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How to get Facebook Gaming on Roku | Updated for 2023

How to get Facebook Gaming on Roku | Updated for 2023

In search of how to get Facebook Gaming on Roku? I’ve researched this topic heavily and have discovered all the possible ways to watch your favorite streamers using Facebook Gaming on Roku.

When Facebook Gaming acquired Mixer it made it one of the largest gaming platforms for streamers. Surprisingly, getting Facebook gaming on Roku isn’t a native application of Roku’s.

There used to be private channels on Roku where you could watch Facebook Gaming. (See what happened to these)

You can alternatively cast Facebook Gaming from Windows or Mac to Roku by using Google Chromecast. I’ll be covering some additional ways to cast Facebook Gaming from mac to Roku as well.

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Can I get Facebook Gaming on Roku?

Can I get Facebook Gaming on Roku

Yes, you can get Facebook Gaming on Roku. However, it’s not possible through an official app or through the Roku app Channel Store.

You can get Facebook Gaming on Roku by casting PC or phone browser to Roku. For phones, download “Web Cast app”, then launch from the in-app browser. For Pc, turn “screen mirroring” on in Roku settings and cast via windows Bluetooth or “Connection” options. Enjoy Facebook Gaming on Roku!

You’ll need to screencast or mirror your smartphone, computer, or laptop. I’ve researched this and will be explaining how to do each of these options to get Facebook Gaming on Roku in this post.

Is Facebook Gaming on Roku?

Is Facebook Gaming on Roku

No, Facebook Gaming is not on Roku as an official app. However, there are ways to still watch it on your Roku. 

I found it incredibly surprising to see that Facebook Gaming is not already installed as a native channel app on Roku. It’s also not available for download on Roku via any unofficial, third-party methods… such as hidden Roku private channel codes

Furthermore, since Roku does not allow jailbreaking via sideloading you can not download a Facebook gaming app to Roku without Screen mirroring or casting from a secondary device.

How to Watch Facebook Gaming on Roku

How to Watch Facebook Gaming on Roku

You can watch Facebook Gaming on Roku (and also Facebook on Roku) by casting your Smartphone (iOS or Android) as well as casting from Windows and Mac. To cast from windows you’ll be using the internal cast option. For Mac you’ll need to either use Google Chromecast or Airserver to cast your Facebook Gaming browser.

You can optionally use Parallels or Bootcamp to switch to Windows… however, it would be cheaper to just upgrade to an inexpensive Firestick if you were to go this route.

informative graphic of Alternative ways to get Facebook gaming on Roku
You could always just upgrade to a Firestick.

In fact, an Amazon Firestick could be used for any user who doesn’t want to use a secondary device to control their Facebook gaming streams. Not to mention you can run Kodi & VLC media player on it. Which requires very similar methods as getting Facebook Gaming on Roku.

It’s a massive upgrade in general from Roku for any type of daily streaming. (It’s what I personally use now)

Get Facebook Gaming on Roku by casting via Google Chrome on PC.

Here’s how to cast Facebook Gaming on Roku from Google chrome browser:

  1. Ensure your Roku and computer or Laptop is connected to the same WiFi Network.
  2. Launch Facebook Gaming on Google Chrome and click on the three buttons that open settings to the right of the URL browser.
  3. Select Cast from the dropdown menu and wait for your Roku device to appear.
  4. Choose your Roku device.
  5. Enjoy Facebook Gaming on Roku!

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Get Facebook Gaming on Roku by casting via iOS or Android

Using Web Cast app on iOs or Android is the smoothest method to date for getting Facebook gaming to Roku. It’s less of a hassle than using your laptop and you can use your phone as a remote. I’ve experienced minimal little lag as well this way.

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Here’s how to get Facebook Gaming on Roku by casting from iPhone or Android smartphone:

  • Open the Google Play or Apple app store and download “Web Video Cast”.
Photo steps to watch twitch on Roku
  • Launch the app, then type in as the URL on the in-app web browser.
  • Next tap cast at the top of the app. Then, Select Roku.
  • Roku will instantly prompt you to install the app via Roku as well.
  • On your app, select Facebook Gaming. The screen will begin loading.
  • Hit tap to play on Roku.
  • You can now watch Facebook gaming on Roku by casting!

Alternative ways to get Facebook Gaming on Roku

An alternative way to watch Facebook Gaming on Roku is by screen mirroring from PC or laptop to Roku. This is specifically useful for when your Smartphone is running low on battery.

Get Facebook Gaming on Roku by screen mirroring from Windows

If you’re like me, you use your phone as an alarm when watching Facebook Gaming or Twitch during night time hours. Like many, I place my phone on the opposite side of the bedroom so I don’t hit snooze in the morning. This means no streaming via phone.

You can use the following method to combat this from a windows computer. 

Here’s how to use Windows for screen mirroring for watching Facebook Gaming on Roku:

  • Ensure screen mirroring setting is set to on on your Roku device by locating system, then selecting screen mirroring: “always-on”
  • Make sure your PC (Windows) is connected on the same WiFi that Roku is on.
  • Cast the Window’s display that has Facebook Gaming on it to Roku by locating notifications at the bottom right of your taskbar.
    photo of windows connect button to screen mirror Facebook Gaming on Roku
  • Next, select “Connect to a wireless display”. Newer models can add their Roku device via Bluetooth on Windows as well.
    step by step Facebook Gaming on Roku for Windows screen mirror method
  • Windows will now scan for Roku. Once it does: hit connect.
  • Congrats! You now have screen mirrored to watch Facebook Gaming on Roku from your computer!

Note: The outlined method above is not possible for Mac users since this is using a Windows-only feature known as Miracast to cast.

I personally had upgraded to a Firestick as mentioned earlier. Upgrading to Firestick personally solved the majority of my streaming issues, including watching Facebook gaming on Roku. While these do methods work well it still takes a toll out of your entertainment experience to require a secondary device.

Alternatives to Facebook gaming on Roku

There are several alternatives to Facebook gaming on Roku, one includes Twitch, which is a platform that allows streamers to their current gaming session to a live audience and also save the recording for later.

To get Twitch on Roku, we created a guide that will allow you to do this: How to get Twitch on Roku

To Conclude

To conclude, You can indeed get Facebook Gaming on Roku, just not in the form of an offical Roku channel app. You can not download it, there are no private channel codes, and the only way to watch Facebook Gaming on Roku is by screen mirroring or casting from Smartphone or PC. This is why so many consider switching to a Firestick a big upgrade from Roku.

Also see: Roku Hacks: How to Jailbreak Roku Unlocked Streaming, which shows the different ways you can find secrets on Roku. On the other hand, there’s also 2100+ Best Roku Private Channels: Jailbreak List of Secret Codes.

As I explored in this post… Webcast app, Chromecast and Miracast (Windows) all allow Roku users to stream Facebook gaming from your Smartphone or computer to your Roku device.

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