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How to Add Apps to Vizio Smart TV (SmartCast App List)

How to Add Apps to Vizio Smart TV (SmartCast App List)

How to add apps to Vizio Smart TV will depend largely on what model you are using. The Vizio Smart TV has changed drastically over the years and along with this changes the way they operate, making adding apps to your Smart TV confusing.

You’ll need to know which version of Smart TV you’re Vizio is running first before you learning how to add apps to your Vizio Smart TV.

How to determine how to add apps on vizio smart TV Ino graph horizontal
  • Older versions of Vizio Smart Tv’s made before 2018, will likely have Via or Via plus (also known as Vizio internet apps) or SmartCast.
  • Versions made after 2018 will have SmartCast (They will not have Via or Via plus.
  • If you do not have Via, Via plus or Smart Cast, then you can not install or access built-in apps. (Don’t worry, there’s a workaround)

All models require your Smart TV to be connected to the internet for Vizio apps to be added. 

Follow these instructions for how to add apps to Vizio Smart TV:

Press input and select the SmartCast option to view all built-in apps available. For Via Plus, tap the V button twice on remote, then hold the ok button down until app is added. For Via, hit v button, TV store, select all apps, then hit ok and install the app on your Vizio Smart Tv.

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Which apps are available on Vizio Smart TV full guide

If you do not see the app you want listed, then visit our article on how to add apps to Vizio Smart TV not listed in App Store.

Google play on Vizio TV is not available as a built in app (aside from the “movies and TV” app version) so you’ll need to take a different approach to grabbing third party apps.

Did you know: Smart TVs often times use the most inexpensive software they can get away with while still being enough to compete with competitor brands for sales.

…and though this is good for profits (for them) many choose to skip Smart TV software and use a powerful streaming stick instead (like an Amazon Firestick or Nvidia Shield).

Short on time?
If you’re short on time… you can skip this guide and see How to watch any movie or show that exists in less than 10 minutes

How to add apps to Vizio Smart TV using Smart cast

Many people initially get confused with adding apps to a Vizio Smart TV using Smart cast, myself included.

This is because most Vizio Smart TV users are either used using Google play or Apple store to get new apps. These app stores use Android and iOS. Vizio on the other hand updates itself via HTML 5. 

The closest thing to google play on Vizio Smart TVs is something called “google play: movies and TV”, but thats about it. 

This means no apps like KODI are initially built in, leaving users wondering “can I get new apps on my Vizio Smart TV?”

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We’ve done some research… and found out that the real question you may want to be asking isn’t how to add apps to Vizio smart TV, but rather can you add new apps on your Vizio Smart TV.

Fun fact: Vizio includes an app that allows you to watch almost any tv show or movie that exists when configured correctly.

Which apps are available on Vizio Smart TV? (and which apps are not)

There are over 11 free tv & movie apps and more than 8 paid subscription streaming service apps available on your Vizio Smart TV’s SmartCast feature.

These are all built-in apps and do not need be added, downloaded or installed on your Vizio Smart TV.

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There’s roughly seven apps I would categorize as “odd and different” and are totally worth checking out at least once… especially the karaoke and Wu tang apps you’ll see listed.

Here are all the apps an app categories available on Vizio Smart TV:

  • TV & Movies
  • Odd & Fun
  • Kids
  • Sports
  • Music
  • News
  • TV & Movies

Free movie and TV apps on Vizio Smart TV

  • Plex: The king of personal streaming services (my favorite app on this list)
  • Crackle: Free movies and TV, popular app.
  • Redbox on Demand: Free channels to stream.
  • Vudu: On demand movies and Tv
  • Tubi: Free movies and TV
  • Pluto TV: Free TV App, channels + movies.
  • Asiancrush: Free movies + TV
  • CONTV: Comic films (has free and paid)
  • Dove Channel: Inspiring family friendly content
  • Film rise: Full movies and tv shows free
  • Watch free Vizio: Vizio’s version of a free movie, TV & news streaming app.

Paid movie/TV apps on Vizio Smart TV

  • Netflix: the king of subscription streaming services
  • Disney Plus: Now added-This was a delayed app on SmartCast in the past!
  • Hulu: Free version has commercials
  • Amazon Prime video: Amazon’s version of Netflix
  • Youtube TV: One of the top IPTV services out there (cuts the cord)
  • Fandango NOW: movies + TV; pay for what you watch.
  • FIT Fusion: Stream workouts from home, (yes, this includes Yoga!)
  • FlixFling: Watch movies on the go. (I prefer Plex for this)

The above smartcast apps list is evolving over time with VIZIO TVs, and new apps appear to get added and get removed over the years.

Documentary apps

Documentary apps
  • CuriosityStream: Documentaries at your fingertips… really cool app
  • Magellan TV: thousands of great documentaries

Odd and different Apps on Vizio Smart TV

Odd and different Apps on Vizio Smart TV
  • Party Tyme Karaoke: An interesting karaoke app to say the least.
  • Wu tang: Free, martial art content service (Not the Hip hop group)
  • Blackdove: Digital motion art gallery (really cool)
  • YouTube: Stream online videos from YouTube.
  • Xumo: Free streaming-Breaking news epic fails standup comedy, sports and more.
  • TV games: Tv Game portal on Vizio
  • The Love Destination: Love, dating and relationship content. (educating and entertaining)

Food and drink Apps on Vizio Tv

Food and drink Apps on Vizio Tv
  • Taste It: Popular Food app for all the home cooks out there
  • DrinkTV: Shows about favorite drinks-has both free and paid tiers.

Kids Apps on Vizio Smart Tv

Kids Apps on Vizio Smart Tv
  • Toon Goggles: Free and paid kid-safe entertain (popular)
  • Cocoro: Free TV for kids
  • Sesame Street: Playful, educational content for kids

Sports Apps on Vizio Smart TV

  • Adventure Sports Network (ADS)
  • DAZN

Music & Radio Apps on Vizio Smart Tv

  • Tidal: Jay Z’s premium music streaming service (this is good one)
  • Pandora: Free internet radio; option paid subscription
  • Music Bee: Supports podcasts, SoundCloud & music files on your computer
  • iHeart Radio: Well known radio station-ESPN, Fox etc.


  • Haystack TV: Free, Hyper-relevant news
  • CBS all Access: Paid app
  • CBS News: LIVE 24/7 premium, free news
  • NBC: Both free and paid versions available
  • Newsy: Free news app, ad supported.

Visit our How to add apps to Vizio Smart TV not in app store guide if you need an app not listed on your Vizio Smart TV (third party apps).

Unfortunately for many, KODI and Spotify is not on this list. For Kodi specifically, see our guide on How to Install Kodi on Vizio Smart TV as it is a unique app that typically uses Android operating system (which Vizio SmartCast is not).

How do you add more apps on your Vizio Smart TV?

How do you add more apps on your Vizio Smart TV

All the apps on a Vizio Smart TV are already built in and can be accessed by choosing the “Smart cast” option when selecting inputs on your remote.

No new apps are possible without casting or using a streaming device (You might want to get a Roku)

See all the benefits of adding an Nvidia shield to your Smart TV (instead of using Smartcast)

One of the best ways to add apps to a Vizio smart TV is to not use the software at all that VIZIO includes. I personally use a Roku instead since they have more apps. Roku even has an internet browser on it where you can search google and browse the web.

This means apps not included in the list provided earlier can’t be added without using third party methods… Don’t worry, you can learn how to get apps not listed by visiting the guide we linked just earlier.

Here are some quick fixes:

  • You can use a streaming device (like an Amazon Firestick or Nvidia Shield) instead of the SmartCast feature on your Vizio TV. These devices truly do enable the ultimate TV/Movie experience, enabling apps outside this list. (I personally use a streaming device myself instead of the SmartCast app, it’s too good)
  • Alternatively, Chromecast or Airplay 2 are features on Smartcast enabled Vizio TVs for casting apps from android, phone or PC to Vizio Smart TV. (source)

Adding apps on older model Vizio Smart TVs

If you’re using an older model Vizio Smart TV that likely uses the Via or Via plus apps (instead of smart cast), then you can indeed install apps. Keep in mind the selection is not much different then those that are built-in to the Smart cast list displayed above.

How to move and rearrange apps on a Vizio TV

How to move and rearrange apps on a Vizio TV

Are you looking to add/move a smart cast app to the front of your screen, almost like a shortcut, for easy access?

Moving or rearranging a SmartCast app to the front of your app list is simple, yet feels complicated to figure out.

It’s not uncommon to have issues with this your first time around.

Here’s how to move and rearrange an app on Vizio Smart TV:

To change or rearrange the order of your apps on a Vizio Smart TV, look for the turquoise blue app square labeled “customize app now”. Follow the on screen instructions using the left and right arrows on your remote to move and rearrange your SmartCast Apps screen.

How to move and rearrange vizio tv apps with customer row app

How to remove and delete apps

Here’s how to delete a Vizio Smart TV app:

  1. Locate to the SmartCast main screen via input.
  2. Select your app. Once highlighted, you’ll see a sub menu that includes a delete option.
  3. Choose OK to delete/remove the app.

Don’t worry, you can re-install the app in the future if needed by visiting the same screen. Related: Have a Vizio Subwoofer that’s not working?  See our post: How to fix VIZIO subwoofer not working with soundbar

Bottom line on Vizio Smart TV apps

Bottom line on Vizio Smart TV apps

Learning how to add apps to Vizio Smart TV can prove unintuitive at first, mostly since the apps are built-in already (I wasn’t used to this). The model TV you own will drastically alter the method you need to use since Vizio Smart TVs have changed drastically over the years.

Adding and managing apps on Vizio TVs can be confusing at first… especially when most of us are used to navigating apps through the google play and Apple App Stores.

At least, updating is easy…

Need to update an app? don’t bother… Vizio updates itself via HTML 5. This means the Vizio apps available behave similar to a web page and doesn’t need to run scheduled updates. (this is actually pretty slick, Vizio)

Regarding getting more apps, investing in the streaming devices I’ve listed earlier in this post is a very easy, super common alternative to adding new apps and will give you a much more complete TV experience. 

This post has provided the much needed portal for basic and alternate methods on how to add apps on Vizio smart TV. Though, not intuitive! 

I feel Vizio could do a better job on allowing outside apps as well making the way you move and rearranging the apps more intuitive… my best guess is their customers feel the same way!

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