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10 Best Drawing Tablets for Cricut Design Space

10 Best Drawing Tablets for Cricut Design Space

Are you in search of the best drawing tablets for Cricut Design Space? Whether you’re a professional artist or just using Cricut for fun, having the right drawing tablet can make all the difference in your projects.

With the right drawing tablet, you’ll be able to create custom designs in Cricut. You’ll also be using a range of tools and features, including shapes, text, and images, and then finally get to cutting them out using your Cricut machine.

The proper drawing tablet will make everything easier, more user-friendly and intuitive.

Make your own designs: By using a Drawing tablet like the Wacom or XP-Pen that you plug into a laptop, you can open up Adobe Illustrator and export files as SVG to use with Cricut Design Space.


If you’re considering a standard Tablet, like the iPad or Samsung Galaxy, then see our post: Best Tablets for Cricut Design Space – they run on iOS, Windows, and Android.

Also see: 7 Best Drawing Tablets for Photoshop & Illustrator

This means that with a range of templates and pre-designed elements – you can create a variety of projects, including invitations, greeting cards, decorations, and more.

You’ll also need the right laptop, see the 12 Best Laptops for Cricut Maker & Design Space (Artist Guide).

Drawing tablets are essential tools for creating digital designs and artwork, and they can be used with Cricut Design Space to create amazing projects. You will also want a mouse, especially if you’re designing vector graphics for Cricut.

In this article, we’ll review 10 of the best drawing tablets for Cricut Design Space and also cover the benefits and drawbacks we found with each device. We’ll discuss compatibility, features, and more so that you can find the perfect tablet for your needs.

At a Glance – Our top choices

 Below are our top picks for the best Drawing tablet for Cricut:

  1. XP Pen Artist 13 Pro: Best Drawing pad with a screen to use with Cricut
  2. iPad Air 10.9: Best drawing tablet for Cricut overall
  3. Gaomon S620: Budget drawing Tablet to use for Cricut Design
  4. Surface Pro 8: Good Drawing tablet alternative for Cricut
  5. Huion KAMVAS Pro: Best drawing pad for Cricut
  6. XenceLabs: Premium graphics tablet for Cricut
  7. Wacom One: Best Wacom for Cricut
  8. Wacom Intuos: Cheap Wacom drawing tablet to use with Cricut Explore
  9. Gaomon PD: Budget Cricut Drawing Pad
  10. Wacom Cintiq: Premium Drawing pad for Cricut maker

How to choose the best Drawing Tablet for Cricut

How to choose the best Drawing Tablet for Cricut

A great thing about the Cricut Design Space app is that it’s completely free to download on your Windows, macOS, Android or iOS device. That allows beginner and experienced Cricut users to invest more money into buying a drawing tablet for creating designs.

Although choosing the best Cricut drawing tablet comes down to your personal preferences, there are a few features that a tablet should have to offer a pleasant editing and drawing experience.


Compatibility 1

There isn’t much of a difference when it comes to the operating system. We’ve used the Cricut Design Space software on a Windows pc and tablet, an Android tablet, and an iPad. Although the Apple and Windows versions are a bit more comprehensive for additional features, all Cricut versions are fully-functional and lag-free.

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Still, for your experience to be top-notch, you’ll need a relatively powerful device. For standalone tablets and laptops, this could be translated into a solid CPU (i5, i7, octa-core for tablets), a fast SSD and good graphics (dedicated graphics card not required).

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If you opt for a non-standalone drawing tablet like the Wacom One or the XP Pen Artist Pro 13, you won’t have any issues with performance as long as your laptop or desktop meets the system preferences above.

Device size & Display

Device size Display

Personally, I believe that the dimensions and quality of the brighter display play a significant role when drawing on Cricut. The battery of the device is less important because most of these tablets are wired – however there are wireless options such as the Wacom mobile studio pro or the iPad Air.

So, any HD+ display that has a screen of 10 inches or more will offer a pleasant experience. But, of course, the better the screen, the more precise the workflow. The same is true for the active stylus the tablet comes with.

Note: For those who are new to designing, see the 7 Ways to Draw on a Laptop (How drawing works on a laptop) Full Guide


As a rule, you should opt for a device that comes with a stylus that has 2048 (or more) levels of pressure sensitivity and supports palm rejection and tilt control. Finally, a good battery is always important for standalone tablets as the Cricut app is quite energy-consuming.

Best Drawing Tablets for Cricut Design Space, Maker, & Explore

Best Drawing Tablets for Cricut Design Space Maker Explore

Below, we will thoroughly examine the best standalone and drawing (non-standalone) tablets for Cricut Design Space. All our selections have the power required to run the Cricut app without major performance hiccups.

The drawing tablets we selected for Cricut also have a good quality (FHD+) large touchscreen, works perfectly with an active stylus, and have long-lasting batteries (for standalone tablets).

1. XP Pen Artist 13 Pro: Best Drawing pad with a screen to use with Cricut

1. XP Pen Artist 13 Pro Best Drawing pad with a screen to use with Cricut

The latest XP Pen Artist 13 Pro is an all-rounder drawing pad that’s perfect for casual and experienced Cricut users. The reason is simple; it has an integrated display, comes with a very precise active pen and it’s one of the few drawing pads that are compatible with both macOS and Windows devices.

Compared to other drawing pads with relevant features like the Wacom One, this XP Pen device is cheaper. Of course, XP Pen isn’t as well-known as Wacom when it comes to the development of drawing tablets.

I also reviewed the previous model of this drawing tablet: the XP-Pen Artist 12

But, during our review, the new Artist 13 Pro proved to be a great pad for Cricut. The color accuracy of the screen is top-notch (88% NTSC and Adobe RGB 91%) and the screen has a perfect size (13.3’’) for working on product details. The same is true for the 8 shortcut buttons, which are more than enough to access multiple Cricut features instantly.

Using a computer tablet instead of a drawing tablet? See our post on the 12 Best Tablets for Cricut Design Space (Artist Guide)

The XP Pen stylus is also very precise. With 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, tilt control, and palm rejection, this is one of the most potent active pens we have ever drawn.

In a few words, if you need a drawing pad that will seamlessly connect to your PC and offer a top-notch drawing experience on the Cricut software, the Artist 13 Pro by XP Pen is a smart choice.

2. iPad Air: Best drawing tablet for Cricut overall

iPad Air Best drawing tablet for Cricut overall

If you need a standalone tablet that has a high-quality display and seamlessly connects with Apple’s latest Pencil (Apple Pencil 2) for drawing on Cricut, the iPad Air is the device for you.

The latest Air is the perfect tablet for artists who create detailed designs on Cricut but don’t want to spend an enormous amount for a flagship like the iPad Pro.

Starting from the performance, the iPad Air is equipped with a top-notch A14 CPU which can easily handle a Cricut workflow. The 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display is smaller than the XP Pen’s 13-inch screen. Although this could be a disadvantage for some Cricut users, I found the display to be big enough for editing details on the app.

Apple displays are also known for their color accuracy and this display is no exception. The display of the 2022 Air comes with True Tone and P3 wide color technologies that offer a bright and accurate drawing experience.

The iPad Air also features a long-lasting battery (up to 10 hours), which lasted 6 hours on Cricut during our review. I also really enjoyed using the iOS version of the Cricut Design Space app. All functions work perfectly and the iPad hand gestures are really helpful for speeding up your editing workflow. And, when it came to using the Cricut maker iPad Air was equally effective.

Note: The iPad Air is also good for Procreate and other drawing apps.

Finally, the 64GB of space proved to be more than enough to cover my ongoing Cricut projects, a few games, and multiple other apps.

3. Gaomon S620: Budget drawing Tablet to use for Cricut Design

3. Gaomon S620 Budget drawing Tablet to use for Cricut Design

If you need the cheapest drawing tablet to draw on for artwork Cricut drawings, the S620 by Gaomon is a perfect choice. It is ultimately affordable and comes with 4 shortcut buttons and a very precise pen.

See our full review on the Gaomon S620.

The main difference with more expensive drawing tablets (like the Artist 13 Pro) is that the Gaomon S620 doesn’t have an integrated display. That means you have to draw on its canvas (6,5×4 inches) while looking at your desktop/laptop screen. Yet, most digital artists don’t need more than a few hours to get familiar with the whole process.

For less than $20, Gaomon provides a pen with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity. This is extremely rare for this price range. The S620 is a drawing tablet compatible with Cricut on both Windows and macOS devices. See our list of the best drawing tablet for Mac for more options for MacBook users.

After using the Gaomon tablet with Cricut design for a few hours, it didn’t feel like working on a cheap tablet. On the contrary, the pen was very precise and the buttons fastened up the editing process.

Of course, active pens like the Apple Pencil 2 are more precise than the Gaomon pen. Still, this is a solid choice for Cricut beginners and those who want to experiment with digital drawing software like Photoshop for the first time.

4. Surface Pro 8: Good Drawing tablet alternative for Cricut

4. Surface Pro 8 Good Drawing tablet alternative for Cricut

When it comes to Windows 2-in-1 tablets, it simply doesn’t get any better than the latest Surface Pro. The Pro 8 is the perfect choice for Cricut professionals who prefer drawing with an active pen on the Windows version of the Cricut Design app.

Compared to other models on the list, like the Wacom devices, the Surface Pro 8 is a standalone device that can work as a tablet or laptop. It has one of the best CPUs we’ve ever tested on a tablet and the 16GB of RAM allowed us to multitask without any issues.

When it comes to the Cricut app, we didn’t face any issues whatsoever. The Surface Pen is very precise, the pen nib is smooth and perfect for shading, and the display of the Pro 8 is perfect for detailed Cricut designs. Microsoft also included a 256GB SSD which is more than enough for saving your Cricut designs, downloading movies, storing photos and videos, etc.

The only thing we missed in the Pro 8 is the detailed hand gestures of the iPads. Yet, if you are a fan of Microsoft’s interface, this is simply the most powerful Windows drawing tablet for Cricut.

5. Huion KAMVAS Pro: Best drawing pad for Cricut

5. Huion KAMVAS Pro Best drawing pad for Cricut

The brand-new Huion KAMVAS Pro 16 is a great Wacom One alternative. This is a budget drawing pad with a top-notch 16’’ display (120% sRGB), a battery-free, precise stylus and 8 shortcut buttons. This is why the KAMVAS Pro is a smart choice for professionals who prioritize screen quality but are on a budget.

Compared to the Wacom One and the XP-Pen 13, this Huion device has a larger display. Personally, I didn’t have any issues drawing on a 13’’ screen. Yet, if you want a budget device that offers a massive screen for drawing on Cricut, the latest KAMVAS Pro is the one for you.

Although the latest model is noticeably more expensive than the previous KAMVAS Pro, this is reasonable considering the screen size and the pen’s 8192 (instead of 4096) levels of pressure sensitivity.

Lastly, this drawing tablet has standard connectivity. It connects to any Windows, Linux or macOS laptop or desktop via a USB-C cable.

6. XenceLabs: Premium graphics tablet for Cricut

6. XenceLabs Premium graphics tablet for Cricut

XenceLabs is nothing like the rest of the drawing tablets we selected for this list. Let me explain; this is neither a budget nor a super-expensive tab.

It doesn’t have an integrated display but includes 2 battery-free pens (with tilt support and 8192 pressure levels) and the most innovative drawing Quick Keys panel we’ve ever tested.

I tested out this XenceLabs tablet, see my experience using it here: Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium (Artist Review)

This is why we consider XenceLabs to be the best choice for professionals who want to speed up their Cricut workflow via a programmable Quick Keys wireless panel. The device has a 12’’ canvas that you can draw on. At the same time, you get the wireless panel that comes with an OLED screen that allows you to use 5 sets of 8 keys.

This makes a total of 40 shortcut buttons that you can program to access any Cricut function or toolbox quickly. The device’s only drawback is the lack of a display.

Yet, if you prefer working on a drawing pad without a screen and value shortcut buttons, this is the best premium graphics tablet for you.

7. Wacom One: Best Wacom for Cricut

7. Wacom One Best Wacom for Cricut

Wacom is the most well-known drawing pad manufacturer, and this isn’t random. Although Wacom One isn’t the brand’s most premium tablet, it has everything a beginner needs to create serious artwork on Cricut.

I tried the Wacom One hands on and reviewed it here: Wacom One Creative Pen Tablet Review.

To be precise, this is the cheapest Wacom pad with an integrated display. The 13’’, Full HD (1920 x 1080) display has the perfect size for drawing, at least when it comes to budget drawing pads.

The device is also one of the few that seamlessly connects to, not only Windows and macOS but also Chromebook and Android devices as well.

Although the pen supports tilt angles of up to 60 degrees, the 4096 pressure levels can’t offer such a precise experience. Still, the Wacom Pen is precise enough for beginners and Cricut enthusiasts.

Briefly, the Wacom One is a budget device with a good display and offers a fluid Cricut experience.

8. Wacom Intuos: Cheap Wacom drawing tablet to use with Cricut Explore & Cricut Joy

8. Wacom Intuos Cheap Wacom drawing tablet to use with Cricut Explore Cricut Joy

Wacom Intuos is a great example of how a reliable, popular brand can produce very cheap devices without compromising its quality. Of course, the Intuos doesn’t have a built-in display or a huge drawing canvas, but it has everything a beginner needs to design on Cricut with an active pen.

For less than $50, you get a drawing tablet that can connect to Mac, Windows, Chromebook and Android devices. The latest Intuos also comes with an upgraded pen that offers 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Considering that the previous version had only 2048 levels, this was a very pleasant surprise by Wacom.

The tab also has 4 customizable buttons that you can program via the Wacom software and adjust to your Cricut needs. The designs you can make on this can be imported to Cricut design space, Cricut Explore and Cricut joy.

You can program it to perform specific tasks or functions within not only Cricut, but other drawing or design softwares as well. This can be helpful for quickly accessing frequently used tools or functions, or for streamlining your workflow.

You can program a button to quickly switch between different tools, such as a brush, eraser, or selection tool, Zooming in or out, or customize a button to activate specific features or options, such as activating a front/back layer or adjusting the size/width of a brush stroke.

During our review, the overall editing experience on Cricut was more than pleasant as well, making the Intuos one of the most precise cheap pads for this software on the market.

9. Gaomon PD: Budget Cricut Drawing Pad

9. Gaomon PD Budget Cricut Drawing Pad

The new Gaomon PD is one of the cheapest drawing pads with a built-in screen. With its 11.6’’ display, a very sensitive active pen (8192 levels) and 8 shortcut keys, the latest PD is the perfect allrounder for both Cricut beginners and professionals.

Although the display is smaller than other drawing tablets on the list like the Wacom One, the 11.6’’ still allowed us to work on Cricut without major issues. Still, you should keep in mind that you’ll probably need to zoom in and out more frequently.

But, this is pretty much the only con we could find. In fact, the 8 shortcut buttons work perfectly, the active pen is very precise and the display has the quality (1920 x 1080) and color accuracy (72% NTSC Gamut with 16.7 million colors) needed to edit even the slightest details.

Unlike Wireless drawing tablets or standalone drawing devices, this one requires a cable. Those that value portable devices would say this is a drawback, but the device connects to Windows and macOS devices via an HDMI cable – which is fairly standard.

A few years ago, you would need to spend an enormous amount to get a drawing tablet with an integrated screen. Gaomon PD proves that’s not the case anymore.

10. Wacom Cintiq: Premium Drawing pad for Cricut maker

10. Wacom Cintiq Premium Drawing pad for Cricut maker

Last but certainly not least, we have the Wacom Cintiq. In a few words, this is a drawing pad for Cricut that was designed by professionals for serious artists. It has a massive 15.6’’ HD display with 7 million colors and 72% NTSC accuracy, the new Wacom Pen and the best build quality on the list.

For starters, this is one of Wacom’s flagships. It might not be the most advanced edition, but it still has an ultimately premium feel. During our Cricut test, we enjoyed how Wacom’s software allows you to personalize the experience and manipulate every little task according to your needs.

The only drawback is that the device isn’t compatible with Chromebooks and Android devices. Still, we didn’t face any issues connecting it with macOS laptops and desktops and Windows devices.

Moving to the pen, we can safely say that this is one of the best we have ever tested. Its overall performance is similar to other top-notch active styluses like the Apple Pencil. Whether you are an artist, hobbyist or student, this is the most premium non-standalone drawing tablet for you.

Once my Wacom Cintiq software drivers were set up, I set up the Cricut program settings and launched it. It’s at this point that I realized you’ll want to make sure that the tablet is recognized and properly configured.

Just like many other drawing tablets, this involves selecting the tablet as your input device and setting any desired options or preferences.The Cintiq provided a very reliable experience when used with Cricut.

How to Draw on Cricut Maker, Explore & Joy with a drawing tablet

How to Draw on Cricut Maker Explore Joy with a drawing tablet

Whether you want to use the Cricut Draw without outline or the Cricut Draw fill in function, it simply doesn’t get better than when using a drawing tablet.

The main difference is that such devices come with a precise active pen. This allows you to quickly edit a Cricut Draw uploaded image, instantly access your favorite toolboxes and anything else you can imagine of.

The installation process is very similar to most of the drawing tablets out there. All you have to do is:

  1. Connect the drawing pad with a (supported) desktop or laptop
  2. Install the software
  3. Install and open Cricut
  4. Adjust the shortcut buttons (from either the tablet’s software or the Cricut app) according to your needs
  5. Start designing!

You’ll need to (ideally) familiarize yourself with the specific features and options of your drawing tablet and the software you’re using before diving in to a project on Cricut. Most tablets come with a user manual or documentation that can help you get started, but the driver software is crucial to update initially.

Overall, you’ll be connecting the drawing tablet to your computer, install any necessary software and software drivers, setting up the Cricut settings, and begin drawing and designing. Finally, you’ll save, export and use your designs as you please.

Graphics Tablet vs Pen Tablet for Cricut

Graphics Tablet vs Pen Tablet for Cricut

The main difference between a graphics tablet and a pen tablet (drawing tablet) for Cricut is the existence (or not) of a built-in display. More precisely, graphics tablets are devices like the Wacom One or the Gaomon that come with a high-quality, integrated display.

Even though you still have to connect such devices on a PC to be functional, they allow you to draw directly on the screen without looking at your main screen.

On the flip side, pen tablets don’t have a display. On the contrary, devices like the Wacom Intuos include an active canvas that you can draw on while looking at your computer screen. This, of course, makes pen tablets more affordable and ultimately a good choice for beginners.

Personally, I use both the Wacom Cintiq (graphics tablet) and the XenceLabs pen tablet to work on Circut. Both graphics tablets and pen tablets can offer a pleasant editing experience.

  • Tablets aren’t the only device you’ll want to consider. You’ll also need the right laptop for Cricut if you plan on having a lag-free experience.
  • The most important thing is the pen; for a top-notch Cricut experience, you need your pen to be precise enough (4096+ levels of pressure sensitivity), and the tablet to support tilt control.

Generally speaking, a graphics tablet with a screen is the best choice for Cricut professionals, while pen tablets are the best way to enter the digital drawing world without spending a fortune.

The main drawback of a graphics tablet is that it can be expensive. Additionally, some tablets may require additional software to use with Cricut Design Space, which can add to the cost. The limited compatibility of specific brands can also be concerning.

However, the fact you can use the graphics tablet like you would a mouse is an amazing benefit to have because of the ergonomic benefits it provides (better for the wrist when I tested it)

Keep in mind that the learning curve for using a graphics tablet or Pen Tablet can be steep and it may take some time to get used to the new interface. Also note that if you are using an older Mac or laptop, you may need to update your OS before connecting your drawing tablet.

Is a Drawing tablet worth it for Cricut?

Is a Drawing tablet worth it for Cricut

Although standalone tablets like the iPad Pro, and the Surface Pro 7 offer a great editing experience, they are usually much more expensive than drawing tablets due to the built in screen and other tablet functions that pen tablets don’t have.. This is why drawing tablets are a first choice for many.

For example, drawing tablets like the XP-Pen Artist 13 and the Wacom One have HD displays and top-notch pens. Such devices also have half the price of the Air.

So, if you don’t need a standalone tablet for other tasks than just drawing on Cricut (e.g watching movies, browsing the web, etc), drawing tablets are simply the best way to go.

A drawing tablet can be a useful tool for working with Cricut, especially if you plan on creating your own designs or doing a lot of precision work.

What makes it worth it?

A drawing tablet allows you to use a stylus to draw or make edits directly on the tablet’s surface, which can be more precise and easier to use than using a mouse or trackpad.

There are a few different factors to consider when deciding if a drawing tablet is worth it for Cricut:

  • Cost: Drawing tablets can range in price from around $30 to over $1,500+, so you’ll need to consider how much you’re willing to spend; most that fall in this price range will work with Cricut.
  • Features: Many drawing tablets have additional features like tilt recognition, which can be helpful for creating more realistic brushstrokes like real pen on paper.
  • Compatibility: Make sure the drawing tablet you choose is compatible with your Cricut machine and any software you plan on using along with it. Don’t ignore the fact you may use other apps besides Cricut Design space and consider compatibility here.

Overall, a drawing tablet can be a useful tool for Cricut, but it’s important to carefully consider your needs and budget before making a purchase.

Can you use a drawing tablet for Cricut on mac?

Absolutely. Most of the drawing tablets we tested above are fully compatible with macOS laptops and desktops. The best drawing tablets that seamlessly connect to macOS devices for designing on Cricut are:

  1. XP Pen Artist 13 Pro (budget drawing tab with a built-in screen)
  2. Gaomon S620 (cheap drawing tablet without a display)
  3. XenceLabs (premium graphic tablet with multiple shortcut buttons)
  4. Gaomon PD (the cheapest drawing tablet with a screen)
  5. Wacom Cintiq (premium drawing tablet for professionals)

So, can you use a drawing pad for Macbook, no matter how old your device is? Well, keep in mind that most of the drawing tablets above are compatible with Mac OS 10.12 or later.

This means that you’ll need a relatively new Mac or MacBook, or you might need to update your OS before connecting your drawing tablet.

What is the difference between a Drawing Tablet and a Tablet?

Drawing Tablets are different from computer tablets and are used as a separate device, primarily for provides drawing input to a computer or laptop.

A drawing tablet is a separate device that works with a laptop or computer and allows a user to hand-draw images, graphics, and text with a stylus pen (rather than using a mouse or keyboard).

Drawing tablets typically have a flat, pressure-sensitive surface, and are used with specialized software, such as graphic design or drawing programs.

They are often used by artists, graphic designers, and other professionals as a way to create digital artwork or annotate documents and images.

Related: Best Tablets for Cricut softwares

A tablet, on the other hand, is a portable computer that typically has a touch screen and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as browsing the web, watching movies, reading ebooks, playing games, and more.

Tablets are generally smaller and more portable than laptops, and are often used for casual or on-the-go computing tasks. Some tablets also have the ability to support drawing or handwriting with a stylus, but this is not their primary function.

A Tablet and a Drawing Tablet can both be used to draw on apps such as Cricut via a software that can create an SVG.

A drawing tablet that supports pen pressure is necessary when drawing illustrations and animations on a computer. Even though Tablets, drawing tablets, and graphics tablets are all different devices, they are all capable of utilizing pen pressure and tilt sensitivity when paired with the proper, compatible stylus.


Are you looking for the best drawing tablets for Cricut Design Space? To help you find the perfect tablet for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 Drawing tablets are essential tools for creating digital designs and artwork, and they can be used with Cricut Design Space to create amazing projects. 

The best choices will be the Wacom and the XP-Pen because they are compatible with most devices. The Xencelabs and other graphic tablets also work, but do not have always have a built in screen, which could act as a second monitor for Cricut. Be sure to look for a drawing tablet that comes from a credible brand and is reliable.

Those that have a large active area, 4096- 8192+ levels of pressure sensitivity, and tilt recognition will give you what you need. Those that have Bluetooth connectivity and comes with an optional pen holder are nice to haves.

Overall a Drawing tablet is worth it for Cricut if you want to get the most out of your Cricut projects. A stylus and drawing tablet allow for more precise design and overall easier art project creation with the software. 

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