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How to get Mixer on Roku | Updated for 2022

How to get Mixer on Roku | Updated for 2022

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Are you looking for the most up to date methods to get Mixer on Roku? We’ve researched this and have found all the possible ways to watch your favorites streamers using Mixer on Roku, which recently was acquired by Facebook Gaming.

Mixer was created by Microsoft and first premiered on Xbox in an attempt to rival Twitch. Unfortunately, this meant it was built directly into Xbox and Windows and was somewhat limited to Microsoft platforms. This explains why Mixer on Roku was not natively installed in the past.

Facebook Gaming acquired Mixer, making Mixer on Roku even easier to watch.

You can get Mixer on Roku by screencasting or mirroring Facebook gaming to Roku. For Smartphones, download “Web Cast app”, then launch Facebook via browser. For Pc, enable “screen mirroring” in Roku settings and screencast via Chrome to enjoy Mixer on Roku!

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If you used to be able to use non-certified, Private channels to watch mixer on Roku, you can also alternatively cast mixer (or Facebook Gaming) from Windows to Roku by using Google Chrome.

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Can I get Mixer on Roku?

Is mixer on roku

Yes, you can watch Mixer on Roku, just not through any official channels since they were aquired by Facebook Gaming. Since there is no native mixer app downloadable on Roku, you’ll have to use Facebook gaming by accessing a browser and screen casting or mirroring.

Since Mixer was created by Microsoft and was aquired by Facebook Gaming you’ll be able to stream Mixer to your Roku by enabling a few settings that allow Facebook on Roku.

Casting mixer from smartphone was not possible in the past as the mobile app was retired from mobile app stores including both Android and iOS on August 28, 2019. 

However now that mixer on Roku has become facebook gaming you can now cast Facebook to your Roku from a Smartphone.

Is mixer on roku?

 I’m sure there I’ll still be asked “Is mixer on Roku”. The answer is yes since Hopefully you can judge if this is still viable by determining if your favorite streamers have migrated to Facebook Gaming from Mixer. 

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How to get Mixer on Roku

When learning how to get Mixer on Roku it’s important to understand that you’re really just using Facebook on Roku since they have acquired Mixer.

It was announced July 22, 2020 that Mixer would be shutdown a months time.

If you checked out during this time, you’d see that mixer informs it’s visitors that they had been both acquired and shutdown and to visit This means all your favorite streams are moved to Facebook Gaming. 

So how would you get Mixer on Roku now that it’s Facebook Gaming? You’ll need to cast your iphone browser or use Windows or Mac computer or laptop to screen cast or mirror your browser.

You can view the full instructions on our article: How to get Facebook gaming on Roku. Related: You can also get Facebook Watch on Roku.


Getting Mixer on Roku used to be possible by entering the private channel code: IXERM. However, since Facebook Gaming acquired Mixer you can no longer watch mixer on Roku this way. 

To get Mixer on Roku you’ll need to cast Facebook Gaming to your Roku via Web Cast App or by using Windows with a Google Chrome browser and hitting cast.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t watch Twitch on Roku via a third party, non-certified hidden private channel code! See how to get Twitch on Roku here.

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