…the third section highlights the benefits of using the Optimal Notability Template on a digital platform. With easy access across devices, professionals can sync and refer to their notes effortlessly on the go, ensuring they stay updated on projects and deadlines. The template also offers customization options, such as changing colors and fonts, to better suit individual workstyles and preferences.

The Best Template for Exercise Planning in Notability

7 The Best Template for Physical Exercise Planning in Notability

Fitness Exercise Planning in Notability is made more manageable and enjoyable with this top-notch template. The first section of this template shows the template’s flexibility, allowing users to customize their workout routines based on personal objectives such as weight loss, muscle gain, or fitness maintenance.

The template also promotes a holistic approach to wellness by incorporating exercise, nutrition, and self-care into the mix.

In the second section, the template offers calendar features for planning and tracking workouts over time. Monthly views provide an overview of upcoming exercises, and daily planners break down the specific routines in detail. By scheduling workouts in advance, users cultivate a consistent fitness routine and remain accountable to their goals.

In the last section, the template promotes teamwork and community building by providing spaces for group exercise planning. Whether you join a fitness class or exercise with friends, it’s proven that pursuing fitness goals as a team can boost motivation and camaraderie.

The Physical Exercise Planning Template enables users to share workout schedules, plan and motivate each other, and track group progress.

Comprehensive List of Unique Custom Templates for Notability

8 Comprehensive List of Unique Custom Templates for Notability

Another essential resource for Notability users, a Comprehensive List of Unique Custom Templates, provides diverse and creatively designed options catering to all kinds of note-takers. In the first section, this extensive list includes an assortment of custom templates bound to fulfill the versatile requirements of professionals, students, and creatives alike, such as meeting minute-taking templates, daily journals, artistic vision boards, and much more.

The second section takes a closer look at student-centric templates designed to boost productivity and organize academic work. Custom templates focus on class notes, study plans, assignment trackers, and exam preparation. This list caters to students across various subjects and grade levels, ensuring that everyone can find an ideal template for their academic needs.

In the final section, the list encourages users to explore niche templates that address specific interests and requirements. From workout planners to budget trackers, the Comprehensive List of Unique Custom Templates for Notability offers endless possibilities. These templates not only provide remarkable utilities but also inspire users to customize the template further to suit their personal preferences, maximizing the potential of their Notability experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Templates in Notability

The process of adding templates to Notability is quite simple. The first step is to update your Notability app to the latest version, if you haven’t already. Once your app is up-to-date, follow the directions below to add templates to your notes and unleash your creativity.

The initial step involves opening the app and selecting a new note or an existing note that you would like to apply a template to. For a new note, tap the new note button at the bottom right corner of the app. For existing notes, simply find and open the note in question.

Next, tap on the more options icon within your note, which is usually found at the top right corner. From the list of options, choose “Templates.” This will redirect you to the templates library where you can select from a variety of pre-existing templates or craft your own custom templates.

Finally, choose the desired template from the library or your custom creations. You can navigate between the built-in templates categories or go to the “My Templates” section to access your custom or downloaded templates. Tap “Apply” in the top right corner, and your chosen template will be applied to your note. Now you’re all set to personalize your notes according to your needs.

Instructions for Crafting Your Own Custom Templates on Notability

Creating custom templates on Notability adds an additional layer of personalization and functionality to your note-taking experience. To craft your own custom templates, follow these instructions:

First and foremost, open the Notability app on your device and ensure that you are running the latest available version. Create a new note or open an existing one in which you would like to add a custom template.

Design your template within the note. You can use various built-in drawing tools, colors, images, and text formatting options to bring your vision to life. Make sure your template caters to your specific needs and preferences while also being visually appealing.

Once your template design is complete, access the page manager by tapping the icon. Then, select the more options on the page you want to use as a template, and choose “Create Template.” Provide a name for your custom template, tap “Save,” and you’re done!

Your newly created template will now be available under the “My Templates” section in the Custom Templates category. Now you can easily add it to any of your notes and enjoy using your very own custom templates.

My Personal Journey with Notability Templates

My journey with Notability templates began when I realized how time-consuming it was to create custom note structures for my varied needs. I discovered that Notability templates allowed me to improve my workflow and maximize my productivity.

At first, I primarily used the built-in templates provided by Notability. However, as my needs evolved, I started to experiment with creating my own custom templates. This allowed me to design templates tailored to my exact requirements, which greatly enhanced my note-taking experience.

Over time, I’ve created a collection of custom templates for different aspects of my life, such as weekly planner pages for work, project trackers, and personal journaling. These custom templates have transformed my note-taking process and saved me a significant amount of time.

An Exploration of All Notability Templates Researched

My curiosity led me to explore a wide range of Notability templates at my disposal and offered by fellow users. From basic note-taking layouts to highly detailed organizational structures, my research has uncovered an extensive and diverse library of templates to suit any need.

I’ve investigated various categories such as daily planners, goal tracking, educational templates, digital art, and more. Also… my findings highlight the availability of templates catering to areas like budgeting and expenses, travel planning, fitness, habit tracking, and even botanical-themed templates.

The Notability Gallery also serves as an engaging space to browse and discover the creations of other users. This gallery has broadened my template library and inspired me to enhance my own template designs.

Honestly, the Notability templates I utilize have cultivated my creativity, enabled better organization, and streamlined my note-taking process.


Can Notability Templates Be Imported or Distributed to Others?

Certainly! Users can import and distribute Notability templates easily. Share your creative templates with others directly via email or cloud sharing. To import template files, save the desired file to your device or cloud storage, then use the “My Templates” section to incorporate the template into Notability. One advantage of template sharing is that it encourages collaboration among users, creating a vast pool of unique and helpful templates, benefiting the entire community.

Sharing is not just limited to templates you’ve created, but also works for those obtained from fellow Notability users or online resources. Exchanging templates with your peers can inspire creativity and improve productivity, leading to a richer note-taking experience.

What Kind of File Formats are Accepted for Custom Templates?

Notability accepts a range of file formats for custom templates, allowing flexible and versatile customization options. Primary formats include PDF files, which upon import are non-editable but annotatable. Another format supported is Notability’s native editable format (.note), as well as Rich Text Format (RTF), which is useful for editing imported text content.

Notability allows inclusion of audio files and images in various formats within your templates. This diverse range of formats ensures that users can experiment with designing engaging, personalized templates suiting a variety of note-taking styles and applications.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Amount of Templates That Can be Added to Notability?

Notability primarily focuses on providing an unrestricted and flexible template library for users. However, templates are stored locally on the device, which means that the actual limit depends heavily on each device’s storage capacity. With proper management, users can maintain an ample amount of templates without affecting performance.

Keep in mind that to use the same template across multiple devices, it must be downloaded individually on each one. By periodically reviewing and refining your template selection, you can maximize storage efficiency, ensuring an optimized note-taking experience.

Is It Possible to Add Templates from the Web or a Cloud Service Directly?

Yes, adding templates from the web or cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud is achievable in Notability. To import templates from these sources, follow these basic steps: save the desired template to your cloud storage service, access the “My Templates” section in Notability, and then import using the connected cloud account.

This seamless integration between Notability and various cloud services not only enhances your workflow but also benefits those collaborating on projects or sharing resources. The direct import feature also provides a convenient way to expand your template library, encouraging exploration and creative expression.

Notability’s comprehensive template features empower users with a multitude of customization options, making it the go-to note-taking app for many. With unrestricted template use, flexible import options, support for multiple file formats, and seamless cloud integration, Notability offers a customizable and powerful note-taking experience for all.

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