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Lazarite M Pen: Best alternative stylus for Lenovo Flex & Tablets? – Full Review

Lazarite M Pen: Best alternative stylus for Lenovo Flex & Tablets? – Full Review

If you’re searching for the best stylus for Lenovo Flex 5, X1 Fold, ASUS ZenBook, and more… then this review will help you decide whether the Lazarite M Pen is the best stylus for you.

During our hands-on test with the Lazarite M Pen, we found it worked just as well as the Lenovo Active Pen and the dedicated pens for Lenovo Tablets.

The Lazarite M Pen Stylus has an extremely high pen pressure of 4096 pressure points, palm rejection, near instant device pairing, and worked great for sketching or drawing artwork as well as utilize a digital whiteboard for work.

There are two types of M Pens from Lazarite available, a Dark Black color and Dark Grey. It’s important to note that these two colors are different models of the M Pen….

For example, the Lazarite M Pen (Dark Black) allows for natural tilt support while the grey model pen does not. The two also have different compatibility amongst Lenovo Tablets. (Full compatibility list further in this post)

The material of the M Pen is sleek and modern, and the writing/drawing experience was smooth – allowing for thick and thin lines to be used on a drawing application or digital whiteboard.

Lazarite M Pen: Good Lenovo Active Pen Replacement for Lenovo Flex 5, X1 Fold, ASUS ZenBook, and more

Lazarite best lenovo active pen preplacement for lenovo fold and lenovo flex 5 14

The Lazarite M Pen is an active pen with 4096 Pressure pen sensitivity levels and is created by ELazarite, a company specialized in digital office products for over 6 years.

Pros: This stylus makes a fantastic choice for those that want the best possible stylus for the Lenovo Yoga Flex 5, Flex 14, HP Spectre, HP Envy, and HP Pavillion.

It’s design is simple, elegant and sleek. The Bluetooth pairing is non existent, meaning you can instantly use the pen upon touch activation.

The dark Black model does support tilt! Which is someone many overlook when searching for the best alternative stylus for lenovo.

It has two side switches/shortcut keys to utilize the eraser and right click functions of the select lenovo & HP tablets (Full compatibility discussed later in this post)

The Black Lazarite stylus model supports tilt and compatibility amongst certain modes, while the grey pen model has different compatibility with certain tablet models we discuss further in this post.

Cons:It works great for the exact laptops listed, the only con I could really find during my hands-on testing of this product is that the Lazarite M stylus is only compatible specifically with the models the manufacturer presents (These are also listed further down this post)

Outside of these small mentions, the Lazarite M Pen actually has the pen sensitivity that matches some of the best Wacom Stylus, but at a budget price point… making it one of the best lenovo pen replacements for the tablets its compatible with.

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Open box stylus pen good stylus for hp envy spectre and asus zephyre

It’s hard to go wrong when choosing this stylus over other options when the stylus compatible with the Lenovo Flex 5/14 stylus is often out of stock and has complications (as far as users report). The Lazarite is a great Lenovo Active Pen replacement, particularly for the models that the active pen 2 isn’t compatible with!


Close up look at lazarite styluis pen

Below is a complete compatibility chart of the Lazarite models, black and grey. The Black model also support tilt.

Compatible TabletsDark Black LazariteDark Grey Lazarite
Lenovo Flex 5/14, Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5, 5iYY
Lenovo ThinkPad X1, Fold/X1 Tablet Gen 3/X1NY
Lenovo Yoga Gen 4, Lenovo Yoga 7i, 9i. 720, 520,920, 740, C740/C930YY
HP ENVY/Pavilion/Spectre X360NY
Lenovo Miix 510/520/720YY
Asus Zenbook /Vivo bookYN
LG V60/Velvet/WingYN

Note: The LAZARTITE M pen isn’t compatible with Apple iPad, Samsung, or Chromebook.

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It also comes with a clip, something many modern stylus pens fail to include – its helped us not lose the pen as wells not have it roll off the desk. How to fix a Surface Pen & Surface Sim Pen 2 not working

Pen Pressure

Hands on test of the lazarite Pen Lenovo Flex

The 4096 pen pressure allowed for a smooth transition between light and dark lines and strokes. While drawing on the tablet, we found it was significantly more responsive than a standard 2048 pen, especially for those how are drawing or creating graphic design on their Lenovo Flex 5 or similar tablet.

The pen pressure varied depending on the app, which is expected as each app has their own software that could modify the experience. All in all, it worked fantastic for providing a realistic drawing experience on our Lenovo screen.

As far as precision, I didn’t notice much jitter and wobble compared to that of the top tier pens for these devices like the Lenovo Active Pen 1 and 2.

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Tilt Support

Good alternative pen for lenovo stylus for drawing

Depending on the model, tilt support means the tilt recognition and rotation in the pen is present. The Lazarite M model Dark Black pen has tilt detection and allowed us to gain a drawing feel as close to realistic as possible. Many apps such as adobe photoshop, and sketchbook allow for tilt support to be utilized.

If you’re not drawing advanced artwork, graphics, or 2d design, then tilt support may not be required and you can opt-in for the slightly less expensive Lazarite M Pen (Dark Grey).

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Palm Rejection

Comparison size of stylus lazarite m pen to a standard pencil

Palm rejection is absolutely necessary for most utilize a stylus pen for longer than just a few minutes of the day. Luckily, the Lazarite pen supplies this. Palm rejection is the process of a tablet ignoring the natural pressure and movement of your palm on the screen.

You may find this most useful when trying to draw or sketch and object and not just quick taps to navigate. It gives the feeling of doodling on a piece of paper without it moving (It won’t sense your palm.

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It does require batteries, which actually is a Pro for many users -several artists and work professionals we’ve polled and the professionals preferred a battery stylus over having another messy cable that gets lost and is bulky to their wireless, minimalist setup.

The Lazarite battery capacity and battery length per session was extremely long compared to other , cheaper models I’ve tested. In fact, the Lazarite, when powered by AAAA battery aims to provide over 1000 hours of use time… given you use it 2 hours per day max. 

Unlike many stylus pens the Lazarite was durable… if you drop the digital pen from 80cm or less its been noted to work normally.

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Lazarite M Pen vs Lenovo Active Pen: Differences Compared

Lazarite M Pen vs Lenovo Active Pen_ Differences Compared

Between the Lazarite and Lenovo Active Pen, the two aren’t really to be compared because each pen is compatible with different models of lenovo, but since its such a common question its worth informing users in this post who are having trouble finding the right pen for their lenovo device.

The difference between the two pens is that Lenovo Active Pen is bluetooth and has replacement pens come with it.

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Similar include the pen pressure (4096), tilt sensitivity (Lazarite black model only), natural pen on paper feeling while writing, and the overall intuitive, sleek design of the product. The Lenovo Active Pen also requires batteries, which has different compatibility for Lenovo models, however this was worth mentioning.

Here are the compatible stylus pens for the Lenovo Active Pen:

  • ThinkPad X1 Tab (Gen 2)
  • Lenovo Miix 510,520, 720
  • Lenovo Yoga 720
  • Lenovo Yoga 920

See more on the compatibility of the Lenovo Active Pen here.

How to activate & use the Lazarite Pen

Lazarite pen not working step 1

Turn the end cap screw counter clockwise to loosen and remove the cap, then place the battery into the holder, ensure the positive and negatives ends match, finally, screw the battery end cap back on by tightening sideways.

Lazarite pen not connecting step 2

If the Lazarite pen is not working, then simply press & hold the two side shortcut buttons (eraser & Right-click) for 5 seconds. The lazarite pen will now work.

  • Solution 1: Switch the protocol of the pen
    • Press and hold the buttons on both sides for 5 seconds.
  • Solution 2: Reset the pen’s protocol
    • Press and hold the buttons on both sides for 25 seconds.

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About Elazarite – An Alternative, near-universal stylus for Lenovo and HP Envy, Spectre tablets.

ELazarite created the Lazarite Stylus pens when the founders determined in 2020 that COVID was creating an environment where it was easy to express their opinions on statistical reporting. Somehow, the opinions of others in the work environment becomes jumbled and miscommunication occurs.

Lazarite was a solution to be able to have a writing tool for a tablet and the homemade DIY version of the lenovo pen they created needed to be upgraded!

My experience with the Lazarite pen almost 2 year later

It’s been close to two years since I first laid hands on the Lazarite M Pen, and it’s safe to say it has been an indispensable tool in my tech arsenal as a Lenovo flex alternative stylus.

The precision and responsiveness of the pen remain unmatched, making every writing or drawing task easy. While many gadgets often lose their initial charm after a while, the Lazarite has held its ground, continuing to impress with its performance and durability.

Over the past two years, I’ve also noticed that the battery life of the pen is quite commendable. Despite regular usage, I’ve rarely found myself scrambling for replacement batteries. The design and build quality have stood the test of time, with the pen showing minimal signs of wear and tear even after numerous accidental drops. All in all, the Lazarite M Pen has not only lived up to its initial promise but has exceeded my expectations in terms of longevity and consistent performance.


Do stylus pens besides the Lenovo active pen exist?

Yes, in fact, there are multiple stylus pens available for Lenovo. The Lazarite M Pen is our first choice for pens that require compatibility amongst the Lenovo Yoga as well as other tablets such as Asus, and HP.

It’s extremely useful to be able to use one pen with different tablets if needed. The Lazarite satisfies this requirement for those who are in diverse work environments or have different model laptops.

Bottom Line

The Lazarite M stylus pen is a great writing tool alternative for the lenovo models, including the Flex 5. It has a slender, balanced shaft, used by artists and work professionals to produce lines of very precise width in various projects that require hand drawn lines and strokes.

It comes in two different models (Dark Black and Dark grey), and it provides palm rejection, pressure sensitivity, and all the other features that make a good altnertive to the Lenovo Active Pen.

I found that the Lazarite pen was incredibly useful for pairing with Lenovo Flex 5 model as theres very few digital pens available that satisfy this need.

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