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Glitch Text Generator – Make hacker fonts look Glitchy

Glitch Text Generator – Make hacker fonts look Glitchy

Glitch text generator makes your text look glitchy: GL̷̟̅̍̿̂͂̐̈͆͗̔̚IT̸͊CHY. This is also known hacker text. I often get asked how can I make my font or letters on social media look crazy, glitchy, looking. You can use the fancy glitch font tool below:

The text will be aesthetically pleasing & fresh compared to standard letter fonts you’re used to. Copy and paste glitched looking letters below:

More options: See our Stylish Name maker to create & generate cool looking names!

This fancy glitch maker uses your regular font and then turns it into cool, new looking letters. You can copy and paste these anywhere. It is styled with the use of unicode & symbols. These allow alternate styles that include emojis and unicode and make cool glitch instantly.

Below is a video of the glitch generator being used!

Drag the bottom right corner down on the text tool to see more cool font results you can use. You’ll see this allows you to create cool looking glitch words online.

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With this post, you will be able to make your words and glitch more stylish. You can type in the final results anywhere online. Additionally, it can be used with apps online and usernames across a variety of platforms.

Examples of Stylish Glitch you can Generate

You can create stylish and weird glitch that you can copy and paste after using this MediaPeanut custom glitch changer. All text will work no matter which device you use. As a result, the final style of fancy glitch generated will work to be copied and pasted on Windows, Android, and iOS.

The width and weight of glitch can be automatically changed with this subset of a Font generator tool. 

  • Further customize and Make your glitch appear stylish and different by adding spaces, hyphens, and even emojis.

1. Wavy & Cool glitch font

font maker for messages and social media change font to cool looking

(◔‸◔ )っ╰⋃╯

There are many different scenarios that can be generated using the fancy glitch font styler online. The image above clearly shows a military vehicle or army tank, but others believe it is a person pointing at it.

Letters in your text will look glitch, zalgo, and different with the wavy cool font when you type in the following places:

  • social media apps
  • web apps
  • Roku internet browsers
  • instagram handle registration
  • discord names
  • online game usernames

The second half of the Cool glitch font (the wavy part) is very useful for copying and pasting into apps to share with friends. 

Bonus Tip:

– [Mac only] Ctrl + Cmd + Spacebar to open up a emoji bar.
– [Windows] hit Windows key  + . (period button).

According to our survey, the wavy glitch font is one of the most commonly used text styles.

2. Waving person glitch text

Funny fancy text message cool weird symbols


Using the generated unicode and symbols, you can create custom text art in your username or text. A dancing man appears in text art when using this glitch font.

You can paste the glitched symbols into any web application.

In addition to the fancy style, the symbols can be pasted into any web application you choose. Instead f glitch text, the term “hacker font” is also used instead on the web and on reddit.

Adding your own design or changing the text can allow you customize your social media profile even further for engagement.

3. Cool border & frame for glitch words in text (copy and paste)

Text font generated text example 3

꧁*。゚Message *。゚꧂

Create a cool design around your glitch text words with this stylish glitch frame. The place holder in this letter font is meant to be replaced with generated text, no matter which letter of the alphabet you choose.

A unique frame design for glitch was created by our stylier tool to create a cool and new experience for users.

Around the cool glitch, a frame design was created for you to copy and paste. A weird, cool symbol can be used to surround glitch or usernames

4. Hacker font using glitched text

best font generator example text live real 1

Heart Glitched Text

This example shows a cool symbol in a glitch with heavy detail and a modern look.

Using different sized text, weight, and a heart symbol was created using the stylish glitch tool, but we changed it a bit.

Using this, you can express your feelings through text. Need to give your text glitched look? When you use this cool glitch text, you’ll want to show it in your texts or anywhere you type.

5. Fancy Scissor glitch

Text Generator symbols and text generated by mediapeanut


Users in online communities often use this glitch tool for their usernames. I see this often, and unless you modify it yourself, the scissor symbol will remain the size you see above (14, 18, 24 font).

It is possible to make your font more stylish by adding scissor glitch instead of default font. Your words can be changed as shown in the example photo above. If you are trying to convey an emotion to someone, having the glitch font generator on this page is very stylish.

Best Fancy glitch styles (Hacker font)

As voted by our audience, here are the most popular IG font generator texts:

  • (っ◔◡◔)っ !!
  • (◔‸◔ )っ╰⋃╯
  • ✄┈┈┈┈ -;
  • ꧁*。゚Place glitched font here *。゚꧂
  • ━━━━☞

Below is Ricky text art. This is text art you can place anywhere you need.




Feel free to customize the letters or use the cool glitch text tool to create your own!

| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ |

| Pizza |

|_____ ___|

(\__/) ||

(•ㅅ•) ||

/   づ

Using cash? Dont… instead send this fancy text below:

[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

Here’s a font generated vehicle below.

░ \☻/\☻/

░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▌░ ▌

░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ / \░ / \

░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄———–●




( – -)

((‘) (’)


♥«´¨`•°..GLITCHY WORDS GO HERE..°•´¨`»♥


  • You can to change and adjust the Fancy glitchy word Maker whenever necessary, despite its ability to generate stylish fonts automatically.

Using Unicode symbols, you can always see more fancy glitch font combinations and characters. You can ASCII art above instead of using the cool font generator if needed.

  • They are often used on social media platforms, as their fancy glitch text catch the attention of people more than default or standard letters.

How to change letters to look glitchy so you can copy and paste them

How to change letters to look cool so you can copy and paste them

When you decorate a word with weird glitch using this online tool, you can choose any design in the list at the top of this page. This way, new designs or special text will no longer need more effort.

Fonts that create Cool glitch can be made by adding google fonts and apple fonts with emojis & special characters.

Simply drag the toolbar down on the bottom right corner of the cool glitch maker, then type your text and choose which letter you prefer.

A glitch style generator can help increase engagement amongst audiences online.

By changing letter sizes, adding emojis, and even making the font turn into tiny words will style your text letters nicely.

How to make a glitched, bold text by using the font generator from MediaPeanut

In a text, this quick trick bolds just one word while keeping the rest default. Heres how:

  1. Highlight the 24th font down in the stylish glitch generator. Alternatively you can use the iPhone font generator if you’re using the app on your mobile phone.2olHQxj81X JiRc0ohvzS43QhT9ahVwqoojZrEldKLi 4aslUXjb09339GrV5t5YW1wycBO5nysS4OPvsZRtS lcLYfemnOg9XNNEwY863s9LUbk53xKmHWUQ1XY6T2p7z0beX2lZ2i6OzRhKzLVVZyh uMakwrxNAUlymAw fvwCHSmX0z4UH4JWg
  2. Next, copy, then paste this bolded glitch. You have new, bold glitchy text changed.
    W21k0ywVcUHv7TeJds71z0xB9u7JQq hJCMqf4FNNGN7 YYNmgLliX0BGdOfSGSqUQzcxeEi3HFKNWEWbDnZ5zcdgyB isPhWmgFl3FHFJ74uU6dQ7XlJK2AOAI7TXCpRqkDsLfenykCsrZoMfI79AW7Lc86FPa6u6M9zDm1mcK0Fg2UYbKiZAzqVQ
  3. Another way this can be done is by using a subject line field (hidden) on a iPhone (go to settings).
  4. locate to your messages
  5. Change ‘show subject field’ option to on. You can customize and make your glitch change to bold in messages.

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How to Make Small letters using our fancy glitch generator

To make small letter glitch text, you’ll want to type text into the generator and hit “make glitched small letters”. Then copy and paste this into your desired registration or login field.

Make your text small or tiny by typing your desired words at the top of the tool.

  1. First, go to the Cool glitch maker for generating unique glitched fonts, and then type in your desired small text.
  2. Locate the small text option. Go to 18 options down from the top.
    How to use the Font generator tool to create small and tiny text 1
  3. Copy, then paste the converted text for iPhone into the box.
  4. You now have small text, you now have tiny, cool glitch text.

How to Make Big Text for nicknames on mobile using our generator

Type your desired text in the Cool glitch font tool at the top of this page. This will make your username or nickname appear larger than the standard cool text font.

  1. First, go to the iPhone cool text generator, then type in your ideal small text
  2. Navigate to the largest letters. Its 16 options from the top.
    How to use the Font generator tool to make big text
  3. Paste the text into your chat box.
  4. You now have Large text with the use of the cool font text generator.

Our Cool glitch text creator is a free online tools for creating new, cool, and refreshing text. A cool font can be generated using your custom text. It will be created so that words look more engaging, modern, and robotic.

  • You can use the created hacker font from our cool glitch maker on all platforms, including Mac and Windows. 

In this video above we explain what a glitch font generator is, how you can copy and paste the text, and how it works to make new text that is cool, pleasing and functional. The result looks like hacker text and will work on internet browsers, in text boxes, and throughout online platforms.

16 of the best Fancy Glitch Styles

16 of the best Fancy Glitch Styles

We assist thousands of users whom change regular text to nice, cool-looking text using our fancy font generator as well.

these names are combined from symbols, icons, and emojis with text to create a more stylish and cool look. Outside of formatting posts, you can also style any choice of words you want.

A free online tool called the Cool nickname maker (by MediaPeanut) converts any text into stylish fonts that are compatible with most Apple and Microsoft products.

Also available in our tool are cool social media text styles. Users can easily create cool names for themselves without having to spend a lot of time on it.

The best glitch fonts are stylish and can be used in your bio or profile page on web apps or social media apps. These can be found here:

Examples of each cool glitch styles below:

Cool stylish and fancy Font generator Tool example text

You can make more cool glitch with our text changer tool. It generates over 211 fonts that can be shared online using any chat box.

If you want to change the font style the letter is created from, then you can see our Font Changer, which is a generator that lets you switch to Custom Text from standard text.

We tested the font samples above with our team. In real-time, they are made and use unicode. You can pick the cool glitch generated by us on your screen.

Compatibility: Both Android and Windows are compatible with the Stylish name creator.

Cool Typing Styles: How to Add cool glitch fonts to a profile

Fonts can be made cool a few different ways and depends on how you want to use our generator and what cool font you want made. Here’s how to make glitched looking letters:

  1. To make the cool text font, type your text, hit “make glitched letter”
  2. Next, copy and paste the new text that has been made.
    1. The device you are using can help create sentences and paragraphs in lower case, upper case, or capital letters.
  3. If you need to change the regular font settings on your device, you can do it through the settings menu.

Letters and word the glitch font tool enables:

Letters and word the glitch font tool enables

This website’s stylish glitch generator allows you to make text in English or any other language represented by the letters displayed. It is not likely you can translate & turn text into another language without these letters. 

Continuous improvements are made to this tool’s capabilities, design, and user experience.

Our in-house team is currently working on improving the tool. A combination of Unicode and web-safe fonts improves results as well.

Users of our font generator tool kit will be prohibited from the tool if they are: changing text to explicit, or aggressive text.

Known issues with the font generator that makes text look cool

It may not be possible to use custom glitched letters on devices running very old operating systems. Certain Unicode symbols may, however, cause problems depending on your preferences.

Make sure your phone has enough memory and RAM if you decide to use an advanced glitch styles created for it.

You can also see the Pretty Text Generator to make pretty & beautiful words

It is possible that certain fonts, such as ‘Zalgo’ and ‘Glitch’, may slow down your phone because of the amount of resources they consume.

Formatting: Changing regular text to look glitched or zalgo

You can also bold, underline, indent, and bullet your fancy letter. There are different formats available for each name and font that the nickname is created from.

The cool glitch maker tool increased users’ attention by over 32.6% compared to a group without the cool text fonts in the letter. (survey from 2022 of audience)

  • You can adjust, tweak, and change the content of this website using the glitch toolbox.
  • When you have finished loading and generating fonts, drag the three diagonal lines downward.
  •  You can determine the font you want to copy and paste by dragging the lower right corner of the cool font generator toolbox as far down as you can.

Several different devices & platforms have been tested by our tech experts and research team at mediapeanut.

Pasting words into a text box requires selecting the text. It is now possible to format the letter and fonts. Formatting the document after pasting is better than before because otherwise you may not retain the formatting correctly depending on the location you plan to paste it.

What Languages work with the Cool Glitch letter generator?

Languages using the Roman alphabet are used in the cool glitch font tool,. which changes the font and style of text to improve the aesthetics of the letter or words.

The following languages are supported by our glitchy font styles:

  • English
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • Greek
  • Czech
  • Arabic
  • Dutch
  • Sunda
  • Polish
  • Deccan
  • Hungarian
  • Bavarian
  • Tamil
  • Swedish
  • Romanian
  • Magahi
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Japanese
  • German
  • Odia
  • Hindi
  • Russia

Please note that the MediaPeanut glitch maker is also described as a ‘messed up computer font’ in various online communities. It was originally created to help those who want to copy and paste a new font style without spending hours doing it themselves.

More options: See our Cursive Name generator to create & generate cool looking names!

Types of Fonts Used in the Stylish glitch Generator

Types of Fonts Used in the Stylish glitch Generator

There are many fonts the tool may change based on the text that you type in and which settings you choose to use. Below are the fonts used in the Cool glitch maker.

#Font glitch types
1.Math bold italic
2.Math bold Fraktur
3.Math bold
4.Math sans bold italic
5.Math sans italic
6.Cool Symbol guy
7.Square hallow
8.Square inverse dark
9.Ribbon love font
10.Upside down text
1`.Line through font
11.Squiggle text (above)
12.Math mono-space
13.Spaced (width)
15.Circle text
16.Fancy underlined

With our glitch generator, you can combine text with various strokes, angles, widths, and styles. The original inspiration came from google fonts and font awesome.

Font Generation VariationNumerical Values
Ultra light200
Medium/ basic500
Semi/ Demi-bold600
Ultra-bold (or Extra bold)800

Note: Cursive fonts make up approximately 10-15% of the results we generate in our Cool glitch font generator.

Overall, the stylish glitch generator allows for users to decorate their standard letter online and in other places a username is required. You can register and login with this cool hacker font you generated.

For some of the letters & fonts, serif and san serif styles were considered.

Chat boxes, messages, emails, and especially error messages on Windows and Mac applications are increasingly using modern and trendy text. 

Using Roman typefaces and emojis, slopes and slants are created. Microsoft Word or Google Docs make it nearly impossible to download or merge different fonts. 

About the author:

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