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How to Move or Delete a Roku App Channel from Home Screen (Pictures included)

How to Move or Delete a Roku App Channel from Home Screen (Pictures included)

Roku devices, including the popular Roku Stick, the high-performing Roku Ultra, and the integrated Roku TV, have transformed the way we consume entertainment, offering a seamless and user-friendly platform for accessing a wide range of content.

These streaming devices & Roku Smart Tvs allow users to personalize their viewing experience by adding channels (or apps) to their home screen for quick access to their favorite streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

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However, as your channel lineup grows, you may find the need to organize or prune your selection. Whether you’re looking to declutter your home screen or simply rearrange your apps for easier access, Roku provides straightforward solutions.

I’ll go over the various methods for moving, organizing, rearranging, and deleting Roku Apps & Channels from your home screen across all Roku models.

How to Move and Rearrange Channels on Roku

How to Move and Rearrange Channels on Roku Gif one of the best solutions

Roku’s interface is designed for accessibility, making it easy to manage your app and channel layout directly from your Roku remote.

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It doesn’t matter if you have the Roku enhanced remote or another remote – I’ve used my Roku for over 10 years and found the process is the same as I’ve tested this on both Roku Express, Roku Stick, Roku Ultra, and Roku TVs.

Let’s explore the remote control usage and compare the process on different Roku models. The main way to do this is with your Roku Remote (which you can connect even if you don’t have WiFi).

Using the Remote Control

  • To move and rearrange channels on your Roku device using the remote control, first, navigate to the home screen by pressing the ‘Home’ button.
  • Use the directional pad to highlight the channel you wish to move. Once selected, press the ‘*‘ (Options) button on your remote to open the options menu.
    Select a channel and press the star button to move roku app channel 1
  • Select ‘Move channel’ and then use the directional pad to position the channel to your desired location on the home screen.
    Press Okay on move channel ste p2 roku app move rearrange channels 2
  • When you’re satisfied with its new position, press the ‘OK’ button to set it in place.

I personally move apps like Plex (amazing), Youtube, and Netflix first in my Roku channel/app lineup because I use those the most often. You can do the same for the Channels & apps that you use most on Roku.

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Keep in mind, this method works across all Roku models, offering a simple way to customize your viewing experience. You can move, organize, rearrange, and delete Roku Apps & Channels all with one button on your Roku Remote (the star button)

Is the process of moving a channel on a Roku Stick different from a Roku TV?

No, whether you’re utilizing a compact streaming device like the Roku Stick/Ultra or using a Roku TV, the steps for roku channel & app management remain consistent across devices. Moving a channel for Roku Streaming players and Roku TVs have the same process.

ActionHow to do it
MoveHighlight channel > Press * > Select “Move channel” > Use arrow keys > Press OK
OrderDecide personal preference or frequency of use

For more help on how to hook up Roku, see our full guide for everything you need to know.

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How to Remove Channels from Your Roku Device

Theres 4 ways to do this… lets check them out:

From the Roku Home Screen with your physical Roku Remote

How to Remove a Channel from Roku:

MethodStep-by-Step Instruction
Home ScreenHighlight channel > Press * > Select “Remove channel” > Confirm
Roku Mobile AppOpen app > Tap Channels tab > Select channel > Tap * > Choose “Remove”
Roku WebsiteLog in > Go to “My account” > “Manage your subscriptions” > Unsubscribe (if necessary) > My Channels > Remove

Navigating the Roku platform is intuitive, making it straightforward to remove any unwanted channels either directly from your Roku device or using the Roku mobile app for a more flexible management option.

From your Roku Mobile App

For those preferring to use their smartphone, the Roku mobile app allows for efficient channel management on-the-go, ensuring that your Roku experience is tailored to your preferences, regardless of where you are.

An additional note on using the Roku Mobile App for channel removal—this method not only offers convenience but also enhances your ability to manage channels when away from your Roku device.

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Managing Roku Channel Subscriptions

View currentLog in to Roku website > Select “My account” > “Manage your subscriptions”
CancelFollow the above steps > Beside subscription > Select “Unsubscribe”

How to Unsubscribe and Manage Costs

According to a Forbes study in 2023, the average Roku user subscribed to at least 2.8 streaming services, highlighting the importance of effective subscription management to avoid unnecessary costs. Managing your Roku channel subscriptions effectively can help control your content costs and ensure you’re only paying for the channels you watch.

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We ran a different survey than Forbes… In our survey, we discovered that Roku users typically subscribe to fewer services compared to those with an Apple TV 4K, yet more than those with an Nvidia Shield TV Pro.

I hypothesize that this discrepancy in subscription numbers may be linked to the prevalence of jailbreaking or alternative service usage among Fire Stick and Android device users.

Paul Michael of

These practices, more common on Android platforms, could lead to accessing the same range of TV shows and movies without the need for multiple subscriptions.

Troubleshooting: Common Issues with Adding or Removing Channels

Adding or removing channels on Roku is generally a straightforward process, but users may occasionally encounter issues.

“A significant amount of of common Roku issues, such as difficulty in adding or removing channels, can sometimes even be resolved through a simple device restart.”

Adding Channels on Roku

Searching for Channels? Roku’s dynamic platform, continuously adaptable to your evolving preferences, ensures you’re never far from discovering your next favorite show or service. Roku’s Channel Store is regularly updated with new content, offering over 15,000 channels.”

How to add a channel on Roku (see full guide on this here)

1Navigate to the Roku Home Screen
2Select “Streaming Channels”
3Browse or search for a channel
4Select “Add Channel” and confirm

Advanced Tips for Roku Users

Optimizing Roku for Faster Performance

For an optimized Roku experience, updates and device maintenance like clearing the Roku cache can lead to improved stability and performance, enhancing the overall user experience. There’s also the Roku secret menu you can explore; we have some unique ways you can access it many other experts may not have discussed yet.

Accessing Hidden Channels

Roku offers hidden treasures through ‘private’ or ‘hidden’ channels, providing content that ranges from niche to mainstream selections. Adding hidden or private channels to your Roku device opens up a unique catalog of content not readily visible in the Channel Store.”

In conclusion, managing your Roku app/channel lineup, whether through moving, adding, or deleting, is pivotal in enhancing your streaming experience. By following these comprehensive steps and utilizing the tips provided, users can ensure their Roku device remains tailored to their entertainment needs and preferences, all while optimizing performance and managing costs.

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