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PaperLike Screen Protector for iPad: Is it worth $45? (The Truth)

PaperLike Screen Protector for iPad: Is it worth $45? (The Truth)

Is the Paperlike screen protector for iPad worth it? For artists, note-takers, and anyone longing for a traditional paper feel while utilizing their tablet, the answer may very well be yes.

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As part of the due diligence, benefits and comparisons with drawing/writing focused screen protectors as well as regular screen protectors will be scrutinized.

Also, as we tested the Paper-Like, we focused on the cost, application process, compatibility with various iPad models, impact on iPad’s display, and possible effects on Apple Pencil usage.

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In this review, we’ll cover Paperlike’s innovative texture, its benefits and drawbacks, comparisons to other protectors, and user experiences for a comprehensive understanding of what this product has to offer.

Key Takeaways – Is the PaperLike screen Protector worth it?

Yes, it gives you resistance for your iPad, makes handwriting legible, and drawing much easier… but is The PaperLike for iPad worth the money?

PaperLike made my handwriting and drawing feel more like Pen on Paper

I found that if you’re a graphic designer or a student in college, you’ll benefit from the Paperlike as it noticeably improves accuracy of apple pencil strokes on the display (handwriting, drawing)

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Likely worth it for Graphic Designers college student note takers

However, for casual users, Paperlike may not be ideal at a $45 price tag; but this depends on your level of use and budgetespecially considering there’s several iPad screen protectors that work similar to the Paperlike for nearly one third the cost.

more natural paper like texture on the iPads display making it better for Apple Pencil users

Quick glance at the PaperLike for iPad:

  • Paperlike screen protector simulate the feel of paper while using an iPad.
  • The matte finish improves writing and drawing control, and reduces fingerprints and smudges.
  • Cost for the Paperlike screen protector is on the higher side compared to other protectors.
  • The Paperlike protector may slightly impact iPad display clarity and wear out the Apple Pencil tip faster than smooth protectors.

What does the PaperLike feel like on iPad?

If you try to write text in Apple notes, Notability, or another top Note-Taking app for iPad, you’ll find it’s difficult to get the same accuracy as you would on traditional pen & paper.

The PaperLike screen protector makes your apple pencil feel, write and draw more like real pen on paper.

The benefits of Paperlike make Note-taking apps (like GoodNotes) and drawing apps like (Procreate on iPad), noticeably more useful.

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The PaperLike screen protector provides a more natural, paper-like texture on the iPad’s display, making it better for Apple Pencil users, as well as for general touch operations.

The matte finish reduces glare and reflections, but it also causes small rainbow dots that may be distracting, particularly on white backgrounds – These dots can make photo editing (on apps like Lightroom) and detecting fine details challenging.

Cost Comparison of PaperLike with Other Protectors

Screen ProtectorDescriptionCost
ESR Paper-FeelEsr’s version of the paper-feel, which delivers a realistic, paper-like drawing and writing experience for iPad Pro 11″ and Air 5/4 users$21.99
Mobdic PaperfeelPaper-like texture, improved Apple Pencil control, iPad screen protection, compatible with most iPad models$7.98
Bersem PaperfeelPaper-like feel, matte surface, scratch and fingerprint protection, compatible with various iPad models$8.23
Zagg InvisibleShield Glass+Shatter protection, ultra-clear, tempered glass, compatible with range of iPad models$45.00
Astropad Magnetic DisplayPaper-like texture, seamless integration with Astropad Luna software, Apple Pencil compatible11.99
Tech Armor Tempered GlassClarity, scratch and impact resistance, maintains touchscreen sensitivity, prevents smudges$14.95
PaperLike (Official)Natural paper-feel, compatible with Apple Pencil, premium price (Set of 2)$44.99
iCarez MatteNatural-feel matte finish, glare and reflection reduction, scratch and smudge resistance$7.95
KTC PaperfeelPaper texture, screen protection, wide compatibility with iPad models$7.98
BELLEMOND Smooth KentJapanese Kent paper-like texture, glare reduction, includes two protectors$20.99
ELECOM Pencil-FeelPaper-feel surface, compatibility with various iPad models$13.99
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The market offers various alternative options as well – from budget-friendly to premium choices, with prices generally starting around $10 and going up to $45 or more.

In terms of price, the Paperlike protector is positioned as a premium product, retailing at $44.99 for a pack of two.

While this price point might be higher than some other screen protectors, the specialized features, such as the paper-like texture and compatibility with the Apple Pencil, make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a more natural writing and drawing experience on the iPad.

What makes PaperLike different from other screen protectors?

One of the most distinguishing features of the Paperlike screen protector is its unique surface texture, which emulates the feel of physical paper and provides a comfortable, tactile experience for iPad users.

This paper-like texture significantly helps improve the precision and control of strokes when using the Apple Pencil, offering a more satisfying experience for creative professionals and Note Takers

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Another advantage of the Paperlike protector is its anti-glare and anti-smudges properties.

Side note: Remember that the Paperlike screen protector is specifically designed for the Apple Pencil, making it an excellent choice if you frequently use your iPad for drawing or note-taking activities.

Pros and Cons of Investing in a PaperLike Screen Protector

There are several advantages to using the Paperlike screen protector. One significant benefit is the improved tactile experience it offers, thanks to its unique paper-like texture.

This enhances precision, control, and overall writing and drawing experience on the iPad.

However, there are also some downsides worth considering. The Paperlike protector is on the pricier side compared to other options available in the market.

Also – although it helps to maintain screen clarity, there may still be a slight reduction in display sharpness and vibrancy when compared to using no screen protector at all.

Finally, the textured surface can wear down over time with heavy usage, which would require replacing the protector more frequently.

Determining Paperlike’s Value for College Students

7 Determining Paperlikes Value for College Students

When considering the value of Paperlike for college students, one must first examine its impact on note-taking and study habits. For many students, the tactile sensation of writing on paper is essential for retaining information, making the transition to digital note-taking more challenging.

Paperlike screen protectors close this gap by replicating the feel of writing on paper, enhancing the note-taking experience on an iPad.

Students may find an increased level of comfort and engagement when taking notes with the Apple Pencil on a Paperlike protected screen.

Side note: Another advantage for college students is the reduction in glare when using the iPad outdoors, which can be helpful when studying in various light conditions.

One should also consider the potential cost savings that a Paperlike screen protector might offer college students.

Utilizing an iPad for note-taking can significantly reduce the need for physical notebooks and other stationary, ultimately saving money and resources. Moreover, the Paperlike screen protector is durable and has a lifespan of 2-3 years, ensuring effective protection for the entire college experience.

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Lastly, the environmentally conscious aspect of using a Paperlike-protected iPad should not be overlooked. By reducing paper consumption, college students can contribute to the preservation of natural resources and promote sustainability. This aspect appeals to students who are passionate about environmental responsibility and are looking to align their study habits with eco-friendly choices.

Assessing Paperlike for Casual iPad Users

Casual iPad users can have various expectations and requirements, making it essential to examine the benefits that a Paperlike screen protector offers them. One of the primary advantages of Paperlike is its ability to enhance the general touch experience for users, providing better grip and control on the screen. This improvement is beneficial, especially for those who frequently use their iPads for web browsing, gaming, or consuming media.

Paperlike’s fingerprint and smudge-resistant finish ensures a clean screen, a major advantage for casual users wary of keeping their iPad pristine. Users no longer have to worry about constantly wiping the screen clean after each use.

The reduction in glare and reflection offered by the Paperlike’s matte finish enhances the overall viewing experience, resulting in less strain on the eyes, especially during extended sessions.

It is also worth noting that casual iPad users who engage in occasional doodling, writing, or sketching will still benefit from the improved accuracy, pressure sensitivity, and textural feel offered by the Paperlike screen protector. These enhancements can make iPad usage significantly more enjoyable and efficient, regardless of the user’s level of artistic or note-taking prowess.

Hand on test: Reviewing Quality and Features of the PaperLike Screen Protector for iPad

In order to provide a complete review of Paperlike’s quality and features, we conducted a hands-on test, evaluating three key categories: installation, writing experience, and durability.

The installation process, guided by a thorough instructional video, was simple and straightforward. The provided tools, such as the cleaning wipes and guide stickers, facilitated a seamless application.

The writing experience with Paperlike-protected iPad was notably improved when compared to using a naked iPad screen. The paper-like texture provided added friction well-suited to accurately and comfortably take notes or engage in sketching with the Apple Pencil. The feeling of writing on paper was authentically replicated.

Lastly, we assessed the durability of the Paperlike screen protector, subjecting it to daily wear and tear typical of regular usage. The protector showed remarkable resistance to scratches, dirt, and stains, retaining its original appearance and touch experience even after weeks of use. Users can have confidence that their investment in Paperlike will yield long-term benefits.

Paperlike drawing experience

For artists, the Paperlike screen protector can significantly enhance the drawing experience on the iPad. The unique texture provides an authentic paper-like feeling, granting control and precision that glass surfaces usually lack. This improvement translates to more accurate lines, smoother shading, and a greater understanding of pressure applied while drawing.

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The Paperlike protector maintains good display quality and color reproduction, ensuring that artists can visualize their work with minimal distortion. Also

.. as mentioned earlier the reduction in glare helps maintain focus on the artwork while drawing, even when working in bright environments. As a result, artists are not hindered by extensive screen reflections, enabling a more immersive and engaging drawing experience.

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Improved writing experience with the Paperlike

The Paperlike screen protector shines brightest in its ability to enhance the writing experience on an iPad. Equipped with an Apple Pencil, users can instantly notice the difference in control, accuracy, and smoothness when writing on a Paperlike-protected screen. The matte finish reduces hand-to-screen friction and results in more natural handwriting.

One key factor in improved writing experience is the enhanced textural feel offered by the Paperlike layer. The paper-like sensation facilitates efficient note-taking or annotating documents, allowing users to remain focused on their content rather than struggling against the slippery glass surface. This improvement in comfort can tremendously benefit users whose primary purpose for utilizing the iPad is writing or note-taking.

It is evident that by removing common barriers associated with digital writing, the Paperlike screen protector has managed to create an enjoyable and efficient writing experience on iPads. Users will likely find their digital writing is more accurate, dynamic, and genuinely enjoyable when using this innovative screen protector.

Compatibility and installation

When considering the Paperlike screen protector, one of the first aspects to look into is the compatibility with different iPad models. The Paperlike screen protector is available for a wide range of iPads, including the entire iPad Pro lineup, the iPad Air, and the standard iPad models.

To make sure you get the correct size for your specific device, check the product listing and choose the right option.

The installation process is crucial to having a smooth and pleasant experience with your screen protector. It’s essential to give yourself enough time and patience to complete the installation correctly.

Start by thoroughly cleaning your iPad’s screen using the provided cleaning materials, then follow the step-by-step instructions or video guides available on the Paperlike website.

The key to a successful installation is removing dust and lint particles from the screen, aligning the protector accurately, and smoothing out any bubbles.

Durability and longevity

The Paperlike screen protector is designed to withstand daily use and maintain its unique texture for a long time. Although it is relatively resistant to scratches and wear, it’s essential to take care while using the Apple Pencil not to apply excessive pressure.

Over time, light signs of wear may appear, but the protector generally maintains its structure and performance over a long period.

The expected lifespan of a Paperlike screen protector ranges from 8-12 months, depending on usage habits and care (mine lasted 2 years)

It’s important to keep in mind that replacing the screen protector when necessary ensures that your iPad continues to function optimally and maintains the desired paper-like feel. Since each pack includes two protectors, you can expect up to 1-2 years of usability for your investment if you don’t overdo it with the apple pencil.

Pricing and value

The Paperlike screen protector is positioned as a premium accessory and, as such, it is priced at a higher range compared to other competing products.

A pack containing two screen protectors typically costs around $44.99. While this might seem expensive, the value provided in terms of quality and improved user experience makes the investment worthwhile for many iPad users.

One advantage of the Paperlike screen protector is the unique balance between protection, tactile feel, and visual clarity, which is not commonly found in other screen protectors.

By offering a superior writing and drawing experience, combined with effective protection, the Paperlike screen protector justifies its premium price tag for those who value their creative work on the iPad.

How to install & use the Paperlike Screen Protector

To install the Paperlike screen protector, follow these steps:

  1. Gather all the materials provided in the package: cleaning wipes, dry wipe, sticky dust remover, and the screen protector itself.
  2. Start by thoroughly cleaning your iPad’s screen, using the wet wipe followed by the dry wipe. Make sure the screen is free of fingerprints, dust, and lint.
  3. Use the sticky dust remover to eliminate any remaining particles that may cause bubbles during installation.
  4. Peel off the backing of the screen protector, align it carefully with the edges and cut-outs of your iPad’s screen, and gently place it onto the surface.
  5. Use a credit card or a similar flat object to push out any remaining air bubbles, starting from the center and moving towards the edges. If wrinkles appear, carefully lift the protector and smooth them out.
  6. Once the protector is bubble-free and aligned correctly, gently remove the top-layer film.
  7. Your iPad is now ready for use with the Paperlike screen protector installed!

Preparing the iPad for Installation

Before applying the Paperlike screen protector, it is essential to prepare your iPad to guarantee a seamless installation.

First, ensure your device is switched off or put into sleep mode, and disconnect any accessories like an Apple Pencil or a keyboard.

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Then, clear any visible particles from the screen using a microfiber cloth or the provided cleaning materials.

To minimize dust during the installation process, choose a well-lit yet low-dust environment like a rest in a room with closed windows and less foot traffic. Clean, calm, and clutter-free surroundings will substantially help you achieve a perfect installation without any issues.

How do alternative iPad screen protectors compare to Paperlike in terms of features and performance?

The market offers a plethora of iPad screen protector options, with varying textures and features catered to different user demands.

Common alternatives to Paperlike include tempered glass and plastic film protectors. Tempered glass protectors are known for their robustness, providing enhanced protection against shattering and scratches… but many don’t have apple pencil compatibility the way Paperlike allows for (exampleL: Zagg shield)

However, these protectors lack the paper-like texture and increased stylus friction preferred by users who engage in writing or drawing tasks. On the other hand, plastic film protectors are relatively thinner and offer basic protection, but they do not replicate the tactile experience of paper.

Paperlike distinguishes itself with its unique surface texture, bestowing a vastly different user experience. Its matte finish creates a paper-like feel, improving stylus control and accuracy – ideal for creative tasks.

As we mentioned – Paperlike’s protector reduces glare, minimizes fingerprints, and maintains a balance between protecting the screen and preserving display quality.

Overall, although Paperlike may come at a premium compared to alternatives, it offers unique benefits catering to those seeking an authentic paper-like experience merged with reliable protection.

My experience with the Paperlike for iPad

Upon installing the Paperlike protector on my iPad, I instantly noticed the difference it made to the overall drawing and writing experience. The stylus glided with ease on the Paperlike surface and provided excellent control with varying pressure levels.

As a relatively frequent note-taker, I appreciated the additional grip and improved precision when writing with the protector.

The Paperlike protector also exhibited impressive resistance to fingerprints and smudges, which was a welcome change from the pristine glass surface that accumulates such marks all too easily.

The matte finish, coupled with reduced screen glare, made viewing the iPad more comfortable in various lighting conditions.

However, it should be noted that the display’s vibrancy might be slightly affected. Overall, my experience with the Paperlike protector has been positive, and I would recommend it as a valuable investment for creatives and note-takers alike.

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Are the costs & benefits of the PaperLike screen protector worth it?

Although priced higher than some alternatives, the unique features and advantages offered by the PaperLike screen protector justify its cost for users prioritizing a natural, paper-like feel.

Its value shines, particularly for artists, writers, or note-takers seeking finer control and enhanced grip.

The protector offers an unrivaled combination of writing experience, protection, and comfort.

What is a PaperLike screen protector and how does it work?

The PaperLike screen protector is a specially designed, thin film that adheres to an iPad’s screen. Its purpose is to provide an elevated user experience by emulating the feel of writing or drawing on paper.

By introducing a soft, matte texture to the iPad’s display, it enhances grip and friction between the stylus and the screen, thereby improving accuracy and control during creative tasks.

Does the PaperLike screen protector affect the clarity of the iPad’s screen?

While the PaperLike screen protector introduces an improved writing and drawing sensation, it can have a minimal impact on the clarity of the iPad’s display.

The grainy, matte texture might subtly reduce the vibrancy and crispness of the display, but not to a degree that diminishes the overall viewing experience. It’s a minor trade-off in exchange for notable benefits such as enhanced stylus control, lesser glare, and improved protection.

Is the installation process of the PaperLike screen protector difficult?

Installing the PaperLike screen protector is not a difficult task, provided you follow the correct instructions. It is crucial to ensure a clean iPad screen and the right alignment before starting the application process.

PaperLike usually includes helpful guidance, often providing an instructional video on their website showcasing a step-by-step demonstration.

Using the included guiding stickers, make sure to align the screen protector with your iPad, creating a hinge effect.

After cleaning the iPad screen with the provided cleaning kit, proceed to remove the protector’s sticker and carefully apply the protector while smoothing out bubbles.

How to remove the paperlike without damaging your iPads display

Removing the PaperLike screen protector without causing damage to your iPad’s screen is achievable with a cautious approach.

Begin by using a sharp object like a plastic knife or an unused credit card to gently lift the screen protector’s edge.

Once you’ve achieved a slight gap between the protector and your iPad’s screen, proceed to slowly and gently peel the protector away. When done patiently and with proper care, the removal process should not result in any adverse effects on your iPad’s display.

Does the PaperLike screen protector reduce glare and fingerprints on the iPad’s screen?

Yes, one of the many benefits of the PaperLike screen protector is its ability to effectively minimize glare and fingerprints on the iPad’s screen. The protector has been designed to achieve the right balance between maintaining good screen clarity and reducing glare from external light sources.

The matte finish of the protector significantly cuts down on smudges and fingerprint marks, ensuring your iPad’s screen stays cleaner for a longer period of time. This translates into an overall improved user experience and better screen visibility, particularly in brightly lit environments.

Where can I purchase Paperlike and alternative screen protectors?

The PaperLike screen protector can be obtained through various channels, including the official PaperLike website and popular online retail platforms like Amazon.

To seek out alternative screen protectors, you may also consider exploring other major online retailers or tech accessory stores.

When comparing alternatives to PaperLike, be sure to consider factors like the screen protector’s texture, display quality impact, and price range to ensure the selected product aligns with your needs and usage.

Why might casual iPad users not find Paperlike as worthwhile?

While the PaperLike screen protector offers numerous advantages, casual iPad users might not consider it as beneficial, particularly in terms of the cost-benefit ratio. The protector’s premium pricing caters mainly to those who require enhanced precision and control, like artists, designers, and individuals frequently using Apple Pencil for drawing or note-taking.

For users who don’t frequently engage in such activities and primarily use their iPads for media consumption and casual browsing, the benefits of a PaperLike screen protector might seem less compelling, making it less justifiable as a costly investment..

Bottom Line

In conclusion, a deeper exploration into the PaperLike screen protector as we provided should be very helpfu.l This includes understanding its installation, durability, user experiences, potential savings, and warranty. Additionally, studying the differences between PaperLike and other screen protectors solidifies an informed decision about its worth, which is why we covered it here a bit, but also made a post comparing the Paper-like to the Paperfeel to aid you’re decision making efforts.

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