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12 Best Tablets for Cricut Design Space (Artist Guide)

12 Best Tablets for Cricut Design Space (Artist Guide)

It’s no surprise that the best tablet for Cricut design Space require a moderately strong processor, larger size screen, and reliable battery life.

Tablets are becoming increasingly popular for use with Cricut Design Space, a powerful design and crafting software.

There is only one tablet that is fully compatible with Cricut’s Windows desktop version. This is why Cricut Design Space runs best on Microsoft Surface Pro 8 tablets. 

You can still use iOS and Android, but it won’t run the desktop version. This means you won’t be able to use Pattern fills, Templates, and many other features (skip to section).

The tablets in this post are computer tablets to run the software, not graphics/drawing tablets to create your own custom designs in SVG format via an app like adobe illustrator.

Important: If you are looking to create & draw your own custom designs, you’ll want to view the best drawing tablets for Cricut instead.

With so many different Operating systems, it can be difficult to figure out which tablet type is best for Cricut users.

Our guide covers everything from budget-friendly models to high-end devices, so you can find the perfect tablet for your creative projects.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best tablets for Cricut Design Space and I will provide both the pros and cons I found during the testing of each tablet.

At a Glance – Top Picks

Below are our top picks for the best Tablets for Cricut:

  1. Surface Pro 8: Best 2-in-1 Tablet for Cricut Design Space
  2. iPad Air & Apple Pencil: Best Tablet for Cricut Maker & Design Space
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+: Top Android Tablet for Cricut Design Space (powerful)
  4. iPad Standard: Best Budget Tablet for Cricut Explore & Joy
  5. Win Sing: Good Cheap Tablet for Cricut Joy
  6. Samsung Tab A8: Samsung Tablet compatible with Cricut
  7. iPad Pro 256GB: Best iPad For Cricut

You may also choose a laptop instead – if so, see the 12 Best Laptops for Cricut Maker & Design Space (Artist Guide).

How does Cricut Design Space Desktop differ from Cricut Design Space on Tablet?


Cricut’s Windows desktop version is fully compatible with only one tablet – The Surface Pro, because it runs the desktop version of windows, yet still looks, feels, and operates like a Tablet.

This means Cricut Design Space runs best on Microsoft Surface Pro 8 due to the extra features it gives users.

Below are the features that the desktop version of Cricut Design space allows for that iOS and Android don’t have:

Cricut FeatureDesktop (Windows/Mac)iOS (iPads/iPhones)Android Tablets
Print then cutYesYesNo
Pattern fillsYesNoNo
Link Physical CartridgesYesNoNo
Curve TextYesNoNo
Knife Blade cuttingYesNoNo
Project CollectionsYesNoNo

The iOS and Android versions will still work, but you won’t be able to use Pattern fills, Templates, offset, curve text, and other features.

Best Tablets for Cricut Design Space & Cricut Maker

Best Tablets for Cricut Design Space Cricut Maker

In this section, we will have a look at the best Cricut compatible tablets. The selected devices all have a high-quality (FHD+), sensitive touchscreen, support active pens and have a long-lasting battery.

These are the main features you need for a pleasant Cricut workflow.

Finally, the tablets below have the hardware (RAM, CPU, etc.) needed to run Cricut without any issues.

Whether you’re new to design or an experienced artist, this guide will help you find the right device to take your Cricut designs to the next level.

Without further ado, let’s explore the best tablets to use for Cricut Design Space and Cricut Maker.

1. Surface Pro 8: Best 2-in-1 Tablet for Cricut Design Space

1. Surface Pro 8 Best 2 in 1 Tablet for Cricut Design Space

For many Cricut fans, Microsoft Surfaces are the best tablets when it comes to running the Cricut Design Space software.

Surface Pros are the only tablets that are compatible with the Windows (full) version of the Cricut app.

This is because it runs the full version of Windows and not on Android or iOS, which is the operating system of Tablets & iPads.

Whether you are a someone using the software to make cloth designs or a Cricut professional, the Pro 8 has you covered.

First of all, this Windows tablet is a performance beast. It has an Intel Evo platform that offers high performance, great graphics and top-notch battery life. So, running the Cricut app on a Pro 8 doesn’t even reach the device’s performance limits.

As a 2-in-1 tablet, the Surface Pro 8 allows you to work on Cricut in two ways: either with the Surface Pen (as a tablet) or with a mouse+keyboard combo (as a laptop).

If using a stylus pen with Cricut: See how the Apple Pencil 2 matches up against the Surface Pen.

The 13’’ touchscreen is perfect for drawing small details without zooming on your canvas and proves to be ultimately accurate when it comes to color palettes. If you’re looking for the best Cricut Design Space experience on a Windows tablet/laptop, the Surface Pro 8 is simply the best way to go.

The latest Surface Pro 8 comes with every feature a beginner or professional needs.

2. iPad Air & Apple Pencil: Best Tablet for Cricut Maker & Design Space

2. iPad Air Apple Pencil Best Tablet for Cricut Maker Design Space 1

Many people wonder: Does Cricut work with iPad? Well, it doesn’t only work with it, it is one of the best iPad editing apps I have ever used. In fact, combined with the iPad Air, the Cricut Design Space app allows you to create top-notch designs quickly and effectively.

With the latest A14 bionic chip, the iPad Air has no issues running the Cricut app. Accessing the app’s pre-made design libraries happened instantly and importing images, shapes and fonts was 100% lag-free too.

The 10.9-inch, Liquid Retina display has the perfect size and quality for editing and drawing apps and Cricut is no exception. The True Tone and P3 broad color technologies also result in an ultimately accurate workflow.

If you’re an Artist and plan on drawing as well, see our post on the 5 Best iPads for Drawing & Art

I didn’t face any compatibility or lag issues when using the Cricut Design Space app on the iPad Pro with the latest Apple Pencil 2. In fact, the overall experience was very similar to that of the iPad Pro (except for the noticeably smaller screen size).

Did you know the iPad also doubles as a Drawing tablet for Cricut? This is because of the Apple Pencil compability.

Although the (up to) 10 hours autonomy isn’t the best out there, it is more than adequate to have 6-8 hours of continuous work on Cricut without the need to recharge the tablet.

In a few words, the iPad Air is the best tablet to have if you want an optimal Cricut experience on a noticeably more affordable device than Apple’s or Microsoft’s flagships.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+: Top Android Tablet for Cricut Design Space (powerful)

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Top Android Tablet for Cricut Design Space powerful

The Cricut Design Space app is also available on Android. The Galaxy Tab S7+ is hands dow, one most powerful Android tablet on the market (Next to the Galaxy S8). The S7 is less expensive and accomplishes nearly all of what the S8 does.

When it comes to accessing editing apps from an Android device, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Let me explain: Samsung’s flagship has a top-notch 12.4 inch screen, a super-fast 128GB SSD and one of the best battery autonomies on the market.

The S7+ is also very powerful and has no problem handling all Android apps available, including, of course, the latest Cricut Design Space. And all that, at a noticeably lower price than the Surface Pro 8 and the iPad Pro.

With a beautiful screen and a fantastic 4-speaker audio system, this tablet feels ultimately premium. I also purchased the Samsung keyboard/touchpad cover, which I suggest to everyone who needs a 2-in-1 tablet for Cricut.

The Samsung S Pen is also one of the most precise (9ms latency) and easy-to-use active pens I’ve ever tested. Even though the Cricut Android app misses some of the Windows version features, most toolboxes and premade templates are there.

4. iPad Standard: Best Budget Tablet for Cricut Explore & Joy

4. iPad Standard Best Budget Tablet for Cricut Explore Joy

If you’re a fan of the latest iPadOS but don’t want to spend an enormous amount for your next Cricut device, the iPad Standard is a great solution. This tablet is perfect for Cricut beginners and professionals on a budget.

The Standard iPad is great choice for those looking after their budget, especially if you grab a slightly older model that has the specs to run Cricut.

Compared to the iPad Air reviewed above, the latest iPad has, of course, a few disadvantages. The 9,7’’ Retina (2048 x 1536 resolution) is noticeably smaller, but still very bright and colorful when it comes to designing on Cricut. I didn’t feel limited when it comes to color-related technologies either.

The 2018 iPad is fully compatible with the Apple Pencil (1st generation). Apple’s 2nd gen pencil is more precise and portable. But the 1st gen pen is still one of the best active pens ever created and works perfectly with Cricut.

Finally, the iPad comes with a long-lasting battery that can easily last 8 hours of editing on Cricut. So, if you’re looking for an affordable iPad that offers a flawless Cricut experience and a beautiful screen, the iPad is the device you should go for.

5. Win Sing: Good Cheap Tablet for Cricut Joy

5. Win Sing Good Cheap Tablet for Cricut Joy

With a Quad-core CPU, 32GB of internal space and a HD 10-inch screen, Win Sing has everything that’s needed to run the Cricut app. We consider this to be the most cheap tablet that can actually run Cricut without any performance issues.

The screen resolution (1200 x 800) isn’t the best on the list but it will do the job just fine. The colors are vivid and the overall visual experience is better than most tablets in this price range.

Keep in mind this runs on android, so you’ll want to see the limited features Android has vs the full version of cricut.

While testing the Win Sing tablet, we didn’t face any lags either. You can also combine the tablet with an active pen (via Bluetooth 4.2) to make the workflow even more satisfying.

Apart from that, the tablet comes with a 6000mah battery that allows you to use Cricut for about 5-6 hours. Briefly, this is the best Android tablet (that can run Cricut) to opt for if sticking on a budget is your priority.

6. Samsung Tab A8: Samsung Tablet compatible with Cricut

6. Samsung Tab A8 Samsung Tablet compatible with Cricut

Generally speaking, I suggest having a tablet with a 10+ inch screen, if you want a good Cricut experience. Cricut is a pretty detailed design software that requires precision and, therefore, a big canvas. This is why the Samsung Tab A8 is one of the best budget tablets for Cricut.

Running the Cricut app wasn’t particularly hard for the device’s hardware and we rarely faced any lags. During our testing, this Android tablet proved to have everything a Cricut beginner needs. The 10.5’’ LCD touchscreen has extraordinary blacks for the price and the perfect size for anyone working on Cricut for the first time.

The 32GB storage isn’t the best, but it is easily expandable (SD card up to 128GB) for anyone who creates large or numerous Cricut designs. Previous Generation Samsung tablets can’t compete with the A8 in this regard.

The fast charging USB-C port is very helpful as well, since Cricut is quite energy-demanding. In most cases, the battery of the Tab A8 lasted 4-5 hours of continuous Cricut usage.

If you want to stay on a budget but need your tablet to be designed by a reputable manufacturer, the Tab A8 is the best Win Sing alternative.

7. iPad Pro 256GB: Best iPad For Cricut

7. iPad Pro 256GB Best iPad For Cricut

If you read our blog posts you know we’re big fans of the latest iPad Pro. There’s simply no app or task this Apple tablet can’t handle. The same is true for Cricut. With the most powerful mobile processor on the market (M1) and the best Retina HDR display, the iPad Pro offers the ultimate Cricut experience.

The 11-inch Liquid Retina comes with a 2388 x 1668 resolution and combined with the HDR10 technology and 600 nits brightness, the iPad Pro offers a top-tier viewing experience. There’s a reason why the iPad Pro is one of the best tablets for other design focused apps like procreate – it makes sense that works well for Cricut too.

At the same time, this touchscreen can be combined with the Apple Pencil 2. During our review, this combo resulted in a stellar Cricut workflow. The battery lasted around 8 hours when working on the Cricut app, which is pretty impressive as well.

Even though the iPad Pro is more expensive than the Samsung Tab S7+ and the Surface Pro 8, it fully justifies why. In fact, if you need an Apple tablet with high-end performance, long battery life, and a brighter display for Cricut, the iPad Pro is the tablet for you.

8. XP Pen Artist 12 Pro: Artists choice Tablet for Cricut design space

8. XP Pen Artist 12 Pro Artists choice Tablet for Cricut design space

Our next suggestion isn’t a tablet or a laptop. In fact, the new XP Pen Artist 12 Pro is a graphics drawing tablet created for beginners and professionals. To use this drawing tablet with Cricut Design Space, you have to connect it to a laptop. So, what does this device actually do?

Well, think of this XP Pen device as an external accessory for your laptop. In a few words, this device will allow you to create top-notch Cricut designs with an active pen. The device has one of the best screens we’ve ever seen on a drawing tablet (11.6 inch, adjustable via the included stand) and the active pen has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Note: For those who are new to designing, see all the ways you can draw on a laptop & how it works.

This results in an ultimately precise Cricut experience. Another interesting feature is the 8 customizable shortcut keys that allow you to quickly access certain Cricut tools and functions. I personally used three of them to access the fonts, pre-made templates and the import image function with just one click.

The tablet connects to any laptop or desktop via a USB cable.

Related: 7 Best Gaming Laptops for Graphic Design

This is the best device for those who prefer using Cricut with an active pen and want to create serious artwork. If you don’t need a standalone tablet for Cricut, the XP Pen Artist 12 Pro is the perfect choice.

9. Huawei MediaPad M5: Good Android device that works with Cricut

9. Huawei MediaPad M5 Good Android device that works with Cricut

The Huawei MediaPad M5 is a reliable mid-tier tablet that can run Cricut without any issues. For this reason, it is the perfect choice for both beginners and professionals on a budget. As an Android device, it is fully-compatible with Cricut’s Android app.

The 10.1’’ FHD display has a 1920 x 1200 resolution and integrates the latest HUAWEI ClariVU technology for improved clarity, viewing angles and brightness. While using this tablet with Cricut, the screen quality reminded us of more expensive tablets like the Samsung S7.

The tablet is fully-compatible with affordable active pens as well. We’ve used it combined with the BoxWave, for example, and the combo offered a very precise Cricut editing and drawing experience.

Finally, the 7500mAh battery allowed us to work on Cricut continuously for more than 7 hours, which is pretty impressive for a low-cost tablet like the M5.

10. Dragon Touch K10: Strong Cricut tablet alternative for explore air 2

10. Dragon Touch K10 Strong Cricut tablet alternative for explore air 2

Like the Win Sing tablet reviewed above, the Dragon Touch K10 is a very affordable tablet that can run Cricut without lags. It is very impressive how such an inexpensive device can offer a good and precise experience on editing and drawing apps like Cricut.

Compared to its predecessor, the new K10 has a bigger IPS HD screen (10’’ instead of 9’’) that results in a more pleasant Cricut workflow. The 32GB storage is expandable (up to 128GB Micro SD card) and the quad-core processor had no issues running the Cricut Android app.

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The battery lasts around 5 hours and the device comes with a USB 2.0 port that allows you to connect any accessory (mice, keyboards, etc). Contrary to what its price suggests, the Dragon Touch K10 offers all the essential features a beginner needs to start designing on Cricut.

11. Asus ZenPad: Cheap tablet for Cricut maker

11. Asus ZenPad Cheap tablet for Cricut maker

Asus is a very reputable brand that has designed some of the best tablets and laptops on the market. The latest Asus ZenPad follows the brand’s elegance design rules and is fully compatible with the Cricut maker app for Android devices.

Although the hardware built (quad-core CPU, 2GB RAM) isn’t the best in the list, the tablet can handle the Cricut app pretty well, especially if no other apps are running in the background. The 10.1 FHD, IPS display provides the color accuracy and viewing angles someone needs when working on Cricut.

If you add the good battery autonomy (up to 8 hours), the good cameras and the expandable storage (up to 64GB), this tablet has everything a casual Cricut user needs.

12. Surface Go 3 – A balanced tablet choice for Cricut

12. Surface Go 3 A balanced tablet choice for Cricut

A 10.5-inch Windows tablet from Microsoft, the Surface Go 3. If you are running something like Cricut design space, the kickstand and detachable keyboard are quite helpful.

As for the visuals, it resembled its predecessor Surface Go 2 in many ways.

There is no doubt that Microsoft is a very reliable and well-known brand. Most computers today run the Windows operating system. Cricut design ran flawlessly on the Surface Go 3.

It is regarded as one of the world’s most reputable brands. Overall the Surface Go 3 offers consistency and predictability. As I held it, I felt that it was a sturdy, reliable device. Considering its overall aesthetics, I felt it was well constructed and quite compact.

Cricut design space users will enjoy the very clear and bright display of this machine. With its high resolution, decent viewing angles, good color accuracy, and fast refresh rate, images and text will look sharper and more detailed.

It has been claimed that the backlight flutters if you don’t keep the brightness at its maximum all the time, but I didn’t find this to be a problem. It runs on an Intel processor and has integrated graphics; which was enough to Use Cricut design space effectively.

Due to its smaller size, you might be better off with a laptop or a Lenovo 2-in-1 like the Yoga if you’re running multiple tasks on one machine. For example, perhaps you’re also using the tablet for Netflix, zoom calls, or just watching youtube.

I wouldn’t use this tablet if I was a photographer or professional video editor; but it does run most light-weight design softwares with ease when I tested them.

Additional benefits include:

  • Highly portable device
  • Lightweight
  • Can last almost a full day on a single battery charge.
  • Sleek & modern

13. Surface Pro 9: The Ultimate 2-in-1 Tablet for Cricut Design Space

The Microsoft Surface series has always been a favorite among tech enthusiasts, and the Surface Pro 9 is no exception, especially when it comes to Cricut Design Space.

The Surface Pro 9, like its predecessor, is fully compatible with the Windows version of the Cricut app, offering users a seamless experience.

Thanks to its Intel-based architecture, the Surface Pro 9 runs the full version of Windows, ensuring that users aren’t restricted by the limitations of Android or iOS platforms.

For those deeply involved in crafting or professional Cricut design, the Surface Pro 9 is a game-changer. Its capabilities far exceed just running the Cricut app; it’s a powerhouse in a sleek package.

While the debate between Surface Pro and iPad continues, the Surface Pro 9’s performance speaks for itself. With Intel’s 12th Generation Core chips, it promises unmatched speed and efficiency, ensuring that the Cricut app runs without any hitches.

The 2-in-1 design of the Surface Pro 9 offers flexibility in how you interact with Cricut Design Space. Whether you’re sketching with the Surface Pen or using the detachable keyboard, the experience is intuitive and smooth.

For those who often compare stylus capabilities: The Surface Pen’s precision and responsiveness are on par, if not superior, to Apple’s Pencil, making design work on Cricut a breeze.

Boasting a 13-inch touchscreen, the Surface Pro 9 ensures that every detail in your design is visible without unnecessary zooming. Its color accuracy is impeccable, making it a top choice for those who need precision in their Cricut projects.

In conclusion, the Surface Pro 9, with its advanced features and powerful performance, is undeniably the best choice for those seeking an unmatched Cricut Design Space experience on a Windows tablet. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Surface Pro 9 has everything you need and more.

iPad or Laptop for Cricut?

iPad or Laptop for Cricut

Personally, I’ve used both laptops and iPads to work on Cricut designs and both have their own pros and cons when it comes to the overall design flow, precision and ease-of-use. But, what’s the best device to use with Cricut? Since Cricut is available for Windows, MacOS, iPadOS, and Android devices, that’s a reasonable question.

I would definitely recommend using a good laptop for Cricut if you’re experienced with other desktop drawing and editing software like Photoshop, Krita or Illustrator.

The ability to manipulate every tool with a mouse and a keyboard is a priority for some designers and artists. Still, if you want to have a pleasant, lag-free Cricut experience, you should opt for a relatively powerful device.

Make sure your laptop has an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, a solid-state drive (SSD), and good graphics. You don’t need a dedicated graphics card to run Cricut Design Space, so keep that in mind! If you’re using a Macbook and not a tablet, you’ll want a good drawing tablet for Mac to pair with the creation of custom Cricut designs (if you’re the creative type).

On the flip side, most tablets can easily run Cricut without any hussle. During my testing, the app proved to be extremely lightweight and reminded me of web-based editors like Canva. Although some features (e.g Offset) are only available on the desktop/laptop version of the software, I didn’t feel limited while designing from my iPad Pro and Surface Pro X.

And the app is updated regularly to include more and more tools. Personally, I prefer editing and drawing with an active pen. This is where software like Photoshop and Cricut shine in my opinion. This is why I prefer using Cricut on my iPad with the latest Apple Pencil. Yet, the final choice comes down to your personal preferences.

Can you install Cricut on an Amazon Fire HD 10 or 8

Can you install Cricut on an Amazon Fire HD 10 or 8

No, you can not use Cricut design software on an Amazon Fire HD 10 or 8, even though it is “technically” compatible. This is because the operating system is a bit different from what the Cricut software was aimed to work smoothly on.

It is logical to assume that you could access Cricut design space on a Fire HD tablet. You would, (in theory), need to sideload it or install Google Play store support from the Amazon Appstore. assuming it is compatible.

According to the Google Play store, the Cricut Design Space app is compatible with the 8th generation Fire HD models and higher, and thats if you have the Google Play store installed.

Unfortunately, spec-wise, it does not seem to be compatible with an older 7th gen Fire HD models.

How to create your own templates in Cricut Design Space with a tablet

How to create your own templates in Cricut Design Space with a tablet

If you want to use Cricut Design Space to import and cut your own custom images, there are different ways to design & create them.

You can use an app like a Adobe illustrator, or web-based image creation software such as Canva and you can save it as a supportive format that Cricut allows for..

Cricut devices are able to use SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files. SVG is a file format that is used to create vector-based graphics, which can be resized without losing quality.

You’ll be able to create custom t-shirts, stickers, images for clothes, and more.

It’s worth noting that Cricut Design Space also supports other file formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and several others like DXF. So even if you don’t have an SVG file, you may still be able to use your device to create a project.

You can also use a drawing tablet for Cricut along with a laptop to create these designs in more advanced softwares if you really want to make a highly professional, custom designs. See how drawing tablets work to understand its function better.

Some of the best custom templates I found were on community focused groups, such as reddit, Pinterest, and Facebook.

How & where to download Cricut templates

How where to download Cricut templates

There are what feels like an unlimited resource of Cricut templates online. These can be found primarily on creative focused websites, Etsy, and other sites that allow free downloads SVG files for Cricut.

Once you download your Cricut template you can open up the software, then select templates and either upload or use the templates that are available to you (source)

These are found in Cricut design space in the left bar menu. Fortunately there is also a search function if you have uploaded a significant amount of template, which make it easier to browse and locate your digital designs on the fly.

Is Cricut Space Compatible with Android Tablets & Phones?

Is Cricut Space Compatible with Android Tablets Phones

Is Cricut compatible with samsung tablets? Yes, in fact the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is known as one of the most used Android based devices for Cricut.

Even amongst the industry experts I’ve spoken with Samsung is chosen as a highly compatible device for these softwares. However, affordability is always of question and Samsung tablets are high quality, so it may not be your first pick. Samsung does make large android tablets, but there’s also additional options as well.

Whats interesting is you can even use the app with Smartphones, which make the Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhone Pros worth looking at if you don’t want to purchase a separate tablet just for the crafting app.

How we ranked and tested tablets for Cricut

When it came to ranking the best tablets for Cricut Design Space, we took a comprehensive approach. First and foremost, we considered the compatibility of each tablet with the Cricut software. As mentioned, the software’s desktop version is best suited for the Microsoft Surface Pro 8, but other versions can run on iOS and Android, although with limited features.

Performance was another key factor. Tablets with a strong processor, ample RAM, and efficient graphics capabilities were prioritized. This ensured that the Cricut software ran smoothly, allowing for a seamless design experience. We also looked at battery life, screen size and resolution, and overall user experience. Each tablet was tested hands-on, using Cricut Design Space extensively to gauge real-world performance.


Can you use a tablet for a Cricut

Can you use a tablet for a Cricut

The Cricut design softwares works with laptops, iPads, and even smartphones that are Android or iOS – only Chromebooks seem to have an issue running Cricut Design space.

Tablets and smartphones can be used with Cricut, but they don’t come with all the features. Note that computers with a desktop or laptop can use the Offset feature.

Tablets are a good choice because they are simple, convenient, and get the job done without being distracted by notifications; which is a common issue with phones.

Which iPad is the best for Cricut?

When it comes to iPads, all of them will work extremely well with Cricut. This includes the standard basic iPad, which had zero lag, delays, or stuttering when running the design space app.

I personally would choose an iPad Air because it is lightweight, sleek, and compact – but the iPad mini works if you feel don’t need a huge display size.

With a visual design app such as Cricut you may want a larger display, however the size of the iPad Pro is significantly larger than the other models. This is not a problem, but it is also very expensive too.

As far as RAM, ports, internal storage, and processing speed, all iPad models are compatible and worked extremely well during my hands on tests for this review.

The only drawback of an iPad is that it is a tablet, and tablets do you have limitations such as having limited desktop functionality. Tablets run on their own operating system in most cases and this means you have less control when using certain apps.

Tablets, including the iPad, = don’t have keyboards… which may help users who plan on using Cricut for longer periods of time and also want to multi-task with work.


With the right tablet for Cricut, you can upload designs from various places online such as Etsy, Pinterest, and online communities -they are used to create designs for clothing and other materials.

My friends make baby clothes using a Tablet, Cricut design space, and their computer tablet. The right Tablet for Cricut will have the minium requirements; and most reputable tablets and 2-in-1 touchscreen devices can run Cricut softwares with no issue.

I also have friends who are designers that actually use a drawing tablet instead of a regular computer tablets, in order to customize their own SVG file and make their own templates. These are different devices and can be found here.

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