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How to get Chat GPT (3 & 4) App on iPhone or Android

How to get Chat GPT (3 & 4) App on iPhone or Android

As an iPhone user who uses ChatGPT-3 (and Chat GGPT-4) on mobile, it’s frustrating to have to log-in and search for ChatGPT3 every time. This is causing users to search for a Chat GPT-3 App without any results. 

The best part? It’s incredibly simple to do – and even quicker to do than logging into your iCloud account and waiting for it to download.

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We’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to get the ChatGPT 3 & 4 app on your smartphone, as well as a demo of its features. In addition, we’ll cover how to use the app and explore alternative methods.

Key takeaways:

Caht gpt 3 app on iphone home screen

This app allows you to access Chat GPT-3 from your home screen Instead of typing the URL in every time you want to use it.

Using Chat GPT to summarize

You can alternatively place the Chat GPT-3 App on your home screen by opening the shortcut app on your iPhone and entering the Chat GPT-3 URL.

Using Chat GPT to travel

Note: Using Chat GPT-3 as an Android app has a different process

…Yes, there’s a few ways to get Chat GPT-3 as an app on your phone, but for most users you can simply save the browser as a shortcut to your home screen. It will appear just like a real app.

Paul Michael, Founder of

What is Chat GPT-3 & Chat GPT-4

Developed by OpenAI, Both Chat GPT-3 & GPT-4 are types of technology (AI language model) that uses natural language input to generate text that resembles human language.

It operates by utilizing a vast collection of diverse texts for training, and then employs that training to generate text that corresponds to the given context and prompt.

3 Chat GPT App types on iPhone

easiest way to get the chat gpt 3 app on iphone and android
  1. Chat GPT (3 or 4) iPhone App: The most robust, distraction free way to use chat GPT app on your Phone. You will use the Apple Shortcut App, which allows users to turn any URL into an App.
  2. URL Shortcut: Easiest way to get chat GPT-3 on your phones Home Screen as a app/shortcut.
    • Open up Safari browser and visit Chat GPT-3, tap the share icon at the bottom (It looks like a Box icon with an ‘up arrow’).
      step 1 quickest way Add chat gpt3 app to iphone
    • Then, tap add to home screen and you’ll have the browser saved which looks like an app, but functions the same as chat GPT-3 on a web browser.
      step 2 quickest way Add chat gpt3 app to iphone home screen
  3. Web app: Standard way most use which is repetitive and frustrating to search for. Even though you can bookmark and favorite it; it’s still a hassle to login every time.

However, if using the URL shortcut, you’ll still have the browser interface, which some users may find cluttered.

How to get the chat GPT App on iPhone:

Don’t want to use a shortcut and want to install Chat GPT-3 as a real application on your iPhone? Below we’ll show you how to get the ChatGPT3 app on your iPhone by using the official iPhone shortcut app.

This way, you’ll be able to avoid repeatedly logging in and searching for the website. Chat GPT as an app will function the same way it does in a web browser. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Launch the official Shortcuts App on iPhone

Step 1 Launch the official Shortcuts App on iPhone

Everybody has the official shortcut app on iPhone. you have to swipe left or tap the search button at the bottom of your home screen and then type“shortcuts” 

Step 1 Launch the official Shortcuts App on iPhone 2

After this you’ll open up the app by tapping on it and you’ll see a home screen that looks like the photo above.

Important: Keep in mind, the shortcut app won’t have the ‘make app from URL’ box just yet. (we’ll show you how to add that).

Step 2: Create the shortcut from URL

Step 1 Launch the official Shortcuts App on iPhone 3

The widget you see above won’t be in your shortcuts app until you add it. 

Add the app by visiting the URL App shortcut.

Tap the blue open button at the top of the browser, Then select the large, blue, “add shortcut” button.

Step 3: Add the Chat GPT-3 App

Step 3 Add the Chat GPT 3 App

At this point, the “make app from URL” widget should be an option to select from within your shortcut dashboard.

Note: Before adding the app, If you feel downloading the shortcut app is too complex (or you don’t want to install profile configurations), you can simply add chat gpt-3 app via the share button when you visit its URL and tap ‘Add to Home Screen’ at the bottom of the browser.

  1. First, a text box will appear and ask you to add the name of the app. You can name the app “Chat GPT3” or any custom name of preference.
    Add the name of the app chat gpt 3
  2. Second, another similar text box will pop up. Copy and paste the Chat GPT-3 URL into the URL text box and select “done”.
    Copy and paste the Chat GPT 3 app URL
  3. Finally, you’ll upload a logo for the app. If you want the Chat GPT-3 Logo, you’ll simply save a photo of the Chat GPT-3 logo to your camera roll, then upload it.
    chat gpt 3 iphone logo app
  4. A request for profile configuration will appear for confirmation.
    Profile config chat gpt3 app iphone
  5. Visit iPhone settings, then tap the ‘profile downloaded’ option. A request to confirm the chat GPT profile will appear.
  6. Congratulations! The Chat GPT-3 App is now downloaded on your iPhone!

The end result? Your iPhone home screen should look like this:

How to use Chat GPT3 on your iPhone

Lets explore how you can use the functions of Chat GPT-3 within your iPhone browser or App.

The AI language model uses a neural network machine learning model to take input text and generate the most useful result based on its predictions.

Once you login, you can begin using the Chat GPT-3 app the same way you would in a browser, but with more screen space and an intuitive layout without any distractions.

Once you log in for the first time, you may need to exit the app by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and then swiping up on the app. When you restart the app, you can access it by tapping on “New Chat.

 If you are a Chat GPT-3 Plus user, you have the option to select between two models: Default and Turbo. Based on my experience, Turbo appears to deliver faster responses and is optimized for speed.

Connecting chat GPT-3 from iPhone to Siri

SiriGPT is a voice assistant created with Shortcuts (on iOS).  

With an API key from OpenAI and the Shortcut app, ChatGPT, the chatbot version that is powered by GPT-3, can now be used on an iPhone. 

This allows for a combination of Siri for common tasks and ChatGPT for generating text, providing the best of both worlds.

 The first step is to sign up for a ChatGPT account, which is free and takes a couple of minutes. Then, the user needs to create a custom Siri shortcut in the Shortcuts app and generate an API key linking the shortcut with their ChatGPT account. The Siri Pro ChatGPT shortcut allows for quicker and more direct responses than regular Siri

Paste your API key in the top section of the page where it says “Ask for Text”, then change the name of the shortcut to “Siri Pro Mode”. Tap “Done” and launch the shortcut. Siri Pro Mode will run through the shortcut, allowing you to access Chat GPT and receive smarter responses from Siri.

Downsides of using the Chat GPT-3 App on iPhone

The Chat GPT-3 app on iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) have a few disadvantages. This is because it’s not an official app from the app store, but a custom created app. 

One of the downfalls of the app is that sessions may expire, which requires users to terminate the app and tap the icon again

This could be a reasonable inconvenience, depending on how frequently the app is used. 

Another drawback is that some users may have privacy and safety concerns when installing a profile configuration on their iPhone or iPad, which is required to make the Chat GPT-3 website work as an iOS app. 

While inspecting the shortcuts code, there were no issues found, but it is strongly recommended that users review the code before installing to ensure that it is just a series of shortcuts the iPhone makes – I didn’t see anything that could cause any issues, but of course anything is possible.

The main limitation of using the Chat GPT-3 app on iPhone is that only one profile configuration can be used at a time. 

This means that if you install an app through a shortcut that uses a profile configuration, you cannot install multiple apps with different configurations. 

For instance, if you want to use the Chat GPT-3 app and another app that requires a profile configuration, you cannot use both simultaneously. This may be a significant drawback for users who rely on multiple apps that use profile configurations.

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Lastly, there’s the issue of its potential for bias and lack of control over the generated output, which is also an issue on any platform you use it on (ex. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)

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How to get Chat GPT app on Android

Since there is no native Chat GPT app for Android, it is accessed through a web browser.

The first step is to go to and create an account by entering an email address, selecting “I’m not a robot,” and verifying a phone number.

After logging in to Chat GPT, users can ask the AI chatbot to generate unique content, blog post, questions, conversations, or another form of AI or natural language processing for text generation.

Chat GPT has a sidebar that shows the chat history, options for dark mode, a Discord link, and frequently asked questions and answers (which can even be explored through conversational AI).

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The chatbot can generate content for Facebook ads, essays, jokes, video scripts, and more. Users can provide feedback to Chat GPT and regenerate responses. 


Is there a Chat GPT 3 app on iPhone or android?

There is no official Chat GPT-3 app available for iPhone or Android. However, you can create a shortcut on your iPhone using the official Shortcuts app that allows you to use Chat GPT-3 in a similar way to an app.

Additionally, some third-party developers may create apps that make use of the Chat GPT-3 API, but these would not be official apps from OpenAI. Chat GPT-3 works on all models of iPhone and Android that have a modern web browser like Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft edge.

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What is Chat GPT-3 and how does it work?

Chat GPT-3 is an AI language model developed by OpenAI that can generate human-like text in response to natural language input. It works by training on a large dataset of diverse texts and then using that training to generate text based on the context and prompt provided.

How accurate are the responses generated by Chat GPT-3?

It depends on the specific prompt and context given in Chat GPT-3 to determine the accuracy of responses. In addition to producing convincing and human-like text, it can also generate nonsensical responses.

What are some potential use cases for Chat GPT-3?

Chat GPT-3 can be used for a variety of natural language processing applications, such as chatbots, virtual assistants, content creation, language translation, and more.

How can I access and use Chat GPT-3?

OpenAI’s private beta program currently limits access to Chat GPT-3 to select developers and companies. OpenAI must approve your request for access before you can use it.

Can I use Chat GPT on a desktop?

Yes, Chat GPT-3 can be used on desktop computers. It can be accessed through a web browser by going to the OpenAI website and logging in to the Chat GPT-3 interface. 

It can also be integrated into various applications and platforms through APIs. Additionally, OpenAI offers an API that can be used to access Chat GPT-3’s capabilities in various programming languages.

How does Chat GPT-3 compare to other AI chatbots or virtual assistants?

It has been compared to Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant as one of the most advanced AI language models to date.

The reason why it’s different is that it gives the user an experience that you might get from chatting with a human. It’s also really powerful as it can learn from your writing, follow up questions, and feedback and improve overtime.

The fact that companies can use its API to power their apps and softwares expands it’s use cases compared to many other options.

Is Chat GPT-3 capable of generating human-like responses?

It is true that Chat GPT-3 can generate highly convincing and human-like text, so much so that it can be difficult to distinguish generated text from human-written text in some instances.

What kind of data is used to train Chat GPT-3?

Chat GPT-3 is trained on a massive dataset of diverse texts that includes everything from news articles and books to websites and social media posts.

Can Chat GPT-3 be used for customer support or other business applications?

Yes, Chat GPT-3 has the potential to be used in a variety of business applications, including customer support, content creation, and language translation.

How can I ensure the safety and privacy of my data while using Chat GPT-3?

It’s important to use proper security protocols and data handling practices when using Chat GPT-3 or any other AI tool. This may include encrypting sensitive data, using secure networks, and following best practices for data privacy and protection.

Bottom line

There is no official chat GPT-3 app from Apple’s App Store, but it’s simple to make a shortcut for the app and access it from your home screen. You can in fact use chat GPT-3 as a functional smartphone app for iPhone and Android as I’ve tested this myself.

Creating a shortcut takes just a few steps; users can open Safari or Chrome, visit the URL, tap the share icon and select ‘add to home screen.’

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