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How to Install Kodi on Vizio Smart TV | Vizio Hacks

How to Install Kodi on Vizio Smart TV | Vizio Hacks

How to install Kodi on your Vizio Smart TV can be a confusing task. In order to install KODI the TV needs to have an Android operating system and this is something not included in Vizio Smart TVs .

Most of us are used to a nice convenient app store, such as the google play app store… Vizio Smart TVs are much different than others and include built-in apps only. 

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Unfortunately, This means Vizio Smart TVs do not have any native methods for installing Kodi on Vizio Smart TV. 

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Don’t worry- there’s several work arounds!

Every owner of a Vizio Smart TV that wants Kodi will need to use one of the many third party methods discussed in this article.

Here’s how to install Kodi on Vizio Smart TV: 

  1. Get an Android based device such as a streaming device or download KODI on computer.
  2. Add KODI to this device via google play or download if on PC.
  3. Connect the Android device or computer using USB, casting, HDMI or screen mirroring methods.

Once installed, you can add all your favorite KODI add ons.

In this guide we’ll show you every way you can install KODI on Vizio Smart TV and all the devices you can use to do so. (You most likely have one of these devices already)

Fun fact: There is a way to skip these instructions- Vizio already has an app that allows you to watch almost any tv show or movie that exists when configured correctly. Many agree this is far more simple than KODI, has a significantly better interface and is well worth your time.

Short on time?
If you’re short on time… you can skip this guide and see How to watch any movie or show that exists in less than 10 minutes

How to put Kodi on Vizio Smart TV

Installing Kodi on Vizio Smart TVs means using one of the third party methods listed below since there are no app stores available on Vizio Smart TVs. 

How to download Kodi on Vizio Smart TV full instructions graphic info

Since theres no way to add additional apps you’ll need to use the following methods discussed below.

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How to download Kodi on Vizio Smart TV

Here’s how to install KODI on Vizio Smart TV:

Hands down, the most popular method to get KODI on Vizio Smart TV is by installing KODI on a Firestick (amazon), Roku Ultra or an Nvidia Shield (this thing is amazing) and connecting it to your Vizio Smart TV USB drive.

  1. First, you’ll connect your Android based streaming device to your Vizio Smart TV via USB. 
  2. Next install KODI by locating the google play App Store and searching for KODI. 
  3. Hit install.
  4. KODI is now installed: You can now download all your KODI add ons to enjoy the ultimate streaming experience

One caveat to note is that for those using an Apple TV for KODI this will require an Apple developer account and expires after one year. Apple TV owners can use the following method we’ll discuss.

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Update: Many users are simply running KODI on a phone or tablet and casting it to make it easier to play no matter where they go. Others are using IPTV instead. One thing is for sure, a streaming device is essential.

Installing KODI on firestick or Nvidia Shield is extremely simple… but is there anything better? 

Answer: You bet there is. There are newer apps that can compete closely with a KODI on Firestick, for example, Plex is a fantastic alternative and should not be ignored when considering a secondary option.

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Installing Kodi on Vizio Smart TVs: is there a better way?

For those who don’t want to invest in a streaming device to install KODI on their Vizio Smart TV the better alternative is by using personal streaming service (this is truly amazing)

Surprisingly VIZIO included an app that replaces KODI in it’s built-in apps and can be installed in under 10 minutes without any need to buy anything extra. 

Example of a personal streaming service
Example of a personal streaming service – best alternative to KODI for Vizio TVs

See more on this app here. I personally have switched to this personal streaming service method in this link and never looked back.

The benefit of a personal streaming service (compared to installing KODI on your Vizio smart TV) is that it enables any movie or TV shows without the complex setup of KODI since the “personal streaming app” (alternative to Kodi) is already built-in to Vizio Smart TVs under the name of Plex.

This is especially useful for those who own a Vizio Smart TV as they don’t need a third party way to get the same benefits as KODI.

It also has a far more intuitive navigation system. You can search by actor, rotten tomatoes score and much more. Also, no need to update channels in the tedious ways KODI requires.

Regarding Core Vizio Smart TV apps that are built-in: If you’d like to see the list of all core apps of Vizio that are built-in already, then visit our guide on How to put apps on Vizio Smart TV here.

How to get Kodi on Vizio Smart TV through casting, HDMI and screen mirroring

The second most popular way to install Kodi on Vizio Smart Tv is by simply casting from a device such as a computer that has KODI on it. Additionally mirroring your screen by using an HDMI cord is also an easy quick fix.

How to put KODI on Vizio Smart TV by casting

Cast Vizio Smart TV for KODI using Google Chromecast

Vizio Smartcast supports both Airplay 2 and Chromecast. This means both Mac and windows users can cast their KODI app from their computer to their Vizio Smart Tv.

There are pros and cons to this. The pro is that you can skip all the previous methods. The con is that you’ll become extremely irritated at having to use your computer every time you want to watch TV.

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This is typically used as a temporary fix and will does not satisfy a complete home theater experience, but does serve it’s purpose.

Here’s how to get KODI on Vizio Smart TV by casting from windows:

  • Make sure the computer or Android device with KODI installed on it
  • Ensure the computer or Android device also has internet and is also on the same network as your Vizio Smart Tv
  • Open chrome browser on your computer 
  • In the top-right corner (three vertical dots) select “Cast.”
  • Select “Cast to”, then “Cast desktop.”
  • Select your Vizio Smart TV or “SmartCast”
  • Click the “Share” button to mirror your display with KODI on it to your Vizio Smart TV.
  • Open Kodi and enjoy!

To put KODI on Vizio Smart TV from Mac using casting via Airplay 2 you’ll need to either have an expensive adapter or simply connect via an HDMI. KODI is not supported on Mac the same way window supports it.

If using KODI on Mac you may as well use a Streaming device or the personal streaming service (preferred) as discussed earlier. 

How to get KODI on Vizio Smart TV with HDMI

Putting KODI on Vizio Smart TV using HDMI is the most simple, straight forward way, but requires a HDMI cord to be physically connected to your TV.

You’ll also have to have the device (ex. computer or laptop) powered and running the entire time you’re using KODI to mirror to your Vizio TV. Many also consider navigating the device to be super inconvenient as well since you will typically have to physically move to do so.

Here’s how to put KODI on Vizio Smart TV using HDMI:

  1. Find the HDMI ports on each device. If your computer with KODI installed on it doesn’t have one you’ll need to grab an adapter.
  2. Connect your HDMI cord to both devices.
  3. Ensure your Vizio Smart TVs input is on the HDMI port you’re using.
  4. Finally, adjust display options- If using Windows locate to settings, system and finally display. If on Mac, locate system preferences, then displays.
  5. You’ve successfully put KODI on Vizio Smart TV!!

You can see how doing this every time you want to put KODI on your Vizio Smart TV can get tedious quickly.

I personally have used this HDMI cord for my 4k movie mirroring in the past with absolutely no issues.

If needed, visit our guide on all the possible ways to play downloaded movies on TV in thorough detail.

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My experience using Kodi on my Vizio smart TV

Since Vizio Smart TVs operate differently than most. These TVs come equipped with built-in apps and don’t offer the usual app store experience, like the Google Play store, which we have grown accustomed to. This meant that there was no direct way to install Kodi on my Vizio TV.

By using an Android-based streaming device, in my case, an Amazon Firestick, I was able to bridge the gap. After downloading Kodi on the Firestick and connecting it to my Vizio Smart TV, I finally had access to all of Kodi’s fantastic features. The experience was seamless, and while it involved an additional step, the result was worth it. Additionally, the Amazon Firestick is cost-effective, and using it eliminates the need for my computer, ensuring my work remains uninterrupted.

Future of Kodi on Vizio Smart TVs

Here’s a speculative look into the potential future of Kodi on Vizio Smart TVs:

Vizio primarily uses its SmartCast platform for its smart TVs. If Vizio decides to open up its platform to third-party developers or partners with Android or another popular OS in the future, it could pave the way for native Kodi installations.

The popularity of streaming devices like Firestick, Roku, and Nvidia Shield is likely to increase, given their ease of use and versatility. Manufacturers might introduce more streamlined solutions for app installations, including Kodi, making the process even more user-friendly and possibly integrated.

While the future remains uncertain, the demand for versatile media centers like Kodi remains strong. Whether through native support or improved third-party devices, it’s likely that accessing platforms like Kodi on Vizio Smart TVs will become more straightforward in the future. Still, it’s essential to stay updated with both Vizio’s and Kodi’s official channels to get the most accurate and recent information.

Alternative Streaming Apps for Vizio Smart TV

In the ever-evolving realm of digital entertainment, Vizio Smart TV owners are always on the hunt for the next best streaming platform. There are several other streaming apps that can significantly elevate your viewing experience.

At the forefront, Netflix dominates with its rich tapestry of global content, ranging from original shows to blockbuster movies. Not far behind, Disney+ has risen as a beacon for aficionados of Disney classics, the Marvel Universe, and epic Star Wars tales. Hulu seamlessly caters to viewers craving the latest TV episodes.

Even though Plex, Jellyfin, and Emby are not the exact same app as Kodi, it can still accomplish similar end results for those looking to enjoy streaming.

Bottom line for KODI on Vizio TVs

Sure, you could use an HDMI or Chromecast to cast KODI from computer to Vizio Smart TV, but most just want to turn their TV on and not need to cast or use a computer to navigate. This VIZIO hack works to get you KODI on your Vizio TV, whether its through a secondary method or directly by utilizing a FireStick or Roku.

This is why switching to a personal streaming service as an alternative or utilizing a streaming device (such as a firestick) are the two most popular methods to date when it comes to putting KODI on Vizio Smart TVs.

These work because they’re easy and can implement without headache due to filling in the Android operation system gap Vizio leaves us with.

Other ways discussed such as connecting via an HDMI or Chromecast require navigating KODI outside the TV on a secondary device and aren’t ideal longterm solutions. 

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