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Roku Premiere Review: Is it still worth getting?

Roku Premiere Review: Is it still worth getting?

Welcome to our detailed Roku Premiere Review, a guide that seeks to offer an in-depth look at one of the outstanding streaming devices in today’s market.

This review suits media enthusiasts in search of a reliable, budget-friendly solution to enjoy their favorite shows in impressive 4K HDR quality.

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In this post, we’ll dive into the Roku Premiere’s performance, features, connectivity, user interface, and value for money, and much more. We’ll also cover the plus model of the Roku premiere.

By the end of this review, you should be able to make an informed decision on whether the Review of the Roku Premiere streaming player model fits your entertainment needs.

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Key Takeaways – Quick Glance at the Roku Premiere

What’s the deal with Roku Premiere? Well, it’s all about giving you top-notch streaming (HD, 4K, and HDR) without making your wallet cry.

It’s an affordable streaming option for streaming 4K Ultra HD and HDR10 content… which is not something you see every day in this price range.

Roku Premiere Premiere plus models

So what does the Premiere look like exactly? It’s smaller, and shaped differently than other Roku devices. (see below):

Roku premiere size

Lets check out some more key information about the Roku Premiere & Premiere plus models:

  • The Roku Premiere and Premiere+ deliver outstanding 4K HDR streaming at an affordable price point (typically under $50)
  • They strike a balance between the least and most advanced options in Roku’s product range.
  • Both devices share a similar compact, sturdy design, making them ideal for any media center.
  • The Roku Premiere+ boasts additional features such as power and volume buttons, a built-in microphone, and a Bluetooth remote.
  • These devices champion user-friendly navigation, with easy access to popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video.
  • A unique feature they offer is Chromecast Built-in, facilitating the casting of content from different devices.
  • Despite minor drawbacks, the Roku Premiere and Premiere+ offer great value for those prioritizing 4K HDR on a budget.
Unboxing roku premiere
Aspects: Roku PremiereDescription
PriceAffordable, typically under $50
PerformanceOffers outstanding HD, 4K and HDR streaming
DesignCompact and sturdy, suitable for any media center
User InterfaceVery user-friendly, with easy access to popular streaming platforms
ExtrasScreen mirroring can be enabled
DrawbacksMinor drawbacks include reliance on Wi-Fi connectivity and lack of voice control feature
Ideal ForThose prioritizing quality streaming on a budget, ease of use and compact size

So, who’s it perfect for? Well, the Roku Premiere is like a dream come true for anyone who’s after high-quality streaming that won’t break the bank. If you’re counting your pennies but still want that sweet, sweet 4K and HDR content, this is the device for you.

Lets see a Comparison between Roku Premiere and Roku Premiere Plus….

FeaturesRoku PremiereRoku Premiere Plus
PriceTypically under $50Approx $10 more than the Premiere model
4K HDR StreamingYesYes
DesignCompact and sturdyCompact and sturdy
Remote ControlBasic IR remoteIncludes voice control and TV control features
Unique FeaturesUser-friendly interface and wide range of contentUser-friendly interface, wide range of content, built-in microphone, and a Bluetooth remote
DrawbacksRelies on Wi-Fi connectivity and lacks voice control featureRelies on Wi-Fi connectivity.
Ideal ForUsers seeking a budget 4K HDR streaming optionUsers looking for more convenience with voice and TV control features at a slightly higher price

It’s also a winner for anyone who prefers tech that doesn’t require a manual the size of a phone book to understand.

Roku premiere setup

Side Note: It works with various universal remotes and even has a mobile app that doubles as a remote. (see our post on: free Roku remote to control your Roku without the remote)

The Roku Premiere’s size makes it a great fit for smaller spaces, and it’s not a power hog, so it’s also a neat option for those of us who want to do our bit for the environment. So if you’re on the hunt for a streaming device that offers quality, affordability, and is easy to use, you’ve got a winner in the Roku Premiere.

What is the Roku Premiere and how is it different from other Roku devices?

What is the Roku Premiere and how is it different from other Roku devices

The Roku Premiere really stakes its claim as a fantastic gateway to the world of smart T.V! You ask how? Well, let’s think of it as Roku’s attempt to blend the convenience of streaming media with the affordability of consumers’ desire.

Unlike other Roku devices like the Express or Express Plus, the Roku Premiere comes with 4K HDR support. Fancy words, you say? It simply means you’ll get the clearest and most vibrant image quality possible with the right TV.

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An added bonus? The Roku Premiere’s compact design ensures it finds a home next to any T.V, irrespective of its size. And while the Roku Ultra might pack more features, keep in mind it won’t be as friendly on your pocket.

So, for a bargain price, the Roku Premiere can be your ticket to a world of streaming platforms – from Netflix to Hulu… without sacrificing picture quality.

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It’s crucial to remember; however, that the effectiveness of the Roku Premiere is balanced on the quality of your internet connection. Depending on the strength of your Wi-Fi, the Roku Premiere might not always hit those promised 4K HDR highs. But considering its price point, it still remains a compelling option for those looking to upgrade their streaming experience.

To comprehend the distinctions between the Roku Premiere and other Roku devices, you might find the post difference between Roku devices useful.

Pros and cons


  1. High Quality Streaming: Roku Premiere supports High Definition (HD), 4K, and High Dynamic Range (HDR) streaming. It also has the ability to upscale content to match your TV’s resolution, enhancing the viewing experience.
  2. Universal Compatibility: Roku Premiere can work with HD TVs, 4K TVs, and 4K HDR TVs. This makes it a felxible streaming device for almost any TV (smart TV or old TV)
  3. Good Audio Support: The device supports a range of audio formats, including DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Audio, and Dolby Atmos, ensuring good audio quality.
  4. Compact and Lightweight: With its small size and light weight, Roku Premiere can easily fit in most entertainment setups without taking up much space.
  5. User-friendly: Roku Premiere is easy to set up and operate. The interface is quite user-friendly, even for non-tech savvy individuals.


  1. Single-Band Wireless Connectivity: Roku Premiere only supports 802.11bgn single-band wireless networking. This might limit the device’s performance in homes with dual-band Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Basic IR Remote: The remote included with Roku Premiere is quite basic and doesn’t support voice commands or feature a headphone jack for private listening.
  3. Dependent on HDMI: Roku Premiere needs an HDMI port on the TV that supports HDCP 2.2 for 4K streaming. This might not be available on all TVs.
  4. External Power Required: Despite being a small device, the Roku Premiere needs to be powered through a Micro USB port, which might require a nearby power outlet; this cna be a pro for some since the TV being used as a power supply can sometimes cause problems with roku.

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What is the difference between the Roku Premiere and the Roku Premiere plus model?

What is the difference between the Roku Premiere and the Roku Premiere plus model

Now that we have established Roku Premiere’s stellar credentials let’s examine how the Roku Premiere Plus stands apart. Call it the older sibling who just seems to have those extra tricks up their sleeve! One significant difference lies in the remote controls; the Roku Premiere Plus remote boasts voice control and TV control, missing in the standard Roku Premiere.

Bank on a simpler life using these features. Want to change the volume or power off your T.V? The Roku Premiere Plus remote allows you to do so without the need for an additional remote. Add to that voice control, and you can switch channels, pause a movie, even rewind a scene hands-free.

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Here’s the catch; all these belle features come for around $10 more than the standard Roku Premiere. Given the convenience they provide, that seems to be a reasonable price upgrade. Apart from the remote, both devices offer relatively similar performance and functionality.

Unique features of the Roku premiere and what the device lacks

Unique features of the Roku premiere and what the device lacks

There is no doubt the Roku Premiere is packed with attractive features. Streaming in 4K? Check. Access to a wide range of content from different platforms? Check. Affordable price? Double Check! One advantage of the Roku Premiere that others devices often overlook is its simple user interface. The home screen is easily navigable, and the large icons make finding your favorite channel a breeze.

But like all tech gadgets, it does come with its shortcomings. The Roku Premiere lacks the voice control feature found in many of its competitors, making it reliant on the remote or the mobile app to navigate. It also lacks Ethernet ports, which might be a drawback for those with spotty Wi-Fi coverage.

The absence of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, high-end audio, and video formats could be a disappointment for some, but keep in mind the price point of the device. All in all, though, with a wide range of content availability at an affordable price, the Roku Premiere does strike a solid balance of cost and capability.

Can I stream content in HD, 4K, and HDR with the Roku Premiere?

Can I stream content in HD 4K and HDR with the Roku Premiere

The Roku Premiere claims and delivers viewing prowess! Yes, you can indeed stream content in High Definition, 4K, and High Dynamic Range with the Roku Premiere. What does that all mean? Essentially, you get to enjoy sharper, crisper images, more vibrant colors, and greater visual depth compared to standard definition.

One thing to remember is that streaming in 4K or HDR depends a great deal on two things: your T.V’s capability and the strength of your Wi-Fi connection.

If your T.V doesn’t support 4K or HDR, then the Roku Premiere wouldn’t be able to work its magic. However…. if your TV does support these features, and your Wi-Fi connection is strong and stable, the Roku Premiere will deliver stunning image quality.

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Yes, streaming in HD, 4K, and HDR is possible with the Roku Premiere. For a complete guide on getting channels on Roku and streaming content, see how to get channels on Roku.

Does the Roku Premiere have Dolby Atmos and Dolby vision support?

Does the Roku Premiere have Dolby Atmos and Dolby vision support

Although the Roku Premiere does wonders in terms of picture quality, this may leave you a tad bit underwhelmed. The Roku Premiere does not support Dolby Atmos or Dolby Vision. These are forms of audio and video technology that provide superior sound and image quality, enhancing your overall viewing experience.

Currently, the Roku Premiere only supports High Dynamic Range (HDR), which, don’t get us wrong, still promises high-quality viewing. However, the lack of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision may limit you from getting the absolute most out of your 4K TV.

If Dolby Atmos and Vision are non-negotiable for you, the Roku Ultra does offer both. (see our article on: Is the Roku Ultra worth the investment)

… however, if you’re someone who cares more about having a vast bouquet of viewing options (rather than superior A/V tech), the Roku Premiere offers incredible value.

While discussing the audio features of the Roku Premiere, to understand the wide range of Roku’s audio capabilities, check out the article Manage and control Roku Audio Settings.

Full Roku Premiere Review

Full Roku Premiere Review

As a tech enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of the striking Roku Premiere. A streaming device stealing the spotlight with standout features, this gadget ensures to elevate your binge-watching experience. But as an informed shopper, you likely want a detailed breakdown. Keep in mind it’s perfectly okay to question the specs and features of any device. So, let’s dive into a detailed expedition on what the Roku Premiere has in store for you.

Key Features and Capabilities

Key Features and Capabilities

Staring with the external facade, the Roku Premiere is unfussy and subtle. The device is sleek, lightweight, and will effortlessly blend into the background of any entertainment center. Turning to functionalities, it is compatible with all sorts of televisions—HD TVs, 4K TVs, and even TVs that support HDR. This is a device that speaks the language of versatility loud and clear. One advantage is that the Roku Premiere can upscale content from 720p to 1080p or 2160p, depending on the television’s capabilities.

Moreover, it navigates an array of apps and channels effortlessly, serving an edge among its competition. Live news, sports, top shows, or even free TV—Roku’s got you covered. The voice search option is another feature that is impressive as it eliminates the hassle of typing out each letter. With cutting-edge features, the Roku Premiere promises a captivating viewing experience right in the comfort of your own home.

What’s Included in the Box

Whats Included in the Box

You’d be pleasantly surprised at how much Roku packs into its Roku Premiere box. Aside from the Roku Premiere streaming gadget, the box is filled with all necessary paraphernalia to ensure a smooth setup process. There’s a premium high-speed HDMI cable, essential for the physical connection between the device and your television.

Side note: While HDMI cables might seem redundant in a wireless world, they offer the best data transfer rates and image quality. Also included is the Roku standard IR remote control with some handy shortcut buttons to popular streaming platforms. Then we also have a power adapter and a USB power cable to keep your device charged and running. The thoughtful inclusion of an adhesive strip for seamless installation skilfully concludes the inventory. Roku certainly hasn’t left anything to chance here.

When you buy a Roku Premiere, you get several items in the box. If you’re considering other models too, you might be interested in the article review of the Best streaming devices.

Streaming Capabilities

Streaming Capabilities

So, what’s a streaming device if we don’t discuss its streaming capabilities? The Roku Premiere takes this factor seriously, providing support for a multitude of channels and services like Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu. It has HD, 4K, and HDR capabilities, promising viewers high-quality content no matter what type of TV you have.

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Consider this like a buffet – Roku Premiere doesn’t simply offer the main courses but ensures you access to the desserts too. Think thousands of Roku channels filled with free, live, and premium content. From TV classics, kids’ content, live events to trending series, news, and sports, the possibilities are endless. With such extensive streaming capabilities, it’s no doubt the Roku Premiere is making major waves among cord-cutters and streaming lovers.

The Roku Premiere provides excellent streaming capabilities. For further knowledge about streaming on various devices, see Roku vs Firestick.



Finally, we arrive at connectivity—a crucial aspect of any streaming device. Here, the Roku Premiere presents a fast and robust connection through the 802.11 b/g/n single-band wireless networking. The wireless antenna is built-in for optimal reception and streaming speed. An easy set-up process awaits you – after connecting the HDMI cable to your TV, you’ll need to establish a Wi-Fi connection, and you’re all set!

One advantage of Roku’s straightforward connectivity is that it leaves no scope for an over-complicated setup. You can now divert all your energy to the fun part—hand-picking and streaming your favorite shows and movies. So, with a top-tier wireless connection to back up its promise of superior streaming, Roku Premiere chalks up as a force to reckon with in the world of streaming devices.

Understanding the connectivity of your Roku device is crucial. Learn more about this topic in the post how to connect your Roku to Wi-Fi.

Remote Control

Let’s dive into the playground that the Roku Premiere’s remote control offers. One advantage of this remote is that it adheres to simplicity and accessibility. It categorically believes in a no-fuss approach, providing a streamlined assortment of buttons. The grid arrangement on the remote lets your fingers do the talking, with every button precisely where you’d expect it to be.

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If the age-old question of “where’s the remote?” haunts your TV time, fear not! Roku has an ace up its sleeve. Their mobile application acts as a trusty alternative to your physical remote. This feature means even when your cushions swallow up your remote control, your streaming won’t come to a standstill.

Side note: the Roku app isn’t just a substitute for a remote; it also facilitates private listening and provides voice-controlled navigation. This results in a user control experience that’s a perfect amalgamation of intuitive design and modern technology.

Audio Features

Now, cue in the auditory magic – the Roku Premiere boasts of splendid audio capabilities. Sure, the picture quality gets everybody talking, but what about the moment when thunderous soundtracks rattle your living room or when quiet dialogues demand your untamed attention? As they say, a film’s impact is 50% visual and 50% audio.

Roku Premiere definitely doesn’t let its audio department lag. Remember the times when you yearned for that private concert feel right at home? Elements like Digital stereo over HDMI aim to fulfil such dreams. They pave the way for a rich, immersive audio output that complements all the astounding visuals.

One advantage that comes in handy is when you encounter content that supports premium audio formats like DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Audio, or Dolby Atmos. Here, Roku Premiere extends its support by rendering an audio pass-through over HDMI, thus enriching your soundscape to the fullest.

Power Consumption

Moving on to the juice supply, or power consumption, of the Roku Premiere. Ideally, you’d prefer a device that elevates your TV experience without sending your utility bills through the roof, right? Keeping such wishes in mind, the Roku Premiere comes with a sweet deal.

Roku Premiere likes to play nice with your electricity. It typically consumes under 3W for streaming 4K Ultra HD content, which is impressively efficient. This fact translates to extensive binge-sessions that won’t harm your pocket. And remember, lesser power consumption is also a nod towards an eco-friendly tech lifestyle.

While ensuring power efficiency, the device doesn’t sacrifice in providing sharp, high-quality video. The low power consumption without tamping down the performance becomes like that friend who consistently offers their share of fries without touching yours.

Physical Specifications

We don’t know about clothes, but when it comes to tech devices, size does matter. The physical specifications of your streaming device like the Roku Premiere can influence quite a lot. It determines how effortlessly it blends with your TV setup or how conveniently it packs for travel.

Good things come in small packages, and Roku Premiere validates this saying. It strikes an attractive balance between compactness and steadiness that screams portability. This tiny device, with its mere 1.3 ounces, can be a discreet part of any home entertainment setup.

However, don’t let its petite profile fool you into thinking it doesn’t pack a punch. Roku Premiere may have a demure demeanor, but it’s got the heart of a lion when it comes to performance, something we’ve seen throughout our review. So, yes, it reminds us of those secret superheroes in movies, maintaining a low profile but always ready to shine in action.

Additional Features

The Roku Premiere might seem like just another streaming device at first, but this small machine comes packed with some impressive additional features that set it apart. Perhaps one of the most notable things about the Roku Premiere is its ease of use. With a simple command, it can transform your regular TV into a smart one, equipping it with an array of applications and functionalities.

User-Friendly Interface

Riding the wave of the digital boom, I’ve had my share of encounters with complex devices. However, one advantage of the Roku Premiere is the straightforwardness of its user interface. It’s impressively intuitive and inviting, making it ideal for most, including those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy. Even my grandmother, who has been notoriously wary of technology, found it unchallenging to use this device. The large, bold icons and uncomplicated menu layout simplify navigation, making it so much easier to find your way around.

Roku Premiere offers a user-friendly interface. For tips and tricks to make the most out of your Roku device, have a look at the post Roku tips and tricks.

Content Streaming Options

Let’s get candid here. What do you want most in a streaming device? A plethora of content selections, of course! And guess what? Roku Premiere delivers just that. It provides access to a multitude of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and even some new entrants like Disney+. One advantage it brings to the table is the universal search feature, which scans across multiple streaming services to find the show or movie you’re looking for. That means you no longer need to hop from one app to another searching for your favorite late-night guilty pleasure binge-watch.

Automatic Software Updates

Don’t you hate it when your devices start acting up because they’re overdue for a software update? With the Roku Premiere, that worry is a thing of the past. One key feature I relish about this device is its automatic software updates. Silently and diligently, the device updates itself, ensuring all the latest features and updates are installed without causing any interruptions to your viewing experience. Just imagine, no more annoying pop-up reminders or sudden system hiccups, only smooth and uninterrupted streaming.

Roku Premiere has automatic software updates. To understand this feature better, check out the post everthing you need to know about Roku remote compatibility.

My Experience with the Roku Premiere

Knowing these features makes me sound like a Roku Premiere expert, right? Well, I’ve spent a fair amount of time experimenting with this device and yes, it does live up to its hype. With its user-friendly interface, vast content library, automatic software updates, and the incredibly useful private listening mode, I concur that Roku Premiere sure packs a punch for its size.

Private Listening with Roku Mobile App

Now here’s a feature that deserves extra mention – the private listening mode on the Roku Mobile App. We’ve all been there, wanting to watch a late-night thriller while our loved ones peacefully doze off beside us. This is where the Private Listening function saves the day (or night). Simply plug in your headphones to your mobile device and switch on the Roku app. Voila! You can now enjoy your show without disturbing anyone. Remember when I mentioned my grandmother was able to use this device with ease? Well, this feature quickly became her favorite, especially when she wanted to watch her shows without any interruptions.

My experience with the Roku Premiere has been nothing short of delightful. Its impressive features and easy functionality breathe new life into the concept of at-home viewing. It’s like having a compact entertainment hub right at your fingertips. Whether you’re tech-savvy or a little tech-phobic, the Roku Premiere ensures a pleasant streaming experience for everyone.

Is the Roku Premiere discontinued?

We all know that sinking feeling when a beloved gadget gets discontinued, right? But wait! While Roku has stopped selling the Premiere directly from their website, it doesn’t mean it’s extinct. The Roku Premiere is still very much alive and well, being sold by retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, Target, and Best Buy. These are great places to look for this device, and who knows, you might even snag a deal!

So, what about updates you might wonder? Just because the Roku Premiere isn’t on their website anymore doesn’t mean you’ll be left in the dust. You’ll be relieved to know that the device still receives regular Roku OS updates. So, best of both worlds, huh?

Does the Roku Premiere work with both HD and 4K Ultra HD TVs?

Let’s put it straight: having a high definition (HD) TV or a 4K Ultra HD TV doesn’t limit your options when it comes to the Roku Premiere. In both scenarios, the Roku Premiere shakes hands and gets right to work!

Whether your television is HD or 4K Ultra HD shouldn’t stifle your streaming experience in any way. Just like any good story, it fits seamlessly into whatever narrative your television portrays. In simple words, yes, the Roku Premiere works well with both HD and 4K Ultra HD TVs.

What type of wireless networking does the Roku Premiere support?

When we’re cozied up on our couch, the last thing we want to stress about is whether our streaming service has a good connection. That’s why it’s essential to know what type of wireless networking your device supports. Step up, Roku Premiere!

The Roku Premiere makes sure you’re set up for success by supporting 802.11bgn wireless networking. Monotone tech jargon aside, these numbers and letters translate into a smoother streaming experience. In the world of wireless networking, 802.11bgn is like a trusty lifeboat that weathers many storms, ensuring your movie night doesn’t capsize due to connectivity issues!

What connectivity options does the Roku Premiere have?

In a puzzle of devices, cables, and plugs, having a versatile device is a huge plus. The Roku Premiere, in this case, is like the coveted corner piece of a 1000-piece puzzle. It fits perfectly owing to its range of connectivity options!

Roku Premiere comes with an HDMI port for crystal clear audio and visual transmission. A side note: you’ll need an HDCP 2.2 HDMI for supporting 4K. For power, it sports a Micro USB port, so you won’t need to scramble for another type of cable.

What audio features are supported by the Roku Premiere?

Yeah, we love our streaming to be bright and detailed. But what about the sound? Let’s tune in to the audio capabilities the Roku Premiere brings to the table!

The Roku Premiere supports digital stereo over HDMI, so whether you’re blasting the latest hits or wrapping up in a thriller, you’re set with great-quality sound. That’s not all! It also shakes hands with leading audio technologies such as DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Audio, and Dolby Atmos pass-through over HDMI. Brilliant visuals paired with immersive audio? We call that a win!

Verdict: Should you get the Roku Premiere?

So, the million-dollar question, should you get the Roku Premiere? Well, first things first, one advantage of the Roku Premiere is that it’s not done and dusted yet! You can still find it readily available from various retailers. Couple that availability with a device that works with both HD and 4K Ultra HD TVs, supports robust wireless networking, offers versatile connectivity options, and delivers superior audio features…Let’s just say the Roku Premiere isn’t waving any red flags.

Of course, at the end of the day, your decision will come down to your specific needs and circumstances. So, what do you think? Weigh the pros and cons and make a decision. Remember, it’s your entertainment experience at stake here! See you at the next stream.

Before you decide, you might want to compare the Roku Premiere with other models. Check out the Roku Ultra review to see if that device might be a better fit for you.

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