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How to use Google Chrome on Roku & Roku TV

How to use Google Chrome on Roku & Roku TV

If you’re a Roku user looking for the easiest way to access Google Chrome on your device, there are several different options available.

There are several different methods of using Google Chrome on Roku, depending on the type of Roku device you have.

Note: Those who want a way to use a browser on their big screen, using a Roku web browser is as close as it gets to accessing Google Chrome directly.

Sometimes these third-party Roku browsers can be unreliable, so we recommend making use of Google Chrome by mirroring or casting instead for a more dependable solution.

For Roku TVs, this option is also available; but it is done slightly different – I’ll expand on this further in this post.

If none of these options suit you, another alternative is to Chrome cast to a Roku device and use Google that way on Roku.

Whichever option you choose, having Google Chrome for Roku will certainly provide a productive and convenient way of browsing the web! I’ll also cover all the possible alternatives.

Key takeaways – Google Chrome app on Roku


There is no native, built-in Google chrome app on any Roku device, including Roku TVs. However, you can still use Google chrome on Roku by using a Roku web browser, by casting via casting or Chromecast (Roku TV only), or through screen mirroring.

What you need know about getting google on Roku:

  • There is no built-in, official google chrome app on Google, but you can still get google on Roku via alternative methods.
  • There are Roku web browsers; some of which use casting or mirroring to enable google on Roku.

Here are you’re options if you’re open to using a secondary device:

  • Launch google chrome on your preferred device, such as a laptop (Mac or Windows)
  • Next, ensure both devices are on the same wifi and navigate to the top right of google chrome. Then, select more > “cast” > “Roku” > cast screen.
    Using a Laptop to get google chrome on Roku
  • Alternatively, If you’re on iPhone or iPad, then you can only cast video or media your watching using the cast icon in the corner of the screen.
    Get Google Chrome on Roku via iphone ipad or tablet
  • If you’re on Android or a device using google home, make sure your Roku and you device is on the same Wi-Fi, then open the google home app, tap and hold “Roku” and tap cast.

Note: On windows, you can use miracast, but on MacBook, you’ll need to utilize Airplay for screen mirroring.

How to cast to Roku from Google chrome

How to cast to Roku from Google chrome

Why would you want to cast from google chrome browser to Roku? By casting to Roku you’ll essentially have a Roku internet browser, but without the hassle of installing a third party apps that don’t have full chrome functionality on it. 

For example a third party app might be able to let you browse the web, but wouldn’t be able to grant you access to chrome extensions, sync your bookmarks, or use the same settings as on your other devices.

When casting, you’ll be able to use full chrome functionality, but you’ll require a secondary device that has chrome on it.

There is a difference between casting and mirroring: Casting shows only the “casted” app, while screen mirroring shows all the contents on the devices display.

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Casting google chrome from an iPhone to Roku

Casting google chrome from an iPhone to Roku

You can cast google chrome to Roku depending on which device you have. Here’s how you can cast to Roku from google chrome:

  • Launch google chrome on your preferred device such as iPhone, android, laptop, or tablet.
  • The chrome cast icon in the corner of your screen is the only way to cast video or media on iPhone or iPad.
  • If on Android, then make sure your Roku and your device are on the same Wi-Fi network, then open the Google home app, tap and hold “Roku” and tap cast.
  • You can also screen mirror you’re entire screen through other apps, such as web video cast.

In the past, you were able to use Poprism and Web Browser X and then navigate to google, but it wouldn’t let you get google chrome on it with all the extra features.

How to cast from chrome browser to TCL TV

How to cast from chrome browser to TCL TV

Casting will work on nearly any modern Smart TV or Roku TV, including insignia, Hisense, Sharp, Phillips, and Element. You can also connect chrome cast to TVs that don’t have it built in.

Here’s how you get google on Roku TV models:

  • Launch your Roku device as well as your TV or Roku TV.
  • Next, connect the Chromecast device to your TV (if chrome cast is built-in to your TV, you can skip this step.)
  • After, launch the google home app, finally, set up the connection in the app.
  • On your Roku device, go to the Home screen and click on Channels once the Chromecast is powered on.
  • The Google Cast icon should appear in one of the channels as you scroll down.
    Chrome cast icon for roku

Note: Casting & screen mirroring are the only two ways you can get Google movies, photos, slide apps on Roku.

What to do when your chrome cast isn’t casting to Roku

What to do when your chrome cast isnt casting to Roku

If you are using your Roku streaming stick, Roku express, Roku ultra, and you are having a problem using chrome, the reason is because Chromecast isn’t natively supported by Roku streaming players.

However, it is supported by Roku TVs, because they have an HDMI port. This makes ChromeCast very usable on a Roku TV.

There are ways to utilize casting from google chrome or another browser like Mozilla Firefox, but chromecast itself is not on Roku players, specifically Roku sticks. Instead, you would just use a google chrome cast device or simply use Miracast, or airplay.

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Can you install google chrome on Roku & Roku TV

Can you install google chrome on Roku Roku TV

You can not directly install the official google chrome on Roku or Roku TVs. This is because Roku does not have the application in the app store and there are not third party programs that give chrome functionality.

There are many methods to get google chrome as well as surf the web on Roku, which include casting, screen mirroring, downloading a receiver app, and using a secondary device like your mobile phone, laptop, or computer with casting, miracast, or airplay on it.

You’ll need to enable the mirroring option on Roku in order to enable connections and be on the same network or Wi-Fi as the secondary device.

How to setup chromecast on a Roku TV

You can set up Chromecast on a Roku TV as long as it has HDMI ports. Once you connect to Chromecast to your Roku TV, you’ll need to have the Chromecast app on your mobile phone.

The Google home app will allow you to connect your secondary device to your Roku TV and begin casting movies or streaming services such as Youtube, Netflix, Prime video, Hulu, and Disney+.

Roku Chromecast setup steps are as follows:

  1. Power the Chromecast either with an adapter or by connecting it directly to your TV’s USB port, the outlet option is preferred.
  2. On your Chromecast device, connect it to one of the HDMI channel ports available.
  3. On your smartphone, download the Google Home app.
  4. From the list of available devices, select Chromecast after signing in to your Google account.
  5. Start streaming as soon as you select the devices that you want to install.

Alternatively, you can Connect to other streaming apps via standard casting and you won’t need chromecast.

This is done by tapping the cast icon in the lower corner of the media player on your android, iPhone, iPad, or android device and selecting Roku. The icon looks like this:

Chrome cast icon for roku

Both devices need to be on the same wifi for the cast icon to appear.

How to connect Chromebook to Roku TV

Chromebooks can be connected to Roku through HDMI connections or wireless connections such as WiFi with casting or screen mirroring.

In order to connect a Chromebook to a Roku TV via casting or mirroring, then you’ll need to use a secondary device and a casting app or mirroring technology such as Airplay or Miracast.

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Alternatively, if using a tablet or mobile phone, you can find the cast icon on the media player you are using and select cast. Again, this icon won’t show up if you’re not on the right wi-fi connection.

If you’re casting from a desktop or laptop, then select the more button on your chrome browser, then cast, and select the source (your Roku) and begin casting.

Can you get microsoft edge on Roku devices?

Microsoft edge browser is not available on Roku directly. This means that there is no built-in, official application to use Microsoft edge on Roku or Roku TV. Roku is more well known for its home theater uses, such as watching streaming services through an intuitive, user interface.

If you’re looking to watch online content through free software, then you can use the Microsoft edge browser via a secondary device with a Roku internet browser.

Features and benefits of having chrome cast on Roku

Google Chrome is a popular web browser that offers users a range of features for efficient and convenient browsing. With Chrome on Roku, users can enjoy a seamless browsing experience on their TV, making it easy to access the web and all its features from the comfort of their living room.

Some of its key features include tabbed browsing, incognito mode for private browsing, syncing with a Google account, and support for extensions and plugins.

Chrome also has a built-in Google Translate feature, themes for customization, a task manager for managing tabs and extensions, and is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Chrome automatically updates for security and performance, ensuring that users always have the latest and most secure version of the browser. These features, among others, make Chrome a popular choice for millions of users worldwide.

  • Cast tabs
  • Bookmark or favorite websites.
  • Whenever you want, you can access your browsing history.
  • Sync data across devices.
  • Separate section for downloads
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Incognito mode for private browsing
  • Syncing with a Google account
  • Bookmark and history management
  • Extensions and plugins support
  • Built-in Google Translate
  • Themes for customization, including color themes with tabs
  • Task manager for managing tabs and extensions
  • Desktop and mobile versions available
  • Automatic updates for security and performance.


Can you Chromecast to a Roku?

You can not set up Chromecast on a Roku streaming player. However, you can Chromecast to a Roku TV.

This is because a Roku TV has HDMI ports, and it can use a Chromecast device; separate of the Roku software. The Chromecast app needs to be installed on your phone once Chromecast is connected to your Roku TV. 

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Can you use google assistant commands on Roku?

Google Home is a popular voice-activated smart speaker that allows users to control their smart home devices, access information, and much more using simple voice commands.

You can also use Google Home commands on your Roku, which is really convenient once its set up. 

To use Google Home commands on Roku, you will need a device with built-in Google Assistant functionality or a separate Google Assistant-enabled device such as a Google Home speaker or smartphone running the Google Assistant app.

With the right setup, you can streamline your TV viewing experience and control your Roku and other smart devices with the power of your voice.

For example, some commands will allow you to control the camera. To do this, you can say: “turn on the camera”, “check if your camera is on”, “show the living room”, and more.

You can view live video streams from your security camera on a display device connected to Google Assistant such as a Google Nest Hub. I personally use google home to adjust and change my lights, but my family uses the “view doorbell” feature on their Roku tv.

Can you get Google Play photos on Roku?

No, there is no official Google Photos app on the Roku Channels Store, so the only way to get Google Photos on your Roku device is by screen mirroring the app from an Android or iOS device.

To get started, you will first need to enable the screen mirroring and AirPlay feature on your Roku device.

Once enabled, you can begin casting Google Photos from any of three sources: Android devices like smartphones and tablets, iOS devices like iPhones and iPads, or a PC.

Screen mirroring allows for two-way communication between compatible devices and allows for streaming content from one display device to another.

This makes it possible to share photos and videos stored in Google’s cloud storage with friends and family – all through a TV connected to a Roku streaming stick.

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