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How to A / B Loop a Video Continuously on VLC Media Player

How to A / B Loop a Video Continuously on VLC Media Player

Are you tired of rewinding your favorite scene or trying to practice a new skill via an video tutorial? If so, then learning how to A/B loop a video on VLC continuously can save you valuable time and effort.

VLC Media Player is an integral tool for many, given its ability to support numerous media formats and offer abundant media playing features.

VLC indeed supports looping videos continuously (and easily) – I’ll specifically be covering where the loop button is on both Mac and Windows.

In fact, you can loop an entire video or a specific A-B section of the video.

Note: You can also rotate & Flip A Video In VLC. VLC essentially offers Advanced Controls for looping specific sections of a video; which you can tweak as you need.

In this blog post, we will focus on how to loop a video on both Mac and Windows using VLC’s built-in looping features, catering to various user video editing needs. We will cover a detailed step-by-step guide, making it easy for beginners and advanced users of VLC to utilize the looping feature.

How to A/B loop a Video continuously on VLC Media Player

how to loop a video on VLC

Looping a specific section of a video or audio file, known as A/B looping, can be easily accomplished with VLC Media Player.

This method is particularly useful for instances where you want to focus on a particular scene or part without looping the entire video.

How to loop a Video on Mac with VLC

4 How to loop on Mac 1

To loop a video using the VLC Media Player on Mac, open the video you wish to loop, and then press the “cmd + shift + L” keys simultaneously.

CleanShot 2023 05 26 at
Exact location of where the A / B Loop feature is to repeatedly loop a video so you can play it over and over. You can also slow down the playback speed shown in this photo if you are trying to find something specific in the video.

IMPORTANT: VLC will seamlessly loop the video from the moment you press the keys for the first time to when you press the keys again.

Here is an example of a looped video in VLC:

Example of a Loop in VLC
Example of a video being repeatedly looped in VLC using the A to B loop feature

However, please be aware that when using this method, no visual cues are provided to confirm the activation of the loop.

CleanShot 2023 05 26 at

Alternatively, you can also access the loop feature on VLC for Mac OS by simply locating the playback option at the top of the apps menu, and then selecting “loop”.

The VLC loop feature may not as simple as other Video Players For Mac make it, but its free!

After looping. you may also want to learn How to use the Zoom feature with Videos in VLC (Windows & Mac). From here you can record your own screen using a screen recorder and save the video.

A side note: looping is not limited to a certain number of times, enabling you to watch the desired part uninterrupted, and on repeat.

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How to loop a Video on Windows with VLC

5 How to loop on Windows

VLC Media Player for Windows offers similar functionality for looping videos as on Mac. Begin by activating the “Advanced Controls” from the “View” menu.

An image will appear on the bottom menu just above the regular buttons. If the loop icon is missing, close VLC and open it again, then access Advanced Controls… In case the loop button is still not displayed, check “Playback Settings” on Windows and try using the corresponding hotkeys instead.

Once the icon is visible and functioning, you can loop any part of the video without any limitations, ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience. Activating the loop mode is as simple as clicking this icon. Your video will continue to loop until you manually stop it by toggling the loop icon again.

One advantage of looping videos using the VLC player is its simplicity and convenience, making it accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise.

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How to loop just one section of a video

If you’re interested in looping only a particular section of a video, VLC Media Player’s “A-B repeat” feature provides an effortless solution. Start by opening the video in VLC and then navigate to “View” in the menu bar. Click on “Advanced Controls” to reveal additional buttons.

Then, move the video playback to the desired starting point of the loop and click the specific loop button (an ‘A’ enclosed within a circle).

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To complete the loop, advance the video to the chosen endpoint and press the loop button once more. The video will now loop continuously between the selected points, allowing you to scrutinize or enjoy the specific portion repeatedly.

Can you change the A/B Loop hotkey?

Yes, you can customize the hotkeys for the A/B loop function in VLC Media Player, further enhancing the user experience. To modify the hotkey settings, navigate to “Tools” in the menu bar, and click on “Preferences” followed by “Hotkeys.” Locate the A-B loop action in the list, click on it, and then press the new key combination you want to assign.

Note: This method may not be available depending on which version VLC you have as well as the operating system.

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Make sure to press “Save” to apply the new hotkey assignment. Customizing hotkeys caters to the user’s comfort and individual preference, streamlining the looping process even further.


Can you loop a video without stuttering or lag?

9 Can you loop a video without stuttering or lag

Looping a video smoothly without stutter or lag in VLC requires a reliable system and optimum configuration settings. Factors such as outdated codecs, insufficient hardware resources, and improper VLC settings can contribute to playback issues.

To enhance the performance, update your codecs, close non-essential applications, and adjust VLC settings such as video output and caching values. Note that tweaking the settings may require some trial and error to find the optimal configuration for your specific system, but doing so can resolve playback issues and deliver a seamless looping experience.

Note: You can also crop A Video In VLC (and Save It)

Can you save a video section that has an A/B repeated loop?

Saving a video section with an A/B repeated loop is possible in VLC Media Player by leveraging third-party plugins. One such plugin is VLC’s Clipper, which helps extract and save specific sections of the video as separate files. After installing the plugin, simply open the desired video, use the A-B loop feature to mark the looping points, and navigate to the Clipper plugin in the menu.

Define the output format, location, and file name, then click “Extract” to save the specified portion as a separate file. Although this method requires an additional installation, it offers greater flexibility in editing and repurposing video content.

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What is looping a video?

2 What is looping a video

Video looping refers to the process of replaying a video either entirely or partially, without any interruptions or manual intervention. The need for looping may arise from numerous motivations, such as scrutinizing specific scenes from movies or TV shows or practicing a musical piece.

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VLC Media Player offers several functionalities that cater to the users’ requirements for looping videos, including crisp playback, easy controls, and accessibility on various platforms.

Why would you want to loop a video on VLC?

One advantage of looping a video is that it enables the continuous playback of a particular scene or sequence, either for enjoyment or analysis. For instance, a choreographer may want to loop a dance routine to fine-tune their understanding of the movements.

Similarly, looping could be valuable for language learners who wish to focus on a specific dialogue repeatedly. Also check out our post on the 3 ways to Sync Audio in VLC Media Player

Gamers can also benefit from looping a video in VLC to study and analyze the gameplay strategies employed by their competitors. Looping a video in VLC ensures seamless playback, making it highly convenient for users across various professional and personal settings.

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