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Surface Pen Replacement Tips: 7 Best Tip & Nib Replacements

Surface Pen Replacement Tips: 7 Best Tip & Nib Replacements

Are you looking for the best Surface Pro pen replacement tips? If so, you are at the right place. For this article, we found the best Microsoft Surface Pen replacement tip kits that will help you substitute a broken or wore off nib.

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Surface Pen Tip Replacement 3

There are three variations of the official Surface pen tip kits that Microsoft offers for the Surface Pen (sets of 3, 4 and 5).

On the flip side, you can always opt for a much more affordable, alternative tip set which provided similar end-results in terms of performance in our test.

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Surface Pen Tip Replacement

In this blog post, you will learn everything there is to know about the best Surface Slim pen replacement tips. We have also created a list of the best Surface Pro Pen tips. I’ll cover everything from how to replace a tip to creating a Surface Pen from scratch (DIY), there’s nothing left out.

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Let’s get right into it by exploring the 7 best tip & nib replacements for the Surface Pen!

Best replacement tips for surface pen

Best replacement tips for surface pen

The best replacement tips for the Surface Pro pen will be from the official Microsoft (Manufacturer). This is especially true if you are an artist or you’re looking to create pro-level work.

The type of nib you choose should be based on the size and class (2H, HB, H), especially If you want a realistic experience with the highest pressure sensitivity on different apps like Photoshop or AutoCAD.

Surface Pen Tip Replacement 2

The pen tip kit from Microsoft comes along with the official surface pen when you buy it. However, you can opt for different nibs and budget alternatives that we cover in this post, if the tips are broken.

Alternate pick: Zodiac -We ranked the Zodiac pick the best alternative to the official microsoft tips.

With the purpose of replacing microsoft surface pen replacement tips & nibs we created the following list. Let’s cover alternative premium and budget picks for the Surface Pro 7, the Surface Book and other surface laptops (Surface Pro X and Surface Slim pen).

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1. Microsoft Standard Tip Kit – Surface Pro 7 & 8 pen tip replacement (nibs)

1. Microsoft Standard Tip Kit Surface Pro 7 pen tip replacement nibs

The original Surface Pro 7 pen tip replacement is exactly what professionals need. If you rely heavily on your Surface Pro to create digital art, you will find this kit useful as it provides a variety of tips (2H, HB, B).

Compared to other budget alternatives, the Microsoft tips offer a more precise drawing experience and showcase the Surface Pen’s full potential. Of course, this is reflected in the price, as the official set is quite pricey.

Microsoft has done a great job here, as the new Standard Tip Kit is better (on any technical aspect) than the previous model.

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For beginners, the standard kit will come handy if your nib is bent or broken. But, Microsoft offers more than that in terms of hardness and quality.

In fact, the nibs work perfectly and personally, I use all three for different tasks (draft drawings, sketches and details).

Note: The surface pen does have a battery, but it won’t affect the tip connection as long as it’s working. If it is off the pen simply won’t work. In this case, you’ll need to learn how to replace a Surface pen battery.

And the best part; you don’t need a separate tool to install the nibs. Finally, the set is fully compatible with all Surface Pro 7 pens: the pen with a single button on the flat edge (Surface Pen with no clip) and the Surface Pen with two side buttons

2. Uogic: Surface pen tip 4 PC alternative (HB, 2H, H)

2. Uogic Surface pen tip 4 PC alternative HB 2H H

If you own the Surface Pro 4 or the Surface Pro 5, our next suggestion is the best for you. Uogic has created one of the most reliable alternatives to the Surface pen tip kit that reminded us of the Microsoft felt tip pen. 

The set comes with 4 different tips (HB/B/2H/H) and all of them proved to be extremely comfortable to draw with. 

Unfortunately, we felt the nibs to be a bit harder than the official tips, but that’s not necessarily a disadvantage in terms of longevity. 

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Compared to the previous pen tip kit of Uogic, this one fits better to the Surface Pen and comes at a better price. We definitely suggest this kit for those of you who own a Surface Pro 4 or Surface Pro 5 device, as the tips will function perfectly on their touch screens.

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3. Zodiac Best Alternative tips for surface pen (surface pro 7, 8)

3. Zodiac Best Alternative tips for surface pen surface pro 7 8

If you are looking for a budget alternative to the official tip kit for the Surface Pro and Surface Book, this Zodiac kit is the best way to go. What surprised us with this kit is that the nibs are fully-compatible with many Microsoft Surface Pros (4 to 8) and Surface Books (1 and 2).

A great advantage of the Zodiac tips is that they are extremely durable. You can also easily remove them from the Surface Pen in seconds. On the flip side, when we installed the nibs on the latest Surface Pen, the (otherwise awesome) pressure sensitivity felt less powerful.

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But, Zodiac has already come a long way from their previous kit. In fact, the package is much better as it allows you to change the nib you’re using quickly and keeps the rest tips protected. 

In a few words, this is the perfect budget pick for beginner artists, designers and students who want to cover their drawing and notetaking needs.   

4. ReeYear: Surface slim pen tip replacement (nibs) for Surface Pro X

4. ReeYear Surface slim pen tip replacement nibs for Surface Pro X

If you have an issue with the tip of your Surface Slim pen, this replacement tip is all you need. From all the tips we tested for this article, this was by far the best one in terms of precision.

As an ultimately affordable alternative to the original Microsoft tip, this kit surprised us in a good way. In fact, we couldn’t really tell the difference between this tip and the original Slim pen tip. The only disadvantage we could spot is that the tip is a bit more slippery. 

But, apart from that, the tilt works perfectly and the tip offers a quick response and is very sensitive. Also, unlike the previous version, this replacement kit is also compatible with the Surface Pro X model. 

Keep in mind that the tip kit doesn’t work with the latest Surface Slim Pen 2. Still, if you have any other version of Microsoft’s active pens for the Surfaces, this is a very reliable and budget pick.  

5. Tip kit for surface book and pro 4: Best surface book pen replacement tips

5. Tip kit for surface book and pro 4 Best surface book pen replacement tips

Our next pick is also an official replacement tip kit offered by Microsoft. Unlike the Standard Tip Kit, the Surface Go replacement kit includes 4 tips (instead of 3). The extra tip is the H, which is extremely useful for light marks and quick sketches.

As with any official replacement tip kit, we didn’t encounter any issues installing the tips on our Surface Pen. However, a flaw we found was that you need a tweezer tool to do it correctly (included). 

Apart from that, the price is fully justified as the tips work perfectly on most Surface Go and Pro devices. The kit is only compatible with the Surface Pen with single side button. 

So, if you need a collection of tips that will rarely break, and only wear out after months (or even years) of continuous usage, this one’s for you. Even though the price difference with the alternative tips is noticeable, the latest version of the official replacement tips is definitely worth it. 

6. Microsoft Surface Go Replacement Tips

6. Microsoft Surface Go Replacement Tips

Our latest suggestion comes as a pack of 5 tips. This is extremely useful as it allows you to have extra options if you wore down your current stylus. It’s also possible the original pen tip broke and needs replacement.

When I used this surface go replacement tip it worked just like the one that came with the original packaging. 

The Surface Go does not have the same power as the Surface Pro 7 or X, but you can still use these replacement tips on your stylus pen to create digital art and handwritten notes.

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We found that this replacement tip was slightly more fragile than the original pen,  which is a disadvantage. Occasionally, it feels like the product could break slightly easier than the manufacturer stylus. 

On the flip side, it’s strongest benefit is that this version comes with 5 pen tips and offers a precise drawing experience.

Compared to previous models we tested, it doesn’t seem like this set of 5 nibs will be wearing out anytime soon. In a few words, if you don’t want to buy new tips anytime soon, this kit is for you. 

How long do surface pen tips last

How long do surface pen tips last

For most professional artists, the original MS Surface pen tips can easily last over 3 years of continuous usage. If you are a beginner, this time frame is extended even more (around 4 years). But, it is reasonable to wonder: how long will your tip last before going blunt?

  • Of course, there are times that the tips of a Surface Pen lasted for about three months and then they broke or bent.
  • This usually happens to heavy handed artists that constantly use the pen to create digital art on software like Illustrator or Krita.

Also, it depends on the replacement tip kit you opt for. You can expect from the original Microsoft tips to last longer than most budget alternatives. However, our test proved that the latest kits of Zodiac and ReeYear are, in most cases, equally reliable and long-lasting. 

Surface pen tips explained

Surface pen tips explained

In a few words, most versions of the Surface Pen come with a pen tip kit that offers a variety of tips for drawing and keeping notes. The good thing about the Surface Pen is that the tips are interchangeable and professionals use the different nib types for specific tasks. 

By providing a little contact against the screen, the tips also help to improve your handwriting or drawing on your Surface Pro.

As with traditional pens, the Surface pen tips integrate the European system for measuring pencil hardness. So, the hard tips,, like the H and the 2H are usually used for light sketches, details and draft drawings. 

On the flip side, the medium and soft tips (HB, B. etc) are perfect for outlines and thicker lines. The standard Surface pen tip kit comes with 3 types for you to use (2H, H and B). 

Where to buy replacement surface pen tips

Where to buy replacement surface pen tips

If you are looking to buy a replacement tip kit for your Surface pen, you can either do it from the Microsoft website or an external marketplace like Amazon. To buy some additional tips from the official Microsoft marketplace, all you have to do is:

  1. Visit the official Microsoft store
  2. Select the Standard Surface Pen Tips product and add it to your basket
  3. Keep in mind that this set is only compatible with the single side button Surface Pen (Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 devices)
  4. If you have a different model, you can either contact Microsoft or opt for an alternative kit from Amazon

When do surface pen tips need replacement

You need to replace your Surface Pen tips when it wears out from use, breaks or bents. Don’t forget that your Surface Pen might have come with the standard kit that includes 3 tips. 

If all three types were either broken or worn out, you can then purchase the same kit or a budget alternative. Generally, we recommend buying new tips only if you don’t feel comfortable drawing with your Surface Pen anymore. 

If you do a lot of drawing on a daily basis, we suggest you opt for one of the original replacement tip kits. On the flip side, if you use the Surface Pen occasionally or only for note keeping, you can easily get away with one of the alternative kits like Zodiac. 

How to not lose surface pen

After some research, we found that the best way to avoid losing your Surface Pen is via a Self Adhesive pen loop holder. There are reliable holder kits at an extremely affordable price for you to choose from.  

This way, you will be able to protect your Surface pen while leaving all ports of your Surface device unobstructed. Also, Microsoft has included a locator technology on its pens that allow you to find your device if you lose it. 

Here is how to not lose your surface pen:

  • Go to Settings > Update & Security > Surface Pen and find your device
  • Look for “My device” and find the last time it was used 
  • From that tab, go to Where’s my pen? section and select Go here to keep track of your pen

Does a surface pen come with replacement tips?

To answer this question briefly, yes. The Surface Pen comes with the standard pen tip kit that includes 3 tips for you to draw and take notes. If one of your tips is broken (while on warranty), you can contact Microsoft and they will probably send you a replacement.

Keep in mind that there are numerous tip kit alternatives for you to choose from. Depending on your needs and preferences, you might have to opt for the official pack of 5 nibs, that gives you ultimate freedom when drawing

Surface pen uses

Contrary to what many believe, the Surface Pen can’t only be used for drawing or note taking. In fact, many people use it to navigate Windows, browse on the internet and open apps. We can safely say that the Microsoft active pen will come very handy in the following tasks: 

  • To navigate Windows 10
  • To start apps (using the eraser button)
  • To draw or take notes on whiteboards like OneNote or Microsoft Whiteboard
  • To take notes on software like Microsoft Word
  • To draw, edit photos or create 3D designs on software like Krita, Photoshop and AutoCAD  

How to tell if your Surface pen tip/nib is broken

If your Surface Pen doesn’t offer a comfortable experience when drawing, then it’s probably because the nib is broken. You can easily understand that if the nib is too sharp or simply can’t help you draw.

To avoid that, you should make sure not to apply too much pressure when drawing or taking notes (source). But, especially the official Microsoft tips have quite an extended lifespan. In most cases, our tips break because of an accidental fall of the pen. 

Even if that’s the case, you have nothing to worry about. There are plenty of official and unofficial (budget alternatives) tip packs for you to choose from. 

How to change surface slim pen & surface pen (standard) tips & nibs

Changing the tips and nibs on a Surface Pen and Slim Pen is actually very easy. All you need to do is use the (included) extractor tool to hold the tip and pull it out. 

During our testing, the installation process was also very simple. We easily inserted the thinnest part of the replacement pen tip into the Surface Pen and pushed down on the tip to lock it.

In fact, when drawing with the Surface Pen, you can change the tips in just seconds. Also, if you don’t want to use the official tweezer tool, you can easily use another tool (like traditional tweezers, etc). 

This is very helpful for professional creatives who use to draw with different tips for a variety of pen hardness.

The Surface Slim Pen is actually one of the few pens out there that can be compared to the Apple Pencil when it comes to precision and pressure sensitivity. 

And, if you think that Apple’s active pen doesn’t allow you to change tips, this is a clear point to Microsoft.  

What to use instead of surface pen (alternatives)

Although the Surface Pen is a great active pen, it isn’t the only one you can use on a Surface Pro or Book. Some of the most popular alternatives to the Surface Pen are:

  • Dell Active Pen Premium (PN579X): A reliable, premium alternative.
  • Bamboo Ink Smart Stylus by Wacom: Brings the reliability and high pressure sensitivity of all Wacom devices. 
  • The HP Active Pen: Offers tilt support for a very realistic drawing experience. This is one of the best pens for touch screen laptops like the Surface Book.
  • Adonit Ink-M for Surface:  With 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, Adonit provides one of our favorite pens for Surfaces at a great price. 
  • Surface Stylus Tesha: Perfect budget alternative with two shortcut buttons and 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

However, our personal favorite alternative to Surface Pen has to be the B.Barley pen. Let’s explore the reasons why. 

B Barley – Authorized alternative surface pro pen stylus

If you are on a budget and want to substitute your Surface Pen with a powerful pen, B Barley is by far the best way to go. First of all, this pen has an official certificate of Microsoft that allowed the brand to create an authorized chip for Surface devices. 

What that means is that the Barley provides a much better experience than any unauthorized pen. Also, the 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity and the palm rejection function reminded us of more expensive alternatives. 

Our only issue was that the pen isn’t USB rechargeable. But, this is reasonable considering its low price. Compared to the previous model of the brand, this pen has a better, premium nib and is also compatible with the Surface Pro X and the Surface Paro 8. 

In a few words, this is an affordable pressure-sensitive pen that works perfectly with any Surface Pro and Surface Book. What more could we ask for?  

DIY Surface pro & surface slim pen (Make your own)

There are two ways to create an active pen that works with Surface devices on your own:you can either use a cotton bud/Q-tip or a cotton wool. Although the first method is our favorite, the second one works great on metal-cased or metal tip pens. 

Tools and Materials you will need:

A traditional penA pair of scissors A cotton bud tip
Aluminum foil or tinWaterA craft knife

To create a pen that will help you draw or write on touch screen devices, you have to follow some simple steps: 

  1. Remove the ink cartridge from your pen
  2. Use the scissors or the craft knife to carefully cut the end of one of the cotton buds (around 100mm)
  3. Insert the cotton bud into the tip of the pen
  4. Wrap the pen with foil
  5. Saturate the tip with water
  6. You’re good to go. 

“Creating a Surface Pen on your own isn’t as hard as people think. All you need is some tools and a few minutes!” 

How We Ranked and Chose the Best Surface Pen Tip Replacements

When it came to ranking and selecting the best Surface Pen tip replacements, we took a two-fold approach. First, we considered the quality of the material used in the tips. A good tip should be durable, offer precise input, and mimic the feel of writing on paper as closely as possible.

Secondly, we looked at user reviews and feedback. This gave us insights into the longevity of the tips, how they performed in real-world scenarios, and any potential issues users might have faced. Combining these factors, we were able to provide a comprehensive list of the best replacements available in 2023.


As we covered in this post, you have numerous Microsoft Surface Pen tip alternatives. Whether you are looking for the best Microsoft Surface Pro 3 pen tips or new nibs for your Surface S Pen, this article covered everything in terms of compatibility, weight, hardness and dimensions. 

The official Microsoft Surface pen tip replacement packs are better when it comes to precision, lifespan and overall drawing experience. On the other hand, some alternatives like the Zodiac tip kit and the ReeYear are also very powerful and come at a better price. 

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The Surface Pen Tip Kit is included with a purchase of Surface Pen, or you can buy it separately to have extra tips on hand.

So, to decide which tip replacement to go for, you first have to consider your needs and preferences. If you are a professional and need the best tips for drawing, you should probably opt for the official packs. 

However, beginner artists or students that draw occasionally or keep notes using the Surface Pen can easily substitute the official nib with a budget alternative.

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