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The Realistic Human Mouth Coin Purse (with Video) 2023

The Realistic Human Mouth Coin Purse (with Video) 2023

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This human mouth coin purse is an extremely odd piece of art. It is a coin purse that looks like a real human mouth and face.

This artist has combined art and technology to create this odd human face coin purse sculpture.

Who doesn’t need a purse just for spare coins? Well, we believe everyone does. But, most purses look pretty boring.

That’s why a Japanese music producer and amateur artist “DJ Doooo” has decided to create a new trend for coin purses. People are lining up on reservation lists to purchase the brand-new human mouth coin purse.

If you are looking for the latest trend and love realistic items that you can carry with you every day, then read on. Experts also say this is considered a unique, odd mouth sculpture.

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In this article, we will analyze everything about this hyper realistic mouth coin purse. From its history and the production process to the cost, there’s nothing left out. We will also explore what other bizarre products the artist has created.

What Is the Human Mouth Coin Purse?

The Japanese mouth coin purse is nothing more than a super-realistic human mouth coin purse. More specifically, the purse looks like the lower half of a male face. You can actually see the pink lips, teeth, stubble, and gums. 

Many people are not sure if the purse is awesome or just creepy. Probably the most bizarre thing about it is that you can actually open the mouth with your fingers and put the coins in. And believe us; the whole process is pretty realistic. 

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According to the creator, DJ Doooo, you can store multiple coins in the mouth wallet. The mouth purse was announced on the creator’s social media. The mouth coin purse video went viral pretty quickly, reaching more than 16 million views. When you watch the video, you will realize how realistic it looks.

How is the Human Face Coin Purse Made? 

The human face coin purse is more like an art project that attracts the attention of the public. If you want all eyes on you, this is one product you should definitely put on your bucket list. The coin purse looks like a human mouth. 

The realistic human mouth is made of silicone and resin. The reason for this is that it is pretty simple. First of all, the silicone makes the design more realistic. Also, the person using it can easily open the mouth and insert the coins. The user can explore the mouth and the things inside it like teeth and gums.

If you purchase this purse, you will quickly find out that the face doesn’t have perfect teeth or lips. The artist tried to make it look more natural and very vibrant. The colors of the coin purse with the human mouth are also natural, an element that adds to the authenticity.

But, what’s the story behind this bizarre human mouth coin purse? 

Where Does the Human Mouth Coin Purse Come From (History)? 

Where Does the Human Mouth Coin Purse Come From

The mouth change purse was created by DJ Doooo when he decided to turn his passion into art. This happened when he added silicone to his MPC beatmaking machine. This move reveals his passion for science fiction and horror items. 

The artist didn’t stop there and continued to show his love for flesh objects to his audience. Next, he created the blinking eye dice, the belly button vinyl adapter, and the human finger stamp. 

There are many realistic things that DJ Doooo could create in the future that have to do with the human body. Maybe his next project could be a female mouth coin purse.

Coin Purse Cost 

Human mouth coin purse5

The human mouth coin purse is a somewhat affordable product to buy. So if you know someone who would appreciate it, we definitely recommend it as a gift. It’s a fun and creepy gift at the same time. This is the perfect combination for people with a sense of humor who would carry the purse every day.

The coin purse is one of the products DJ Doooo designed, and one of the most affordable. Other products like the iPhone human flesh case, the USB flesh drive, and the customizable Eye Dice, cost more, but are still affordable.

Where to Find the Human Mouth Coin Purse? 

The mouth wallet is a unique product, so it makes the perfect gift. But where can you buy the human mouth coin purse? Well, the artist and creator DJ Doooo sells this product online along with other of his creations.

You can find all of his products in his online store. The website is very minimalistic and in white font, making it easier for customers to explore the realistic fleshy objects. The photos are clean and reflect the quality of the products and the realistic details.

Are there Any Products Similar to the Mouth Coin Purse?

Are there Any Products Similar to the Mouth Coin Purse

The trend created by DJ Dooo includes the famous realistic mouth coin purse. Other products have been designed by him and are now selling like crazy. In his online store you can discover the different products inspired by human body parts.

Blinking Eye Mirror Ball

Human mouth coin purse10

The blinking eye mirror ball is an item that can actually blink. The human eye is super realistic and can also goggle. Also, the eyebrow and eyelashes emphasise the human sense.

Human Flesh iPhone Case

The iPhone case will remind you of human flesh. The color, the sense and the veins that are present make it even creepier and more realistic. If you choose this case for your iPhone, probably no one will steal it from you! It would nice if the creator of this product would make a pop socket alternative with the influence of his unique art style.

Blinking Eye Dice

One of the best selling products in this series is the blinking eye dice. The eye looks very similar to the eye on the mirror ball mentioned above. It can also blink. The dots representing the numbers look like brown moles. Two things I need in my car before a roadtrip: blinking eye dice and an iPad or laptop

USB Flesh Drive

Human mouth coin purse30

Everyone needs a USB drive. The creator definitely had this statement in mind when he created the flesh USB drive. It’s a super realistic thumb with a fingernail. So, if you are a fan of realistic fleshy products that are useful for everyday tasks, this is the product for you.

If the artist could create a fast micro sd card of flesh material I would be very impressed. I will be your first customer, DJ Doooo. More electronics need to have this level of creativity, design and detail.

Finger Stamp

Next comes the human finger stamp. This is another product that the audience loves and sells like crazy. In this case it is the index finger that is used as a stamp. This might be the most interesting creation DJ doo has made yet due to the complexity of the design.

Dj Dooo has also recently created a belly button attachment that is both humorous and functional as a adapter, which we will cover in depth below.

Belly Button Vinyl Adapter

Some people might say they would never buy such an item, but others love the dark humor behind it. The belly button is actually the cover for the record adapter body. You can use the vinyl adapter when playing a 7 inch record.