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9 Best Tablets for Zoom Calls & Video Calling

9 Best Tablets for Zoom Calls & Video Calling

The best tablets for Zoom meetings, classes, and video conferences will have a top-notch front-facing camera, a colorful display to see the video meeting, and loud speakers to hear clearly.

You have numerous options when it comes to tablets that are ideal for zoom calls, online courses and video conferencing in general as many tablets can handle video calls with minimal issues when you have a strong wifi signal.

When looking for a good tablet for video calling, you should shoot for a device with a great audio set and microphone. This is often overlooked.

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 is the Tablet I personally use (Android)
  • However, the Fire HD 10 (Fire OS) and iPad (iOS) operating systems all support Zoom with ease.

We compared the Samsung vs Fire HD models in depth. These are the top two models we tested for video calling & Zoom (especially if you’re not an iPad fan)

It also helps that these tablets are reliable and provide a good audio & microphone set up. Most brands like Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft have created powerful tablets with great displays and cameras which work well for video calls.

We have tested many tablets and created a list of the best tablets on the market for Zoom calling, video calling, and teaching.

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From budget options, to premium tablets for zoom & video calls, nothing is left out of our list.

Best Tablets for Zoom Calls, Zoom Classes, and video conferences

Below, you’ll find the best tablets for zoom, google meet, and general video chatting as we’ve provided a hands-on review one each device. A Good tablet for video calls will have a good front facing camera, display, battery lifespan, operating system.

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An important feature to not overlook when choosing a good tablet for zoom meetings is the microphone and audio system as this is very important when video chatting.

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1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: Best Tablet for Video Calling & Zoom

Samsung Galaxy Tab S Seven_ Best Tablet for Video Calling & Zoom

As one of the best Android tablets on the market, the Tab S7 can not be left off our list. Samsung has included nearly every minor detail you need when your looking for the best tablet for youtube & streaming, video calling, zoom meetings and more.

Starting with relevant features, the Tab S7 has one of the best displays on the market. Samsung is not only great for zoom, but these models are widely known for its top-notch screens, and the S7 is no exception.

In fact, the brand has included an 11 Inch screen with a high-quality resolution (2560 x 1600 pixels). With that, this tablet offers a fantastic experience for online classes and video conferencing.

See the Samsung vs Fire HD comparison. These are the top two models we tested.

Also, when video calling, you need great cameras and a crystal clear microphone. Well, that’s exactly what the Tab S7 has. With an amazing 13MP primary camera on the back and a secondary 5MP ultra-wide angle lens on the front, we really enjoyed using the S7 for zoom calls.

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Android tablets are the Best Tablets for Zoom Calls2

The AKG acoustic setup is perfect. Lastly, the microphone is great for any video conference. When you add that the Tab S7 has very powerful hardware (perfect for multitasking) and great battery life, what more could we ask for?

2. iPad Air: Best Tablet for Zoom Meetings (Video Calls)

If you are not an Android fan or simply prefer Apple tablets, the latest iPad Air is a great solution when choosing a premium tablet for zoom meetings.

Since its price is comparable to the Tab S7 reviewed above, let us compare their video conferencing features.

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The iPad Air uses the latest iPadOs, which proves to be perfect for Zoom calls. In our testing with the Air, we did not encounter any lags or delays during video calls.

In terms of performance, the iPad Air is a very powerful device. As a result, it handles video conferencing software with ease.

If you’re not an iPad fan see our Samsung vs Fire HD comparison

With its beautiful 10.9-inch Retina display, the tablet is the perfect size for zoom calls on the go. The display is not huge, but it’s so bright and colorful that we felt like we were using a full-size laptop for Zoom.

The 7MP FaceTimer HD front camera is great for both casual and professional video conferencing. If you need the main camera for presenting documents or other purposes (online teaching), the iPad Air also has a stunning 12MP rear camera.

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Finally, Apple has included a great microphone and an amazing set of speakers. Of course, you can always plug in your headphones via the 3.5mm slot. In a few words, the iPad Air is a perfect all-rounder for zoom calls and lessons at a reasonable price.

3. S20: Best Android Tablet for Zoom

S20 Best Android Tablet for Zoom

If you are looking for an affordable tablet with good cameras for zoom and online courses, the S20 is the best choice for you. This 10-inch tablet has adequate hardware for video calling, a nice HD display, and a great set of cameras.

UPDATE: The S20 can’t be found online as easily anymore, so here is the best alternative I have tested. It worked just as well as the S20 for me, and was at a competitive price point.

To be precise, the 10-inch HD display (1280 x 800 pixels) is great considering the price. VANKYO has included a long-lasting battery (6000 mAh) that can easily withstand many hours of video calling.

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Moving on to the cameras, the S20 has a crystal clear 8MP camera on the back and a standard selfie camera (1 MP ). For this reason, we think it’s a good choice for casual zoom meetings. But you can also use the S20 as a second document camera (with the amazing rear camera) for Zoom classes.

During our tests, both the microphone and audio set proved more than adequate for video conferencing.

In short, if you do not want to spend a lot on a tablet for Zoom calls, the S20 is a reliable choice.

4. iPad Pro: Best Tablet for Video Conferencing (top camera for zoom)

iPad Pro Best Tablet for Video Conferencing (top camera for zoom)

The latest iPad Pro has by far one of the best tablet cameras for zoom and video conferencing on the market, and for good reason.

It’s a performance beast with 12mp crystal clear cameras, a great battery, and the most beautiful design around.

While this is our personal opinion, no one can deny that Apple’s flagship is great for much more than just Zoom meetings.

Let us first mention why the iPad Pro is the best tablet for Zoom meetings. With its stunning 12.9-inch Retina display, this device offers a premium visual experience. The 12 MP front camera has an f/2.2 aperture for low light conditions. Let us just say that this camera outperforms almost every laptop camera out there.

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This front camera also allows 1080p video recording and makes the iPad Pro a great choice for Zoom. In conclusion, we can say that the rear cameras of the device are simply the best. The 12 MP main camera and the ultra-wide 10 MP camera are accompanied by an innovative LiDAR depth scanner.

The rear camera is also important, especially if you want to use the tablet as a document camera for online courses. If a tablet isn’t ideal, keep in mind that you can also use a document camera for zoom.

Finally, the iPad Pro has the best microphone and a reliable quad speaker system. All in all, if you simply need the best tablet and have no budget constraint, iPad Pro is the tablet for you.

5. Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Best Device for Zoom Calls

Microsoft Surface Pro Seven_ Best Device for Zoom Calls

The latest Surface Pro 7 is the only Windows tablet on the market that compares to the iPad Pro reviewed above. Microsoft’s flagship is also a perfect device for zoom calls and lessons. There’s also the Surface Pro 8 and 9 available, which are more advanced versions of the Pro 7 model.

The 12.3-inch touchscreen is impressive and offers a great video conferencing experience. The Pro 7 has a modern design and one of the best battery life (10.5 hours) available.

Even though the iPad Pro outperforms the Pro 7 in terms of camera, the Pro 7’s 8MP rear and 5MP front cameras are also great for video calling.

What we liked: During our test, the Pro 7 was shown to have one of the most most powerful stereo speakers and microphone on the market when compared to similarly priced alternatives. The ability to have a physical keyboard out of the box is also a huge plus.

The Surface Pro has improved storage from its previous model and has evolved significantly, but if you’re still stuck on the storage and want to add more, see the fastest micro sd cards and their speed tests.

Still, the Pro 7 is the best tablet for those looking for a powerful Windows device with top-notch speakers and a microphone for Zoom.

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6. iPad: Best basic Tablet for Zoom Calls

iPad Best basic Tablet for Zoom Calls

If you like the advanced features of the iPad Air and Pro but do not want to spend a lot, the standard iPad is the perfect device for you.

Although it’s not the most powerful tablet, the iPad can easily handle Zoom or other video conferencing software. The 9.8-inch Retina display is a great size for video calling on the go, making this device definitively portable.

  • We really like using the iPad’s cameras for Zoom calls. The 8MP camera on the back can easily be used as a document camera for distance learning.
  • Even though the 1.2MP FaceTime HD front camera does not provide the best video quality, it works great and is very reliable.

An additional accessory of using the Apple Pencil on your apple tablet is good for zoom when you need to express a digital whiteboard on video call for a meeting. See our post: best wireless drawing tablets

In conclusion, the standard iPad is a very reliable product. For this reason, it is the perfect tablet for iPadOS fans who need an affordable Apple device.

7. Microsoft Surface Go 3: Easiest Tablet for Zoom

Microsoft Surface Go Two_ Easiest Tablet for Zoom

The new Microsoft Surface Go 3 is the perfect Windows alternative for the iPad Air and the Samsung Tab S7 reviewed above. If you are looking for the best mid-range Windows tablet, the Go 2 is the best choice.

Like the iPad Air and Tab S7, the Go 3 has solid performance, great cameras, and amazing battery life. The 10.5-inch screen has great viewing angles and a high-quality resolution.

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The display is slightly smaller than the options above, but the difference is not even noticeable. As for the cameras, the Go 3 has Full HD front and rear cameras that offer a great video calling experience.

The headphone jack works great and the device’s microphone is perfect for zoom meetings. In short, we definitely recommend buying this device over the Tab S7 and iPad Air if you prefer Windows over Android and iPadOS.

8. Lenovo Tab M10: Top Budget Tablet for Zoom

Lenovo Tab M Ten Top Budget Tablet for Zoom

Like the S20 reviewed above, the Tab M10 is a budget tablet. Lenovo became a popular brand through its vfm tablets and laptops. Well, the Tab M10 is no exception (and it has what many may consider an affordable price point)

The device features a 10.3-inch FHD display that is much brighter and colorful than that of the S20. Also, both the front (5MP) and rear (8MP) cameras are more powerful by far and support 1080p video recording.

The only downside to this Lenovo device compared to the S20 is the battery. The 5000 mAh battery is smaller and therefore offers less autonomy.

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In short, the Tab M10 certainly justifies the fact that it is slightly more expensive than the S20. So if you need a cheap tablet for Zoom that comes close to the features of more expensive mid-range devices, the M10 is the right tablet for you.

9. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7: Best Tablet for Meetings

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Seven_ Best Tablet for Meetings

Our final recommendation could not be other than the gorgeous Galaxy Tab A7. As the most powerful budget tablet for Zoom meetings, this Samsung device easily made it onto our list.

Visually, the Tab A7 is more powerful than the aforementioned tablets from Lenovo and VANKYO. The 10.4 Ultra Widescreen display is perfect for Zoom meetings and reminds us of more expensive tablets.

  • In terms of cameras, Samsung has included an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. The 1080p video recording on the A7 is similar to that of the Lenovo Tab M10 and much better than that of the VANKYO S20. 
  • The Tab A7 also has the most powerful audio set and the largest battery (7040 mAh) of the three budget tablets on our list.Samsung is known to have fast processors on their tablets, which works ideal for video calls and avoiding the lag and stutter that comes with it in slower machines.

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Therefore, the Tab A7 is the most powerful budget device for Zoom meetings. It is the ideal choice for those of you looking for a budget Samsung tablet with great cameras and long battery life. It also has great storage capacity for those who plan on recording meeting on your device and not on the cloud.

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Which is better for Zoom: Tablet for Laptop?

Some time ago, all tablets had pretty basic HD cameras. Because of this, laptops used to be the better choice for zoom calls and video conferencing in general.

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However, in the last three years, most brands have invested in developing more powerful tablets with impressive displays, cameras, audio systems and microphones. An 8 inch tablet or bigger is ideal for zoom and calls using video.

Flagship devices like the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 7, for example, outperform most laptops when it comes to video calling features. Therefore, we can safely say that tablets are a better option than laptops when it comes to Zoom meetings on the go.

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So, if you need a portable device for video calling and online classes, modern tablets are probably the best choice.

Smart TV Zoom from laptop or Tablet

  • Connecting your portable device to a smart TV can be tricky. However, most modern laptops and tablets have all the necessary ports for such a connection.

Most of the tablets reviewed above, for example, can be easily connected to a Smart TV via mirroring, Bluetooth, or a USB-C port. The same applies to laptops, of course.

So you just need to make sure that the device you purchase offers the connectivity features you need to connect it to a Smart TV.

Do you need a camera on your tablet to use zoom

To answer your question quickly: No, you do not need a camera on your tablet to attend a Zoom meeting, class, or webinar.

Of course, if you do not have a camera, you will not be able to communicate with the other participants in the meeting via a video of you.

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However, you can listen to the meeting and talk through your device’s built-in microphone. And if your tablet’s integrated camera is broken, you can easily connect an external camera via USB. 

How to Choose the Best Tablet for Zoom

Audio and microphone tests for the Best Tablet for Zoom Calls3

A good tablet for zoom will have a good camera, long battery lifespan, and good build quality. The tablet will have an effective camera to take video calls over Skype at good quality.

The tablet will also need to have the ability to use zoom for easy video calls without any problems. 

  • A few other things you should consider when choosing a tablet for zoom are the size of the screen, or display, how easy it is to use, and how long its battery life lasts. 
  • Another important feature for a good tablet for zoom is connectivity and bluetooth compatibility because you need to be able to make lag-free video calls from a tablet, or a mobile device.
  • The tablet should also have a good processor because it will help with the speed of the device, which his especially useful for video calls. These are just some things you should consider as you choose a tablet for zoom.

If you are using a tablet for long hours on zoom, be sure to take a break and combat zoom fatigue (source).

Here is a table of Tablets that work well for Zoom meetings based on their specs:

Tablet TypeFront cameraRear cameraAudioOperating System
iPad ProYes, high resolutionYes, high resolutionVery CleariOS
iPad AirYesYesVery CleariOS
Samsung GalaxyYesYesClearAndroid
Microsoft Surface GoYesYesClearWindows
Lenovo TabYesYesYesWindows

Technology statistics show us that newer model tablets for zoom can handle video conferencing with ease.

How we Tested and Rated our Picks for the Best Zoom Tablet

We hand tested these tablets with good cameras for zoom and video chatting. Features such as a good display and camera are ideal. Secondary features to consider important are 

So, if you’re looking for a budget pick, be sure to check out the additional options we listed as consulted with experts and tested these tablets specifically for video usage. Price point is certainly a concern, especially if you are using an app that utilizes technology like FaceTime. 

However, if you’re reading in addition to Zoom calls, then see 9 Best Tablets for Reading and Web Browsing

We ranked the best tablets for zoom based on their battery capacity, battery length, battery charging speed, display, resolution, and most importantly the camera quality in MP. We engage with experts in the tablet field to test and also re-key features within a good tablet for Google meet or zoom usage. Those with a good audio system and microphone were rated slightly higher. Tablets with a credible brand, background, and history were also rated higher compared to the cheapest tablets we found.

Alternative to a tablet for Zoom (Bet devices for zoom)

Other devices to use with zoom, besides a tablet include a laptop, a desktop computer, a phone, or a smartphone. These devices can all run the zoom app and allow you to communicate through video chat and audio calls. No matter what device you use with Zoom, you will be able to connect with people from around the world and improve your communication skills.

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Zoom is also available for mobile devices such as phones or smartphones. These devices work nearly the same as tablets do with zoom.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a free video, audio, and web conferencing tool that lets you connect to your colleagues around the world using a computer or mobile device.

Zoom is a video chat company that specializes in voice and video conferencing. Zoom partners with major businesses. Zoom integrates voice-activated document search to allow people to find documents during a meeting.

The service is offered as a software download for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems for desktop users, as well as an app from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store for Apple®iPhone and Android devices. 

You can also access Zoom through their website at any time without downloading software. This is done by using your web browser and logging in to view or join conferences.

Is Zoom Free To Use?

If you use the Zoom software or website, then, yes, Zoom is free to use, but has an additional paid option which is up to you. 
By using the software downloaded to your computer, you will need to upgrade your operating system and purchase a newer computer on occasion as well as pay for the cost of the hardware itself. 

This cost is not recurring on an annual basis and eventually can be paid off by using it for all of your video conferencing needs.

Is Zoom similar to Skype?

Zoom is similar to Skype as the goal is to utilize video chat for meetings and leisure calls. However it is different because there have been improvements made by zoom. Zooms benefits include more security, better screen sharing capabilities and more efficient calls. 

Zoom had a huge jump in growth soon after their launch due to offering a free storage of 12 hours of video for all users of the service. This is a great incentive to use the service on a more regular basis.

Why would I need to use Zoom instead of Skype? 

Zoom is easily bundled with many products and protocols which make it more secure and efficient for businesses to use.

Can you use Zoom & google meet on a tablet?

Yes, you can use google meet and zoom on a tablet for video chatting. This will allow you to video chat with your colleagues and potential clients from anywhere. Some people use google meet for business meetings that will occur through video chat while others use zoom for meetings that are more of a leisure call. 

If you are running android, then go to the google play store and install google meet. If you are on an iPad, then go to the app store and download zoom. 

How Does Zoom Work on Tablets? 

Zoom works by using your computer or mobile device to connect you with people from all over the globe. You can sign up for an account on the Zoom website or download the software for your computer running Windows, Mac OS X, or iOS. 

If you want to use Zoom on your tablet, then you can do so by simply opening up your tablet’s browser, then selecting the Zoom app and signing up for the service. This will give you access to make video calls and search documents through Zoom.
Zoom is also available on mobile devices, such as the Apple iPhone and iPad, Blackberry and Android phones and tablets.

What is Zoom like to use on a tablet?

The way a tablet works with zoom is the same as on a laptop or desktop. The video chat works the same, but you will need to download the Zoom app for your tablet. You can preview video calls by clicking on the video preview icon in the upper right of the screen. This will allow you to see what is being shown on your phone or tablet’s screen during a call.

At first it can be intimidating since you are making a video call with someone from far away. I recommend that if you want to try Zoom, then go back on your computer or mobile device and play around with the precise settings (video, microphone) a bit some before you sign up.

How to use zoom on iPad and join a call or meeting

To begin using Zoom on your iPad, first, ensure that your iPad meets the system requirements. You need an iPad 2 or later running iOS 8 or later, a Safari 5+ or Chrome browser, and a 1 GHz or greater single-core processor (non-Intel). Moreover, for high-quality video calls, your internet speed should ideally be 600kbps for one-to-one calls and 1.2Mbps for group calls.

Gallery View displays up to 16 participants, 30 on 11″ and 12.9″ iPad Pros (2nd-4th generations), and 49 on 5th generation 12.9″ iPad Pro. Tap “Switch to Gallery View” to enable and “Switch to Active Speaker” to revert. Requires 2 or more participants in the meeting.

To install Zoom, head to the App Store and download ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings. Once downloaded, launch the app and create an account by tapping ‘Sign Up’. Input your details, such as birth date, name, email address, and agree to the terms of service. Upon signing up, check your inbox for an activation link and set up a password for your account.

The Zoom app may request permissions to send notifications and access your calendar to assist in scheduling and remembering your meetings.

To join a Zoom meeting, open the app and tap ‘Join’. Enter the Meeting ID if it’s your first time joining that meeting. If it’s a meeting you’ve joined before, tap the small arrow to show all your previously joined meetings, then select the one you wish to join and tap ‘Join’. You can choose not to use your audio, video, or both.

Creating a Personal Meeting ID (PMI) allows you to host meetings. To do this, open the Zoom app, tap ‘New Meeting’, toggle on ‘Use Personal Meeting ID’, and tap ‘Start a Meeting’. You can then invite participants to join your meeting. Your PMI can be used for future meetings, enabling you to set a meeting password and adjust audio, video, and security settings as needed.

Hosting a scheduled Zoom meeting is also straightforward. Tap the ‘Schedule’ tab on the Zoom app Home screen, fill in the necessary details like meeting name, start time, duration, and decide whether or not to use a PMI. Advanced options allow you to let meeting members join before you or to automatically record your meeting.

To modify your meeting settings before the meeting starts, tap ‘Meetings’ on the Zoom app home screen, select the Personal Meeting ID, then tap ‘Edit’. You can change multiple settings, including starting time, duration, meeting password requirement, and recording options.

Sharing your screenA powerful feature of Zoom is the ability to share your screen during a meeting. To do this, tap the ‘Share Content’ icon at the bottom of your screen during a meeting, then tap ‘Screen’. You can also chat during a meeting by tapping the ‘More’ icon at the bottom of the screen, then ‘Chat’.

Finally, Siri Shortcuts can be a great help when using Zoom. You can set up shortcuts to view your meetings for the day, join your next scheduled meeting, or start a personal meeting. To set this up, tap ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the Zoom app Home screen, then ‘Siri Shortcuts’. Select the phrase you’d like to add to Siri’s repertoire, tap ‘Add to Siri’, and record the phrase for the shortcut.

Now, you’re ready to take full advantage of Zoom’s features on your iPad. It’s a powerful tool… very capable of enhancing your communication and collaboration needs, whether it’s for work, study, or just staying connected with friends and family.

How to use Zoom on your Phone or Tablet

This is a ohoto of how you can use and set up zoom by installing it on your android or iOS based phone or tablet

You can set up and use Zoom on your phone, smartphone, iPhone or Android device by simply installing the app. You can do this by visiting the Google play app on your android or by locating zoom in the app store (iPhone/iPad).

Heres how you can install zoom on your phone:

  1. Open up the app store (Google play or App store on iOS devices)
  2. Search “Zoom Cloud meetings” and find the official app (do not download from another source as it could be dangerous).
    download zoom on iphone
  3. Select install or ‘download’.
  4. Wait 30 seconds – 2 minutes depending on your download speed.
  5. Locate the app on your home screen. It is likely all the way to the right of your screen and you may need to swipe to find it.
  6. Create an account with Zoom or sign in using your existing account.
    Video call photo of starting a meeting on a phone
  7. Change your settings as desired which is located at the bottom of the screen.
    Advanced settings for setting up installing and using zoom on a phone or tablet
  8. You can add contacts or view your current contacts at the bottom of the app.
    Meeting settings on zoom how to
  9. Be sure to view chat settings so you can enable your video, speaker, or mic upon arriving to your meeting.
    zoom call dont connect to audio on iphone android
  10. Restart the app, now you can now join a meeting. You can leave the meeting by using the button at bottom of the app labeled ‘End’ or ‘End meeting’.
    Tapt o speak zoom on iphone or ipad

Can I use a tablet in class?

Yes, many classes and colleges actually advise the use of a tablet in class or during a lecture because it allows you to take notes and look them over later on when you are back at home. If you are taking an online class, it is actually necessary to have a tablet in order to participate in the class or do your homework. 

If you are in an online only class, then having a tablet is great for making video calls with your professor or other students in the class. Zoom, google meet, blue jeans virtual meetings, and other call options are used in these situations. It can also occur in the form of a webinar by the class instructor or professor.

What is google meet?

Google meet is a cloud based system that allows users to video call and text chat with others from anywhere in the world. You can also record a video call, or save a recording to your google account in google drive. It is a great tool since you can access calls from your phone whether it be through android, apple, Blackberry or windows mobile devices.

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Google meet is a great alternative to Zoom for your average consumer. It can be used on a regular basis for leisure video chats and it is quite easy to set up. You only need to go to the google meets website and proceed by creating a meeting and inviting another user.


When it comes to the best tablets for zoom calls, video conferencing, google meet, and other video applications, the iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy, and Microsoft Surface Go are tested by experts and work well. However, these may not be the least expensive options.

A good front facing camera is ideal for zoom and video calls when using a tablet. While a second rear camera works well for zoom, the front camera should be the first consideration when determining which tablet is best for video calls on google meet, since sometimes it can be a bit more or less clear than zoom  depending on the device you have.

An overlooked feature is audio, a good speaker system is certainly required unless you are primarily using bluetooth earphones or headphones with a microphone.

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